All You Need to Know About Jute Carpets

Quality carpet is a carpet that fully meets your needs and will make you happy both while looking at it and using it. However, the factors that determine the quality of the carpet are hidden in technical details such as yarn type, weaving density, and pile height. It can sometimes be difficult to choose the right carpet among all the carpet types. What would you say if I say there is a suitable carpet for both carpet lovers and even those who do not like carpets at all? Today I will introduce “Jute Carpet”, a carpet that fits every style and decoration.

Jute carpets are special carpets, most of which are hand-woven, made of natural yarn, suitable for almost any style of decoration, from Country to Scandinavian, from modern to classic. There are many alternative styles such as thin knotted, thick knotted, round, patterned, and even colored. Jute is a plant similar to linden. It grows in temperate and semi-tropical parts of the northern hemisphere such as India and Bangladesh. A completely natural, special weave, also known as burlap fabric, is produced from its fibers.

Timeless pieces that suit almost every color and every style and can be interpreted from scratch. Decoration miracles that can find a place for yourself when you renew your furniture and turn to a completely different style… Here, jute carpets are one of the best examples that can be given to such joker pieces. Jute carpets can easily find a place in almost any decoration style. Colorful or light patterned models of jute carpets can also be preferred.

Since jute carpets with different shape and size options are completely natural weaving, they can be used almost everywhere in the house from the entrance to the kitchen. Prices of jute carpets vary according to their size, brand, and shape. Most are handwoven, but machine versions are also available. They are not suitable for washing but can be wiped with a damp cloth without rubbing and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

What Are Jute Carpets?

The question of “What is jute carpet” is one of the questions that we have recently come across and is likely to remain unanswered. In fact, many of us have encountered jute carpet models. We may not only know that these carpets are referred to as jute carpets. This is another possibility! If we say the shortest and clearest answer to the question “What is jute carpet” is a carpet model that will warm the interior of carpet lovers and those who do not like it, we would not be wrong. Because jute carpet models, which have a special place among carpet models and whose usage areas are increasing day by day, have many advantages!

Moreover, these advantages are not limited to the aesthetic appearance they bring to the spaces where they are used. This carpet model, which goes beyond the aesthetic appearance and functionality that can be expected from a carpet, is especially preferred by people with some allergic disorders. Because jute carpets are included in the category of carpets that do not cause an allergic reaction. This destroys the expectations for a classic carpet and causes them to exceed the limits and become more preferred!

Among the carpet types, of course, many products have non-allergenic properties. However, due to their natural nature, jute carpets are always one step ahead. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at jute carpets and focus on what are the features that make them preferable. Jute is actually a type of plant. It especially likes tropical climates and is grown abundantly in countries such as India and Pakistan. spread to the world from this geography. It is used in different areas in our country as well as all over the world.

There are bags, accessories, and of course, carpet models knitted with this plant species, which are made of fibers and are easily processed and adopted all over the world. The fact that they disappear one hundred percent in nature increases the current demand for products that are processed and obtained using jute plants. The processed form of this special plant variety, which does not lose its natural shine even after processing, is also known as golden fiber in different regions of the world.

And recently, these types of carpets made of gold fiber are appearing in more and more living spaces. Because jute carpet models adapt to almost every decoration concept. A modern or classic approach does not affect their use in decoration too much. Jute carpet models are classic, modern, regardless; It can easily find a place for themselves among different decoration styles such as minimal, maximalist, country, Mediterranean or eclectic style. Their natural structure and natural appearance make them one of the top choices.

Jute carpet models usually stand out with colors wrapped in relaxing earth tones. These carpet models, which usually take on light colors with earthy colors and cream tones, stand out a little more on dark floors and say that I am here. Therefore, they become the architects of the contrast that those who prefer dark colors in their floor coverings want to create in different spaces of their living spaces. In addition, the fact that jute carpet models are obtained directly from a natural plant does not mislead you about the durability of these carpets.

Jute carpets are extremely suitable for long-lasting use with their very durable structure. For this reason, you can make room for them in parts of your living spaces such as corridors or living rooms with peace of mind. As soon as you start using one of the jute rugs, you will want to benefit from it in almost every part of your home. It is also possible to find varieties that differ in design among jute carpet models! You can choose from the thin or thick knotted, more or less dense patterned, wicker look, or knitted options!

Features of Jute Carpets

Jute carpets and rugs, which reflect the style of your home, also add practicality to cleaning and adapt to every decoration with its different types. You can continue reading the article to examine the jute carpets, which will be your indispensable, and to learn the cleaning recommendations. If you have trouble remembering the name of the carpet or if you are thinking about what Jute is, the first thing you need to know is that the name of this carpet comes from the yarn from which it was produced. The substance referred to as jute thread is obtained from a plant. Plants that are from the linden family, grow in hot climates and grow up to 4 meters in length, are among the most produced fibers in the world after cotton.

Known for its natural and hypoallergenic properties, the jute plant is also an environmentally friendly material with its 100% soluble feature. The adventure of the hüt plant, which is used in many different ways in the industrial field, ends with the weaving process. Due to the texture of the jute carpet, it is recommended to put a non-slip material under the carpet, which can slide during use and cleaning. Among the features of jute carpets are:

  • These hard-wearing carpets are extremely durable.
  • It is appreciated for its feature that does not absorb odors.
  • Jute carpets that are not used in humid environments are easily preferred in areas such as living rooms.
  • Dyed and colored jute yarns help you achieve an exotic and ethnic look in decoration.

Jute, which is easily used in both modern and classical decoration, is especially preferred on dark-colored floors. The natural color of the jute plant, which is cream and light brown, is almost dazzling on black parquet and walnut flooring. Displaying the harmony of contrast, these rugs do not always have to be used in dark colors. Some users also include jute in tons of over-tone decorations.

Today, jute is dyed alongside natural brown and has different colors and patterns. You can also see geometrically patterned, tasseled, and colorful jute carpets at the sales points. In recent years, the creation of large carpets by jutting round jute weavings that look like a plate can be the right choice, especially for ethnic decoration.

Different sizes of jute carpets can be preferred for different rooms of the house. Thanks to its jute strength, it can be used even in entrances with heavy traffic. It is also possible to find weaves that are embroidered like lace in the form of a rug. The important point that you should not forget is to keep jute fabrics, which you can use in the living room, bedroom, balcony, and children’s room, away from wet floors due to their absorbent fiber structures.

There is no need for long instructions for cleaning jute carpets. Details of jute carpet cleaning are as follows;

  • You can wipe the carpets gently with a damp cloth.
  • You can use vacuum cleaners for routine carpet cleaning.
  • You may notice that jute rugs woven entirely from natural plants fall off from time to time, so you may need to vacuum them often.

New Carpet Trend For Summer Resorts: Jute Carpet Models

With Jute Carpet Models, you can bring authentic or tropical nature breezes to your homes. Carpets, which are an important part of home decoration, complement the decorative integrity of the houses while maintaining their heat, especially in winter and cold weather. On the other hand, we take care not to leave the home floors plain in the summer months as well in terms of naked appearance. In these periods, we also make use of rugs or mats. Because the carpet models that hold both the dust and the sand or dirt coming from the beaches in the summer months also turn into an important make-up element on the floors.

But recently, there are summer carpet models that create special integrity especially for summer houses with their elegance, which are also mat-side jute carpet models. You can take advantage of jute carpet models that offer you a wide range of carpets at temperatures above 30-35 degrees. Jute carpet models have become an important part of home decorations both in the summer resort and in the houses in the city with their ease of use and natural visual harmony. With their soft colors, authentic and natural texture, natural jute carpets, which decorate and soften even the most beautiful corners of the houses, can be identified with simple, modern, and even classic furniture. Because these carpet designs are extremely harmonious products.

Also known as “Golden Fiber”, Jute is a vegetable stem fiber grown in the tropics. Jute fibers are first dried and then transferred to the mills for production. Yarns are obtained by the rotting method. It is a natural plant fiber. It can be recycled, does not harm the ecological balance, and is environmentally friendly. It is durable and not affected by time, currents, and trend wear. In short, we can say that jute yarns and jit products are timeless products.

Jute yarn and therefore carpets are very sensitive materials as they are handwoven products. For this reason, when liquid is poured on it, a tampon should be applied with the help of a paper towel immediately and excess liquid should be absorbed. Then it can be wiped with a soft and damp cloth. Dry spots should be lightly scraped off. Jute rugs can be woven by hand as well as by machine. Different styles are available in a thin-thick knot, wicker-knitting forms. There are models that can be used double-sided.

Jute carpet models can be used in every part of the house as well as in offices. It can even be used in spa centers or hotels. It can be recommended especially for those who do not want to perform wiping and cleaning every once in a while and do not want to compromise their comfort. Jute carpet prices vary according to the model, size, and design of the carpets. Jute carpet models are a type of carpet that saves the decoration of homes from all the chaos with its simplicity. You can create a tropical atmosphere in your rooms with jute carpets that enrich the houses with natural breezes. In addition, jute carpet models are carpet models that will never go out of fashion and are always trendy.

How to Use Jute Carpets

Jute carpet stands out as the most preferred type of carpet for those looking for natural and allergic carpets. The jute plant, which grows in hot climates and is between 2 and 5 meters tall, is a species belonging to the linden family. The jute plant, which is among the most produced fibers in the world after cotton, also draws attention because it is environmentally friendly. The jute carpet, which is 100% soluble in nature, is very important to protect nature. The jute plant is used in many different areas today. We can say that the jute plant is mostly used in jute carpet production. So how should jute carpet be used in homes?

If you are planning to use jute carpets in your home, you can place these special carpets or rugs in the most footed parts of your home. The jute carpet, which is very resistant to abrasion, will provide you with ease of use. While other carpet types wear out in a very short time, you can easily use jute carpets for many years.

Another important piece of information about jute carpet is of close interest to those who have pets at home. Jute Carpet does not absorb the odors of pets and these carpets are loved by animals. The only place where this special type of carpet should not be used is in a humid place. Except for humid places, jute carpets can be used on all kinds of floors and floors.

Jute carpet, which you can use at home where you constantly step foot, is very resistant to abrasion. This means that you can use this carpet with peace of mind at the points where you constantly step foot for a long time. Not only will Jute carpet absorb odors if you have a pet, but is loved by animals and are not a very good alternative in humid environments. If the floor of your home is dark, the natural colors of these carpets will look very harmonious. These carpets, which are especially in harmony with dark colors, can provide a color transition if the decoration of your home consists of mostly walnut and black colors.

Something that is fashionable is taken, interpreted differently by everyone, and produced over and over again, and something completely different emerges. Jute carpet was originally produced only with a natural shade of brown. Now, a new interpretation has been made with different patterns and styles on Jute carpets. It was actually very nice. Jute carpet alone can enliven the decoration of a room and make it out of a single level. I can say the easiest way to add personality to the room is to use a jute carpet.

The types of jute carpets that you can choose at home are very resistant to wear. You can use jute carpet with peace of mind in areas that you frequently visit, such as the kitchen. If you keep a pet at home, the jute carpet has a structure that does not absorb odors. It is also a very popular carpet model by animals. Jute carpet is not a good option for damp environments. Due to the texture of the jute carpet, it can slide during use and cleaning. For this reason, it is absolutely recommended to put a non-slip material under the carpet for safety.

Whatever color the floor of your home is, the jute carpet will add a natural look to your home. However, if the floor of the house is dark, jute carpet will add a much more harmonious atmosphere with natural colors. Especially if you have a house dominated by dark tones, jute carpets are very harmonious. In addition, if home decoration pieces consist of walnut and black colors, a magnificent color transition can be achieved.

Jute carpets were originally produced only in natural shade brown. However, with different patterns and styles, new interpretations have been made, and jute carpets have also gained a new style. This situation adds an important value to fashion. Jute carpet, as a decor material, alone can change the look of a room and create a different face. Rooms can be identified by using jute carpets.

One of the biggest disadvantages of jute carpets is their cleaning. In order to clean these special carpets, it is only necessary to wipe with a damp cloth without rubbing too much. Apart from that, a vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean jute carpets. One of the biggest problems of jute carpets, which makes a difference in every aspect, is that these carpets, which are fiber, can be shed very easily. Jute carpets, which are a completely natural material, are very durable and useful apart from this disadvantage.

Another option is if smaller sizes are used in light-colored places where fiber spillage will be much less noticeable, the decoration will gain visuality and become much easier in terms of cleaning. The last alternative is that it will be much easier to slide it with thin nylon or similar fabric of the same dimensions to be placed under the jute carpet. Prices of jute carpets vary according to different models and sizes. You can easily find jute carpet models in sales stores and websites.

When you start using jute rugs, you can be sure that you will want to benefit from jute carpets in almost every room of your home. Among the jute carpet models, it is also possible to find models that differ from design to design. You can choose from thin or thick knotted, more or less dense motifs, mat-look, or knitted natives.

Where to Use Jute Carpets

Jute carpet has become one of the most preferred items in homes with the rise of rustic decoration trends. Jute carpets, which are among the favorites of many people with their solid structure, sustainability features, and natural appearance, contribute to the decoration of your homes in various styles and forms.

A natural fiber derived from Corchorus plants, jute is widely used in the home decor world for everything from carpet to upholstery. Also known as golden fiber due to its silky structure, this plant is grown in South India and other hot and humid regions of Asia. The fibers are pounded with wooden mallets and then dried in the sun. Finally, this material, which gains a silky shine, is turned into a yarn with various natural tones.

These processes make jute yarn types one of the softest natural fibers. The jute plant is the most environmentally friendly fiber in every step, from seed to expired fiber. Being an environmentally friendly resource thanks to its recyclable properties more than once, jute is among the favorites of those who adopt the natural life form. Jute is a truly sustainable and renewable resource, as it is incredibly easy to regrow. This fast cycle means it can regenerate more easily without needing to plant more trees.

Because the fibers of the jute carpet are natural, soft, and durable, they are especially suitable for use in high traffic areas of your home. In the frequently used and crowded areas such as living rooms or kitchens, jute rugs or carpets that are resistant to wear and tear are excellent alternatives. Since jute is a soft and natural fiber, it is not recommended for use in humid areas such as bathrooms. Jute runner models also offer versatile usage possibilities that can complement a range of styles from modern to traditional. For this reason, it appears as one of the effective pieces in the decoration of many houses.

Jute runner models are especially preferred in large seating areas or entrances. Also known as mat carpet, which interior designers prefer to make an area more inviting, Jute can be used in many areas where you want to create a comfortable and natural environment. The original wicker color fits into any setting and adds a natural feel to the decoration. Jute carpet models, which are preferred to create a balance with bold patterns, can be used with colorful and printed carpets.

Those who use jute carpets may have question marks about the cleaning of these products. Despite its natural structure, jute carpet cleaning can be performed quite easily. Jute is often preferred in areas with heavy use, as it helps to hide stains thanks to its natural straw tone. Jute carpet models, which have an easily vacuum-able structure, can be easily removed from stains with mild soap and water.

When vacuuming these natural fibers, it is recommended that you avoid vacuuming them frequently to avoid damaging their seams. A simple vacuuming process allows you to easily get rid of all the dust on your jute carpet. Thanks to its odor-trapping structure, it should be used carefully in homes with pets.

Environmental-Friendly Characteristics of Jute Carpets

Jute carpet models are an indispensable part of home decorations because they are comfortable in use and their rooms look nice by capturing a natural harmony. With natural jute carpet models that soften the most beautiful corners of homes with their soft colors, you can capture many different styles from authentic to classic, from simplicity to elegance in your rooms. They are products that will integrate with your decors ranging from your brightly colored furniture to your most plainly designed accessories and add harmony to your living space.

Also known as “Golden Fiber” for maintaining its shiny appearance, Jute is a vegetable stem fiber grown in tropical regions. To obtain textile fiber, jute fibers are first dried and then introduced into the factory for production. The method of rotting is used in its production. Since it is a natural type of plant fiber, its usage area is quite wide. Being a recyclable material, jute fibers have positive contributions to human health along with their environmental features.

For this reason, it is among the products that have gained importance with increasing demand day by day. Online stores offer a durable product experience that reminds the people who prefer the jute carpet model with its warm colors of summer every day of the year and does not change regardless of time, trends, and fashion.

Since the issues to be considered for jute carpet cleaning are hand-woven products, cleaning should be done in accordance with their sensitive structure. When the liquid is poured on it, a tampon should be applied with the help of a paper towel without losing time and the excess liquid should be absorbed without dispersing. Afterward, it can be gently wiped with a soft and damp cloth. For dried stains, it can be slightly scraped without wetting. The production of jute rugs is generally handcrafted; however, there are also models woven on the machine.

It should be cleaned by applying a method according to the form of each model. For example; Product details should be carefully examined in jute carpet model cleaning. Those who use jute carpet can easily clean the stains on their products if they immediately interfere. However, since it is versatile, it allows you to be more practical in household chores during the day. Jute carpet models that appeal to different styles with thin or thick knots, straw, and knitting forms can also be used on both sides. It offers the pleasure of using different carpets with different patterned models on both sides.

They are products that can be used in many parts of the house. There are many different options from the colorful bohemian style living room decoration, which is indispensable for those who do not compromise their comfort, to a classic living room decoration preferred by those who want to have a stylish look with heavy colors. Its use covers the whole house and is ideal for the entrance, children’s room, study, bedroom, bathroom, hall, corridor, kitchen, dining and living room, workshop, and indoor parts of the garden. Jute carpet prices; differ according to model, size, and design.

In order to easily find the model you want on the sites of online stores; You can benefit from the “brand, color, size” options by determining your preferences. Using the price filter, you can sort the products that best fit your budget. You can subscribe to the E-mail group free of charge to view seasonal campaigns. In order to provide a minimal look of elegance in your homes, you can buy quality products at affordable prices by taking advantage of opportunities and have a nice shopping experience.

Decorate the most beautiful parts of your homes with jute carpet models that save all the chaos with their color and design simplicity and you can catch a tropical atmosphere in your rooms that you enrich with natural breezes. You can enjoy it by purchasing jute carpet to take advantage of choosing a trendy, useful and indispensable product.

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