Carpet Hole Repair

As we all know, the carpet in our homes is a big investment. Because of the fact that everyone has at least one carpet in their homes and they want the best one. So, it could be frustrating when there is a hole or some mark that you do not want in your beautiful carpet.

However, in order to repair the carpet that you have, you do not have to call in a professional one or you do not have to live with the damage one. Because it is not difficult to solve these kinds of problems by yourself. You can repair it by yourself and as a result, you can save both your carpet and your money.

By doing repairment by yourself, which are do-it-yourself solutions, you can fix some common problems without any help and without payment. These problems could be wet carpet from leaks or from flooding, carpet that has pulled out a metal threshold and you can fix small damaged spots such as burns, tears, and holes.

Fortunately, there is no need to buy new carpet or even rearrange the furniture in order to cover holes isolated damage from such as burns, red wine stains, cherry juice, and any other blemishes. You can make an invisible repair by yourself that could last the life of the carpet by using a small patch kid, some glue and a star roller. And as the best part, it will cost only about 30 dollars in total. With this way, it becomes both cost effective and time saver.

Now, I will try to explain this process. I will start to explain with tools and materials that require for repairing the holes in your carpet. And then, I will move on to the main topic which are fixing holes in carpets and repairing burn marks on the carpet. After explaining these, I will mention about the cost. It would be very important to decide what are you going to do and how. As the last part, I will talk about differences and similarities between carpet hole repair and carpet replacement in terms of costs and benefits.

Tools and Materials That Requiring for Repairing the Holes in the Carpet

In order to fix the holes in your carpet by yourself, you need some tools. Some of them are not necessary but would be better when you have. On the other hand, some of them are compulsory to have in order to fix.

A utility knife: A cutting tool has an interchangeable blade that retracts into the handle
A carpet knife: It allows you to a controlled cutting
A carpet tractor: Using for joining pieces together on all types of carpet
A floor scraper: A tool is designed for removing layers of flooring material
A fan
• A knee kicker: A tool is designed to help to lay the carpet down easily and save a lot of time
Leather gloves: For security reasons
• Knee pads: For security reasons
Pliers: A grapping tool that multiplies the strength of the people’s hand
Pry bar: A tool that comprising a metal bar with both ends flattened and a curve on one end
Putty knife: A tool having a flat flexible blade, used for scraping and applying putty
Rubber mallet: A general use tool which can be used for many different jobs
Stapler: A device that binds together sheets of paper, or in this case floor and carpet, by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and simultaneously folding over the ends of the staple against the back surface of the material that you use
Caulk gun: Using in order to determine where to cut
4-in-1 screwdriver
Carpet pad/ Carpet cushion: A sheet of foam rubber or spongy material that help to protect and extend the life of the carpet
Carpet tape: One-sided or two-sided
Construction adhesive: It is a tough, versatile and mostly water resistant formula which grabs surfaces and bonds any surfaces including wood, drywall, carpet and more.
Replacement carpet: It does not have to be a new one, you can cut a piece from an unseen part of the same carpet
Ring shank nails

Fixing Holes in Carpets

Step 1: You should cut out a piece around the damaged area or hole of the carpet using a utility knife, first. Then, you should find a piece of undamaged carpet in order to use as a patch for preparing yours. If you do not have spare carpet, you can cut the patch out of an inconspicuous area which could be not clearly visible or attracting attention area such as the back of a closet or under the sofa. After that, you should cut a new piece of carpet the same shape, but if it is possible, you should cut a slightly larger piece from a hidden party as I mentioned. A larger piece can be trimmed to fit the opening, on the other hand, a smaller piece cannot be noticeable.

Step 2:
You should lay the patch over the damaged area of the carpet and align any pattern. Then, you should mark the patch for cutting with a pen or whatever you want. You may want the pattern of the patch in or order to match the pattern of the damaged area on the carpet.

Step 3: You should cut the patch. You can move the patch to a surface that you can cut on. For doing that, you can use a utility knife, if you have or you can use something else, in order to cut out the patch. As a cutting board, you can use a piece of plywood which is a type of strong wooden board usually sold in sheets of 4×8 feet. Because of the fact that you do not want to cut through more than the patch that you need. In order to get a clean seam, you have to run the knife against a metal straightedge.

Step 4: You should tape the patch in place and then you should cut out the damaged area. You strap the patch into the place that over the damaged area on the carpet. By using a patch as a guide, you can use the utility knife or whatever you have in order to cut out the damaged part, as I mentioned before how to do that. After that, you should make sure the patterns are matched exactly. After finishing that part, you can use the metal straightedge again for a clean cut.

Step 5: You should stick on the patch to the undamaged area on the carpet. You can stick carpet tape which is double-sided ones onto the floor and then you should press the patch into place. On the other hand, you can also use seam adhesive instead in order to help seal the patch’s seams.

Repairing Burn Marks on the Carpet

It is very similar to repairing the holes on the carpet in most ways. However, there are little differences and little changes between them. The same tools and materials are used in repairing burn marks too.

As a first step, you should cut out the burned piece of the carpet by using a small pair of scissors or using a carpet knife. Then, you should clean the affected area with a sponge and rinse with using a mild detergent. You should cut out a new piece from the unseen part of the carpet and that part should be larger than the burned part. You should be certain about matching the color and running the fibers in the same direction in order to help the new carpet blend in and not to be too conspicuous.

After these first steps, you should put the new piece, which cut out from other parts of the carpet, over the burned part. Then, you should cut around the edges with a utility knife or scissors or whatever you have that can be used as the same purpose. Also, you may be want to cut through the carpet below that. However, you have to be careful about stopping right before you get to the carpet padding. 

Then, it is time to grab the burned part of the carpet out. And, you should check in order to make sure about the new peace and carpet fit each other. After accomplished these steps, by using glue or tape, double sided would be a better option, you should place the new part of the carpet to the affected area. And then, you should let it dry for several hours and try to avoid walking on that part until it is dry.

How Much Does Repairing Hole Cost?

Carpet repairing cost varies obviously. Because, if you do it yourself, it costs lower than you expect, it costs lower than somebody else. Whole carpet repairs cost between 100 dollars and 400 dollars. An average price is mostly around 250 dollars. On the other hand, carpet re-stretching costs around 150 dollars per room and it depends on the size of the room.

Move on to repairing holes, carpet patches cost between 100 dollars and 200 dollars. Repairing damaged carpets and repairing holes cost 100 dollars to 250 dollars per area if somebody else such as professionals related area repair. If you do it yourself, it costs around 50 dollars. That’s why it makes sense doing by yourself. Furthermore, stain or spot removal costs 100 dollars to 200 dollars.

For doing it this by yourself, you can buy a kit and patch carpet and it becomes cheaper. Probably, you will buy these items for roughly 25 dollars to 50 dollars. Also, if you do it yourself, you can change or fix or adapt however you want. And, it becomes more valuable.

Thankfully, the cost of repairing holes will not be that expensive. If, however, a large section, numerous section or whole carpet need to be fixed or need to be repaired, carpet replacement might make more sense than repairment.

Carpet Hole Repair vs. Carpet Replacement

Carpet hole repairment is a mostly better idea instead of replacement. Because it could be a little hole and there is no need to spend money on that. In other respect, if there is no excessively damaged carpet, it might not be worth the cost to repair it. There are some factors to keep in mind when you try to decide whether you should fix carpeting or replace the holes entirely or not.

Carpet lifespan, carpet location, and use, carpet value, budget, and preference are some factors that keep in mind.

Carpet Lifespan: On the contrary to general belief, carpet lifespan is longer than we thought like a decade or more. That’s why, if you are planning to replace the carpet in the next year because there are some holes in your carpet, you may be better of repairing it. Instead of replacing, it might be worth to repair.

Carpet Location and Carpet Use: Carpet which is installed in a low-visibility area such as a basement does not actually need to look as good as carpeting in the more visible places such as the living room. In this case, repairing the carpet would be more sufficient and enough to do. Moreover, houses with children or with pets take more abuse than average, that’s why installing new carpeting that is only going to get roughed up again probably would not be cost effective. It would be unnecessary.

Carpet Value: Cost vs. value comparison is another way in order to decide whether you need to repair or replace your carpet. And it is a very simple way to decide. You can search that the carpeting is worth and weigh this against both carpets repairing cost and carpet replacement costs.

Budget and Preference: You may choose to repair the damaged carpet in your home or simply even leave it. For some people, new carpeting is the only way to choose and for some people, if there is an option that repairing, repairing is enough to do. While deciding the direction, obviously the budget plays an immense role. When money is not a major consideration, of course, everyone splurge for new carpeting.

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