Carpet Hair Removers: A Quick Look

Carpet hair removers are cheap, yet specialized devices used to clean carpets. Their costs range between 10-50 US dollars apiece. The advantages of these carpet hair removers outweigh their disadvantages by a large margin. To put it in simple terms, these hair removers take away animal fur and hair from your carpet, thus making them seuqaky clean and helping you stay away from germs and allergies.

There are many variants available on the market today. Most of them are made of durable and eco-friendly materials, with some of them even offering free warranty and after-sales services.

We adore our carpets as much as we adore our cars, bags, and jewelry; after all, they add great cookie points to our home. Besides, we also love our pets a lot; we love them so much that we treat them as we treat our children.

However, we also know that their fur and hair cause a lot of allergies. This, in turn, makes your family or your visitors’ lives harder. These allergies, in turn, are annoying at the very least and do lead to different health complications at the very worst. On top of that, these hairs reduce your quality of life.

Besides, these hairs and fur may damage our carpet by sticking to the – on top of that, they are hard to remove, even if you vacuum them! As a result, you may have to replace your carpet earlier than you have planned for, which again means that you have more expenses to deal with in terms of decorating your home.

There is nothing wrong with keeping pets at home – they have been proven to provide a lot of benefits to our well-being.

Yet, we should be prepared to take care of our home, and getting the proper cleaning device is a must nowadays, especially if we don’t want to spend time, money and effort bringing the carpet to the cleaning center. As such, we need to use devices such as carpet hair removers to keep our carpets in their pristine states.

In this article, we are going to have a bird’s eye view on carpet hair removers. We will find out why they are useful, what are the pros and cons of having them, how much do they typically cost and what are the best products in today’s online market.

What are carpet hair removers?

A carpet hair remover is a specialized device used to take away hair and fur from various types of carpets. They can be brooms, bristles or brushes which have the strength and structure needed to remove hair and fur from carpets permanently.

Similar to other carpet-related maintenance products out there, they aren’t specifically built to be used for carpets, but they can be used for different purposes, thus making them good investments. However, they are all suitable for use when it comes to getting rid of fur and hair, as well as other forms of dirt and detritus from your carpets.

Why do we need to have carpet hair removers?

We need to have a carpet hair remover to get rid of those hair and fur in a more efficient manner. Cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner or using an ordinary broom to sweep the surface simply does not remove the hair efficiently enough.

The need for carpet hair removers tells a glaring fact out there: Sending the carpet to a professional cleaning company costs quite a lot, not to mention the fact that you need to wait at least for half a day to be able to have your carpet back.

As a result, you might want to have a simple, easy-to-use implement that would allow you to clean your carpet and remove fur, along with animal and human hair, from it.

What are the advantages of using carpet hair removers?

First of all, it’s cheap to use carpet hair removers. It won’t cost you hundreds of dollars to do so. The most expensive ones that are intended for use by the common man cost 60, 70 dollars at most.

Second, it is a fast way to fix your carpet on your own. If you wanted a hands-on approach towards keeping your carpet squeaky clean, then this one is for you! Whether you’re cleaning carpets at the office or just someone who wants to do a decent job and need something to minimize the amount of time it takes to freshen up your floors, these devices are suited to both commercial and home usage.

Third, getting a carpet blower for your usage means you’ll get to walk on your floors immediately after cleaning them, rather than waiting from them to air-dry, as this will take a good amount of time to do so.

Finally, no matter if you’re providing a cleaning service or you are just someone who wants to it yourself and need something to minimize the amount of time it takes to freshen up your floors, these devices are suited to both commercial, home, and professional use.

Getting a carpet hair remover for your usage means you’ll get to walk on your floors immediately and safely after cleaning them, rather than waiting for it to be cleaned by the carpet cleaning company, which as mentioned earlier, rather takes time.

As a welcome addition to cleaning your floors, carpet hair removers also offer health benefits. Removing furs and hair from your floors can help prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms and germs, as well as allergens that can trigger allergies, as germs thrive when there’s a lot of dirt on the surface.

You don’t want germs to gain a foothold inside your home – this will cause a lot of health problems, ranging from simple allergies to even worse respiratory diseases. This is one main issue that pet owners have to think of when they want to install carpets inside their homes.

These are the main advantages of buying carpet hair removers for your home or office. Once you find the best one for your needs, its durability will last for a long period -and your carpets will live longer and happier too!

What are the disadvantages of using carpet hair removers?

Of course, no single solution is perfect. There will always be gaps and deficiencies when it comes to solving problems, and carpet hair removers are no exception to this axiom.

There are times when carpet hair removers do not do the job well enough – after all, it only takes a couple of hairs to set off an allergic reaction. As a result, you may have to send the carpet to a professional cleaner to remove as much hair as possible, which makes the act of buying a carpet hair remover useless.

After pitting the costs to the relative advantages that one gains, it can be safely concluded here are almost no disadvantages involved in using carpet hair removers.

How much do these carpet hair removers cost?

It may seem like a broken plate to hear this, but once again, as with any piece of maintenance equipment, a carpet dryer’s price depends on its size, power, and quality.

While professional sets cost hundreds of dollars, the best ones on online sites such as Amazon typically do not go beyond $50. They are generally reliable in comparison to their costs.

However, you would want to try to scour well to find the best carpet hair remover for your needs.

As for its maintenance, quality carpet hairs remover should last forever until their materials break down. With a ton of business enterprises out there who specialize in carpet hair removers, there are many great choices for the consumer nowadays.

In the worst case, you can buy a new one; after all, it has already served your cause for quite some time! At least it beats sending the carpet to the professional cleaning company every single month.

Once again, the secret to making the most out of your maintenance products is to buy one product out there that you are most comfortable with, use it, be familiar with it and stick with it as long as you can.

What are the best carpet hair removers that you can find on Amazon?

There are many products that you can find on Amazon nowadays. As mentioned earlier, their prices do not range by a lot; they do not reach three digits. Here are the top carpet hair removers that you can find on the site.

A. Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6 Model (Fur Remover and Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Extending Telescoping Handle)

At 13 dollars, it is considered to be a cheap, innovative, & versatile cleaning tool for carpets, rugs, tile, windows and more. The fur remover rubber broom gets your surfaces cleaner and much better looking than before.

Its fur remover, made with 100% natural rubber, attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum like regular brooms can never do.

Also, its built-in squeegee edge cleans windows, showers, and windshields with ease.

It works great to wipe away liquid spills on tile, concrete, or any hardwood surface such as patio decks or interior flooring. In other words, you get a good bang for your buck as it can clean any surface that you can imagine.

Besides, its telescopic handle allows you to easily adjust the handle length of the dog hair carpet remover or the cat hair carpet rake to suit any user. With a handle extends from 36 inches to 60 inches, you can reach all sorts of corners easily and clean them in a very nice way.

Finally, its ergonomic design allows for super easy cleanup – simply wash away excess cat hair and dog hair on the rubber pet broom bristles by using soapy water to sanitize and renew. Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance, leaving your pet hair rubber brush polished in seconds. 

If you are someone who looks for a lot of utility to the cost, then this one may be for you.

B. LandHope Push Broom with Long Handle Rubber Bristle Sweeper and Squeegee Edge

Meanwhile, this one comes at 25 dollars, which is the middle of the pack when it comes to prices on Amazon.

This is considered to be a non-scratch broom, which is something you may want to consider if you are someone who cares about the sensitivity of your carpet.

This broom effortlessly sweeps the carpet surface with its specialized rubber bristles.

They easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, with an estimated rate of 50% more efficiency than a normal broom. Most importantly, ash or pet hair won’t be blown in the air during sweeping and as such, it is ideal for your typical carpet cleaning needs.

Its design allows pet hair to be removed from all sorts of carpets and rugs. Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets, and they easily gather hair on the carpets that even a specialized vacuum couldn’t reach.

With its adjustable extra-long handle, people of different heights can use this broom without getting back pain. It is long enough for tall adults to sweep without bending down and it can also be shortened for ease of kids’ use.

Besides, you could always reuse it as if it was brand new. It is very easy to keep the broom clean by washing under the tap. Dust or hair will be easily washed off from the bristle so that it would look as if it was just brought from the store. The broom has innate water-resistance and as such, it dries pretty much quickly. 

As a bonus, you could use it both indoors and outdoors. With a built-in squeegee edge, it is also suitable to be used in outdoor areas like garden, balcony, patio, and garages to wash the floor, clean up water or spills, clean windows, etc.

Overall, it is a durable product that you should watch out when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

C. ChomChom Roller Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Pet Hair Remover

Similar to the previous product, this carries a price tag of 25 dollars. It is still within the median for top-rated products on Amazon. 

The roller allows you emove your pet dog and cat hair easily from couches, beds, comforters, blankets and more. 

Furthermore, it is a reusable, sturdy pet hair remover tool. There is no need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper. The roller can be reused over and over again.

Just as with the other products here, it is not powered by batteries and one does not need to have a power source to use this device. Simply use short back and forth strokes with the roller to capture all pet hair and lint into the dust receptacle. 

Unlike some of the other products that need to be treated with running water to clean the carpet hair remover, this one is easy to clean as pet hair, lint, and dander, among others, can simply be removed from the dust receptacle. 

Finally, it is 100% reusable and eco-friendly as it is made from durable and environmentally-friendly materials.

D. Ovee Lando 2 Pack Hollow Rubber Hair Remover Brush 

For the price of 12 dollars (some internet cafe card packages cost more than this), this pet dog brush is indeed a very low-cost and low-tech solution for your carpet hair removal needs.

It is a two-pack pet hairbrush. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and it is made from nature-friendly materials. It is durable for its size, which is around 4.8″ x 1.8”x 1.8″ (inches).

Silicone material has a viscosity that can make the pet hair firmly attached to it and thus remove it from your carpet.

As far as the price tag is concerned, it is effective, it easily deals with pets’ hair, it is washable, easy to clean, and it is easy to wash by rinsing with water. The only catch is that you should keep it away from sunshine.

Just as with the other product examples out there, it is hygienic and easy to use, suitable for carpet, bed sheet, sofa, clothing, car cushion, etc.

For best results, brush first for 10-20 seconds in one direction to create the necessary strength for the desired electrostatic effect.

A cheap solution indeed, no?

E. Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake with 4-Foot Extendable Pole 

So far, this is one of the most expensive choices at a whopping thirty-five dollars. But then, you might want to have a look at its features before judging whether this is a good fit for your fur and hair removal needs or not.

It is perfect for pet owners who want something sturdy and rugged – something that will last long despite whatever conditions the rake may face.

This rug and carpet rake is ideal for pet owners who struggle with cleaning carpeted floors, stairs and other areas that their dogs and cats frequently visit. It effectively removes pet hair and helps eliminate unwanted pet odor. 

Same as the other items on the list, it helps you save time and money by having a faster and more convenient carpet cleaning experience with this universal carpet rake.

Using this tool eliminates the need for sticky papers and rollers, overflowing vacuum cleaner bags, cords, and plugs, thus saving the customer a substantial amount of money. It is already mentioned earlier that vacuums don’t work at certain times.

It also claims to have an efficient carpet cleaning activity, as this carpet cleaning rake works by efficiently lifting dog and cat hair, even in hard to reach areas.

The metal bristles on its brush head allow the user to remove the tougher hairs deeply seated in your carpet/rug. It also doesn’t cause damage to most carpet fibers, making it safe even for daily use. 

The rake is also easy to store. This lightweight carpet rake is so easy to use thanks to its unique and ergonomic design. It comes with a 4-foot long extension pole that allows for easy and customizable usage. Storage is also not a problem with its convenient hang-up cap. 

Finally, similar to the other items on this list, it is rated as safe and pet-friendly. Carpet cleaning with a carpet rake is safe and pet-friendly as you don’t need to use electricity or any harsh chemicals. Unlike vacuum cleaners it produces no loud noises that may startle your pets, so you can clean your carpets and rugs in peace. 

F. Dust Pan and Broom/Dustpan Combo with 52-Inch Long Handle for Overall Use

Here’s another hefty one at twenty-eight US dollars, but it does the job pretty well, along with the other highly-rated products on this list.

This broom and dustpan combo measures over 52 inches tall, with a rather wide width of 10.6 inches. With its wide reach and a broad area, it can easily clean large surfaces without spending much time.

Besides, the broom and dustpan snap together for easy stand-up storage, thus saving space and allowing for greater mobility.

This device is perfect for all on-the-move applications for sweeping up and carrying debris and garbage – most especially pet hair.

The entire set has a built-in scraper and special teeth for easy cleaning of various surfaces.

Finally, the dustpan locks in an open position to easily dispose of contents in the garbage can without spilling. 

G. NZQXJXZ Push Broom – Soft Bristle 59 Inch Rubber Broom Carpet Sweeper with Squeegee Adjustable Long Handle, Removal Pet Human Hair 

This is a big steal at nineteen dollars.

It claims to be able to accurately and professionally remove fur hair. The brush head is made of perfect hardness rubber bristles that can attract and remove pet hair on multiple surfaces easily, like carpets, tiles, hardwood and linoleum floors. This is ideal for homes that rely on many surfaces, as you can simply reuse the same broom again and again for different purposes.

Its innovative design makes cleaning up pet hair and dirt easy and fast without scratching your floors, which is again a prime consideration when it comes to cleaning carpets on your own.

Similar to some of the products on this list, this is a broom and squeegee set that comes in one contraption. Once again, we see rubber as the material of choice for this item, as it shows that rubber bristles easily gather up dust, hair, and paper scrapes on floors or carpets.

It also claims to have a better amount of efficiency than a normal broom, making no ash or pet hair flying in the air during sweeping – in layman’s words: It holds the things it picks up until the time you throw them into the trash can.

The built-in squeegee allows you to clean the floor afterward, thus giving you an ergonomic and time-saving alternative for cleaning windows and spills. This, in turn, saves you the hassle of additional drying using a towel or mop. 

It also has an extra-long and adjustable handle, thus giving you more flexibility when it comes to cleaning your carpets. The strong and durable stainless steel handle can be removed and is easy to install, with sizes measuring 59, 46 and 33 inches. As a result, the broom can adjust to the size that you need.

As a result, its length and size allow you to clean any hard to reach places. To add to that, there is no need to bend over in low place or use ladders at high places.

Typical among devices of this type, it can be widely used in various occasions and applications. In addition to effectively removing pet hair, the rubber brush can clean your any kind of floor, furniture, and glass shower doors easily. It is also suitable to be used in outdoor areas like a garden, balcony, patio, garage, pool deck, car windshields, etc. 

This is the best one of the products on this list so far. the customer gets from the case four pieces of a pole and a rubber broom head, as well as the removable head for easy storage and cleaning, and the floor sweeper can be cleaned underwater.

Of course, as it happens, dust or hair will be easily washed down from the bristle and turn back into a pleasant, impeccable brand-new appearance. The product also demonstrates that it has a high level of water resistance, drying quickly within less than an hour and making it ready for use again, whether it is on carpets or some other surface.

Best of all, if for any reason you were not satisfied with the performance of your product, it offers a worry-free 36 months warranty, as well as refund options and direct, first-hand customer service. Not bad for this carpet hair remover that costs less than thirty US dollars.

It is also interesting to note that this is the only one among the listed products that provide room for warranty and after-sales service; this shows that the company behind this product is confident that their device would work as advertised.

Just make sure that you take care that it does not wear down immediately from using it on a ton of surfaces!

H. Nado Care Pet Hair Remover, Lint Roller, Lint Remover & Pet Hair Roller in One

This one is priced at twenty-five dollars. Once again, it offers a lot of convenience for the end-user, though it may pale a bit in comparison to other products on this highly recommended list.

First, as it is small and compact, you can take it anywhere you go. No one needs to point out that that it does not need any power source to be operated.

Second, even someone who does not have any experience whatsoever when it comes to cleaning carpets can easily use it. The product quickly minimizes the amount of fur on the furniture and clothes by simply moving back and forth.

Third, it also adheres to a no-adhesive or sticky tape design policy. All you have to do is just to open the lid and remove pet fur without replacing anything.

Fourth, it is 100% reusable as it can be reused several times. For maintaining this equipment just use a moist cloth to wipe after each instance that you use it on your carpet. You should not wash the brush surface directly with water, as it reduces the efficiency of the entire thing.

While you may not be able to use it as well on other surfaces, you would surely have a great time cleaning your carpet by using this roller!

I. Soft Push (Long Rubber Bristle Broom and Carpet Sweeper) with Squeegee – Adjustable Long Handle – RHPH (Removal of Human and Paint Hair) Model

Another product – at least you don’t have to fork out an extra cent or dollar as it is exactly prized at twenty US dollars.

Its specialized material can easily attract and collect dust and hair, thus removing two allergens all at once! The soft brush easily collects dust, hair and paper dust on the floor and carpet, which is way more efficient than a normal broom could do. Ash or pet hair does not fly in the air during the cleaning process. 

Then, its two-in-one design, which is composed of a long-handled brush head with a scraper, not only makes it easy to attract and remove pet hair on multiple surfaces but also cleans windows or spills with ease. Did you want something efficient at its job, while saving you a couple more dollars? Then this one is for you!

Once again, it operates with an adjustable height system. The rubber brushes feature durable stainless steel rods for easy installation and removal, which is a common feature in carpet hair remover brooms. You don’t need to bend over or do some extreme gymnastics, all you need to do is just adjust the broom to the height that suits you. The height can be adjusted up to 59 inches, with provisions for 46 and 33 inches respectively, long enough to clean any hard-to-reach places.

Similar to the other products on this list, it is durable and reusable. You can easily keep the broom clean by cleaning it under the faucet with tap water. You don’t need any specialized chemicals or even soap to clean it.

Dust or hair is easily washed off the bristles and makes the broom looks like new, with great water resistance and fast drying. 

Once again, it is very suitable for all occasions and floors: Waterproof and durable rubber brushes make it easy to clean all kinds of floors, furniture, windows, glass and more. It is also applicable for use in outdoor areas such as gardens, balconies, patios, garage cleaning floors, pool decks, cleaning water or spills. 

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