How to Properly Dry Carpet: The Carpet Drying Process

When you give your carpets to a carpet cleaning company, they will come and take the carpets from your home free of charge. Before proceeding to the washing process, the carpet is thoroughly cleaned of dust. In this way, dust and dirt accumulation is prevented from being trapped between the hairs. Then the front and back surfaces of the carpet are washed with special detergents. After the washing process, your carpet is taken to a separate section and dried. Drying is the most important step in the washing process. So, do you know how to properly dry carpets?

Proper carpet drying is ensured with special machines that blow hot air. Drying the washed carpets by exposure to external factors can cause many problems such as the fading of the colors of the carpets by being affected by the sunlight. It is not possible to encounter such problems as carpet dryers dry the carpets in a closed drying room. Also, if the carpet is dried outside, the drying time may vary between 3 and 5 days depending on the weather conditions. Dehumidification and carpet drying machines have come to the rescue of carpet washing companies in this regard and have been able to reduce the carpet delivery time to 24 hours.

How to Dry Carpets Properly

It is extremely important to dry our carpets correctly after washing. Although a large part of the work falls on the carpet washing company here, the part that falls on you is to make more careful choices in these carpet washing companies. Carpets can be dried in the open air or in special carpet drying rooms. Below we will talk about how the washed carpets should be dried and where to pay attention.

Carpet washing and spinning are among the most important factors. If the washed carpet is not sufficiently dehydrated, the drying process takes as long. In carpets that take a long time to dry, undesirable events such as odor and worse, internal decay of the carpet occur. Professional carpet cleaning companies ensure that the carpet stays moist by squeezing the water to the last drop thanks to special carpet wringing machines.

While the moisture remaining on the carpet is completed in a period of 8 hours in special drying rooms, it is completed in a period of 1 day (varies) in the open air. Professional carpet cleaning companies take care to dry the carpets in the open air depending on the weather conditions. But when the weather conditions are unfavorable, special carpet drying rooms come into play and the carpets, which are expected at a constant temperature, complete the drying process successfully.

Perhaps the most important step of the carpet drying process is how to hang the carpet to be dried on a metal profile. Since some careless carpet cleaning companies dry the carpets on the rusted profiles, rust stains occur on the surface of the carpet and cause a lot of damage to the carpet. Quality carpet cleaning companies act meticulously from the first stage to the last stage of the carpet washing process and complete the drying process in a healthy way without damaging the carpet by using stainless steel profiles.

Adequate carpet drying areas are important for the drying process of carpets. If too many carpets are fitted in a small area, the carpets may overlap and will not dry out because many parts of the carpet are underneath. This causes the carpet to be semi-dry and semi-wet, and an undesirable cleaning process is deemed to have occurred.

Improper Drying Application on the Carpet

The biggest mistake and the most common misapplication in carpet cleaning is drying the carpets in the sun. After the carpets are washed, they are hung in direct sunlight to dry faster. There are also misconceptions that the sun will kill harmful microorganisms trapped in the carpet. In fact, the opposite happens.

One of the most ideal conditions for harmful microorganisms is humid and warm places. Hanging a freshly washed carpet under the sun provides exactly these conditions. Another application where the carpet is hung under the sun is its ventilation. Regularly airing the carpet prevents odor and creates a more hygienic surface. However, this application should be done at a point where it does not receive direct sunlight.

When carpets are dried in the sun or left to air out in the sun, they will fade and become damaged. Being under the sun for long hours can also cause the carpets to deteriorate. For these reasons, when carpets need to be dried or ventilated, it is recommended to hang them outdoors and in the shade.

How Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Dry Carpets?

Carpet drying is as important as carpet washing. Drying cleanly washed carpets in the open air is a very risky business. Professional carpet cleaning companies show the attention and meticulousness they show while washing the carpets, during the drying phase. You can prevent possible risks by drying the carpets without direct sunlight. Carpets are dried indoors. In this way, both the carpets are protected from sunlight and the dust particles in the open area are prevented from sticking to the carpets. Who wants their carpet to experience discoloration in the sun? Of course, nobody wants to.

A freshly washed carpet is very susceptible to fading. Because the dirt layer on the yarns has been removed and it almost turned into a bare raw state. Therefore, exposure to sunlight, even for a short time, may cause it to fade. It is useful to be very careful, especially for delicate (handwoven) carpets. Sunlight will fade the color of the carpet, and even if it stays for a long time, the color of the part that is exposed to the sun will be much lighter than the part that is not. To prevent this, a closed carpet drying room should be used.

Another problem in the carpet drying stage is that the carpets are dusty again. Carpets that are dried in the open area attract the dust of the environment to the carpet like a magnet. This is an undesirable situation for a newly washed carpet. Carpets should always be dried indoors. Carpets are exhibited in the open for a single purpose, carpets are laid on the fields to make the carpet colors pastel. Except for this purpose, it is very risky to hang and lay carpets in the open air.

Carpet Drying Rooms

The cleaning of carpets, which is one of the most important items of the house, can be done with a carpet washing machine as well as by hand. Drying the washed carpets is as important as washing them. Carpet cleaning companies also apply different methods to dry carpets. The most important detail in drying the washed carpets is that there is no water left between the carpets. If water remains on the carpet, dampness and humidity may cause a bad odor. It is necessary to hang the carpet to dry so that no water remains on the carpet.

When the washed carpets are not dried enough, it causes bad odors in the house. In addition, carpets that are not dried well get dirty more quickly than well-dried carpets. Drying a carpet is as laborious as washing a carpet. When carpets are washed by carpet cleaning companies, different methods are applied according to the size of the carpet. After the carpet washing process, the carpets are almost half dry. These companies have special rooms for drying the washed carpets. In these rooms, the carpets, which are under sufficient heat and opened properly, dry in 8-12 hours.

Carpet washing and spinning are among the most important factors. If the washed carpets are not dehydrated, the drying process will take longer. Carpets that take a long time to dry often cause problems such as odor or internal decay of the carpet. While the remaining moisture on the carpet is completed in a period of 8 hours in special drying rooms, it is completed in a period of 1 day in the open air. Depending on the weather conditions, care is taken to dry the carpets in the open air.

Carpets washed in carpet cleaning companies see different processes and methods according to the size of the carpet. After the carpet washing process, the carpets are half-dried. Almost all carpet companies have their own carpet drying rooms. After the carpets are washed, they are hung on the hangers used in the drying rooms. There is enough heat in the room to dry the carpets. Carpets are dried to their deepest points with machines that give hot air through a system.

For correct drying, the carpets must be opened properly and dried between 8 and 12 hours. If you are washing your carpet at home, it is necessary to dry it by hanging it. But it will take a long time to dry in the winter environment. If you had to wash your carpet by hand in the winter months, you should open your carpet well and dry it, wash it during sunny weather, and make sure it drains well. The carpet should be kept as waterless as possible.

In this respect, drying in rolls or by folding can be inconvenient. Odor is likely due to humidity. Finally, it may be useful to vacuum the dried carpet again to make sure that your carpet is dry.

Carpet Stain Removal and Drying

There are things that we can do ourselves at home/office in terms of stain removal. Apart from this, if we cannot remove the stain completely or at all, we should always keep the phone of a carpet cleaning professional whose products and workmanship we trust. Because silk and valuable hand-made carpets also need very fast intervention in such stains. The wrong and late intervention will unfortunately make the stain permanent on the carpet.

While removing the stain, it should not be wetted with excessive watery intervention. This will cause the stain to move to the back and spread over more areas. If there is an oily stain problem on the carpet, it is necessary to apply a special treatment with a solvent. However, at this point, you should pay attention to the fact that if your carpet contains vinyl, you should not use ammonia-based cleaners and cleaners on your carpet.

It is necessary for your carpet to act very quickly, especially against staining contamination. Because professional carpet cleaners will not be able to do much against the overdue stain treatment. You will protect your carpet from the permanent stain threat in the interventions to be made with the fast and correct stain removers. Therefore, it will be an effective solution to have a stain remover in your home against such local contamination.

Absorb the excess liquid on the carpet immediately with a dry absorbent towel, napkin, and cloth that will not stain your carpet when something staining is spilled on your carpet. Do not rub your carpet with this cloth or towel during this process. This causes the stain to spread over more areas. Absorb the liquid on your carpet until the absorbent cloth and towel absorb all the liquid. Then, the stain removal method suitable for the type of stain should be applied. We can use materials such as sharp knives, metal, or spatulas to remove oil and food stains.

One of the most important issues after the stain is removed is to dry it quickly. Dry thoroughly with the help of a fan or hairdryer in a well-heated, non-humid environment in winter and in a well-ventilated environment in summer. Drying on the radiator leaves a little soot on your carpet. Trying to dry it outside in humid weather causes your carpet to become more humid. The carpet should not be stepped on when it is wet.

Before you start cleaning the carpet against carpet stains, test it on an invisible part of your carpet. For oily stains, dilute the dry cleaning liquid with the same amount of cold water and apply.

Carpet Drying and Ventilation

Carpets should be dried by hanging them on pipe hangers made of a stainless material that will not leave stains and marks, and by giving a temperature between thirty and fifty degrees from natural gas air conditioners. Natural heat can also be used in the seasons when the temperature is high. In such cases, on covered terraces, carpets should be air-dried without exposing them to direct sunlight.

When the carpet drying process is not done completely, many problems such as smelling, mold, etc. are encountered in the carpet. Especially wool carpets should be ventilated for a day even after drying. The carpet is not delivered until the drying process is 100% completed in the facilities. The important thing is not only to wash the carpet, but also to perform the rinsing, squeezing, drying, ventilation, and packaging processes, which are all stages of the carpet washing, in the most accurate way.

How Does a Carpet Dryer Work?

As you know, carpet dryers are generally installed in drying rooms and are used for drying whistling and damp carpets in carpet drying rooms designed with a certain capacity. In the indoor environment, with the help of the fans, the hot air passes through the carpets hanging on the hangers, and the carpets are dried. For this, the carpet drying room should be designed well and the dryer should be installed vertically opposite the carpets.

Thus, the distances between the carpets provide the passage of hot air. Under normal conditions, carpets that are dried with a carpet dryer dry without yellowing. Machines working at full capacity provide quality and economical service within the scope of factories by using their degree settings and other features. While the carpet dryer is operating, the drying room should not receive air from outside.

In order to prevent heat loss in the room, all surfaces in the interior of the room, ceiling, floor, door, and side walls should be covered with compressed styrofoam. Hard materials such as sandwich panels can be used against crushing that may occur on the base. If the air enters the carpet drying room, the carpet dryer will work harder and the ventilation flow will be faster. As a result of this, the carpets both dry late and the machine works harder and the consumption is higher.

Don’t Dry Your Carpet: Dry Clean It

If you want to not dry your carpet, you should not wet it in the first place. Use the companies that utilize the dry foam carpet cleaning method. Dry foam carpet cleaning is one of the dry carpet cleaning methods and is also known as waterless carpet cleaning. Dry carpet washing methods are generally divided into four in the carpet washing sector:

  • Dry foam carpet washing,
  • Dry carpet washing with sawdust,
  • Chemical dry carpet washing,
  • Spray dry carpet cleaning

Other on-site carpet washing methods include wet carpet washing with shampoo, steam carpet washing, and hot carbonated carpet washing method. In dry carpet washing methods, they are generally all done with the same method, that is, completely without water or with very little water. Drying times are very short. This method, which is also called waterless carpet washing because the carpet does not get wet in real terms, is not an effective method for removing dirt and germs from the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning methods, including dry foam, are generally ineffective in removing dirt and unhealthy elements in the carpet, instead of removing them from the carpet due to the application and the equipment and materials used, on the contrary, they push the dirt and microbes to the bottom of the carpet, providing a certain level of improvement in appearance. They are preferred because of their short drying times. Considering all these, it is possible to clearly see that the foam carpet washing method has many different aspects.

In the dry foam carpet washing method, the process is carried out with the help of a carpet washing machine with a rotating brush. The carpet washing machine with a rotating head has a shampoo reservoir, foaming shampoo and a small amount of water are added to this reservoir and mixed. When the rotating head brush is moved over the carpet, the product with the aqueous shampoo is poured onto the carpet from under the brush, and as the brush rotates, it produces a lot of foam. There are also very harsh chemicals to dissolve the dirt in the shampoo foam used because the process is done with very little water and moreover with cold water.

Although harsh chemicals are added, it is insufficient to remove heavy dirt and especially stains. The duration of the institution is a few hours on average. It is a fast on-site carpet cleaning method. It is a method used mostly in office carpets and carpets that are laid from wall to wall. Dry foam carpet cleaning companies are actually cleaning companies, not professional carpet cleaners, and they apply this method because it is one of the simplest ordinary methods.

Considerations about Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

The most important point to note here is that the carpet is exposed to soiling very quickly after cleaning. This is because of the dry foam used. Foam, shampoo, and soap attract dirt by nature, and when they dry, they attract dirt particles like magnets on the carpet. The carpet starts to get dirty up to 4-5 times faster than the old one (since the first came from the factory).

In addition, they spoil the dirt-repellent property of the carpet yarns, because very harsh chemicals are used in the foam shampoo used to soften the dirt and this disrupts the structure of the yarns of the carpet. It destroys the barriers on the outer surfaces of the yarns applied at the factory against dirt, and the dirt adheres to the carpet yarn very quickly.

In most foam carpet washing methods, the carpet is tried to be cleaned without even vacuuming. Even if vacuuming is done, it is not as easy as it is thought to remove the dirt and microbes pushed to the bottom of the carpet yarns with dry foam. Professional carpet cleaning companies use a balanced water ratio of up to 90 degrees to provide the deepest and healthiest carpet cleaning possible, unlike wet or dry carpet cleaning methods.

It has been proven by laboratory test results that this method destroys 98% of the bacteria in the carpets and 89% of the bacteria and allergens in the air in the office, it improves the air quality in the office. Carpets washed with this method are completely dry in just 1-2 hours, not in 1-2 days like other steam and shampoo carpet washing methods. Only a little moisture remains, thanks to our 1-2 hour drying time, it prevents mold and fungus from forming. In a short time, the place with the carpet becomes usable again.

The main solution of this method is completely natural, green-certified pH7 pure water level, and safe to drink. It does not contain any harmful substances. Just like soda, millions of bubbles foaming up to the bottom of the carpet yarns and remove the dirt and microbes inside, pushing them to the surface instead of pushing them to the bottom, unlike dry foam and other on-site carpet washing methods. Afterward, they are easily pulled by powerful machines.

In addition, this method extends the life of the carpet as it does not use any harmful substances. Carpets washed with this method get dirty much later and maintain their cleanliness for 2-3 times longer. This is all about deep cleaning and the natural products used. In this method, there are no chemicals such as soap, shampoo, or foam that attract dirt when it dries, just like a magnet. Therefore, later soiling times are provided.

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