Carpet Dryers: How to Use Them? (Info Guide)

Do you ever have a hard time drying your carpet? Then this one is for you!

Everyone knows that carpets add a layer of luxury, comfort, and sophistication inside homes. Even in ancient times, people have tried to get hold of a carpet whenever they can, due to the relative comfort that these rugs provide to one’s home! Needless to say, carpets have been a part of human homes for a very long time.

However, all of us also know that they are hard to clean. When there’s a leak or spill inside your house, you need to wash your carpet. If your pet pees on your rug, you’ll need to wash it before the stain and smell sticks to your carpet. If you drop your sauce on the carpet, you need to take it off as soon as you can. Then, one’s road to hell does not finish there as these rugs take a long time to dry.

Thus, here comes the carpet dryer – a practical solution to your carpet problems.

What Is a Carpet Dryer?

A carpet dryer, also known as a carpet blower, is basically a big fan that can release huge amounts of air in a short period of time. As such, they are popular in every place imaginable, from humble homes to places such as restaurants, hotels, multi-purpose halls, or even those huge, dank and dark warehouses!

These dryers can also be used to dry different surfaces such as wood, concrete, tile, and linoleum, among others. As a result, they are extremely cost-efficient appliances for the price tag that they carry on the market.

Some of these carpet dryers may be quite portable, thus allowing for easy storage at the back of one’s car. Their cord lengths start from 20 feet, thus allowing for very flexible uses.

How Does It Look Like?

It is basically a fan with a centrifugal function that can be used to cool, ventilate and dry – walls, furniture and more typically, floors and carpets. Some of these devices have tilting functions, which can allow for a more focused cleanup of a portion of the rug that is affected.

In fact, there are devices that can aim at different angles, such as zero-degree, 45-degree, and 90-degree and even more – thus allowing for a more precise application of air towards the carpet.

Most carpet dryers are impact-resistant, which mean that if they ever fall down, the circuits and electronic parts inside have a way lesser chance of breaking down.

These utility type fans are suitable for a variety of workspaces including homes, garages, basements, workshops, warehouses, offices and even those hard to reach tight spaces. As a result, they are very suitable for janitorial cleaning, paint drying, and water damage restoration drying applications.

The phrase “water damage restoration drying applications” is the technical term for leaks, spills and any sort of accidental water flow that may come to your carpet. Left untreated, these clearly rank high among the top causes why you say goodbye to your carpets way earlier than expected.

Thus, carpet dryers are an easy and relatively quick way to restore your carpets back to their original glory.

How Do You Use a Carpet Dryer?

First, begin by getting the floor as dry as possible. Use dry towels or cloth to take out as much water as possible. After all, you would want the process to be easier!

Then, use a wet-dry vacuum to take away more of the moisture in your rug. You can easily see if the carpet is already dry simply walking across it. If you clearly see water bubbles up under your feet, it means there’s still water and you may need to use your carpet dryer at its highest setting in order to ensure that the rug is totally dried.

Next, plug the carpet dryer to an electric source and turn the switch on. Carpet dryers should not be left unattended, as their fans are fast – you don’t want anyone getting injured due to accidents from these devices. As such, ensure that children do stay away from them while they are being operated. In addition, your children might snag the wires, causing another problem to solve!

Move the fan around every once in a while in order to ensure proper distribution of air. Ensure the fan is blowing the air all over the floor and that proper ventilation practices are observed.

One of the things that you should remember is to position the carpet dryer fan in a place where air can easily flow into the machine. Keep it away from any sources of obstruction that can block the intake areas. Otherwise, it can cause the fan to overheat and thus turn your investment into dust.

They are best used in conjunction with “natural drying” sources like the sun and the wind. Of course, this is to say that these carpet dryers are a blessing especially during cold and rainy days – they provide a huge source of convenience to carpet owners like you!

What Are the Advantages of Using One?

Whether you’re providing a cleaning service or looking to minimize the amount of time it takes to freshen up your own floors, these devices are suited to both domestic and professional use. Investing in a carpet blower means you’ll get to walk on your floors immediately after cleaning them, rather than waiting from them to air-dry, as this will take at least a couple of days. We do all know that it is inconvenient for many of us to wait for such a long period of time.

In addition to cleaning your floors, carpet blowers also offer health benefits. Removing moisture from your floors can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi, as they thrive in wet and humid conditions. You don’t want germs to gain a foothold inside your home.

Drying off your floors quickly can also get rid of mold and mildew before it has a chance to contaminate your carpets and rugs – yes, while they are more problematic inside bathrooms, they are just as bad when it comes to normal carpets.

If your floors end up coated in leftover detergent, shampoo and/or cleaner residue when you clean them, using a carpet blower can prevent this from happening. Once you’re done treating your carpets, simply run your carpet dryer over the top of them to every single trace.

On another note, real estate brokers really detest seeing homes full of mildew, pests, and molds. Not only they will have a hard time selling these homes (or putting them out for rent), their tenants would have to spend more remodeling the home and face the risk of getting sick by exposure to molds and mildew.

These are the main advantages of buying a carpet dryer for your home or office. Once you find the best one for your needs, its durability will last for a long period of time -and your carpets will live longer and happier too!

What Are the Cons of Using a Carpet Dryer?

The possible disadvantages of a carpet dryer aren’t that numerous; after all, they are sturdy pieces of equipment that get their origins from the industrial sector and as such, they have been thoroughly tested before being rolled out for commercial and home use. However, it would still be useful to shed some light on them.

One of its would be its relative weight and bulkiness in comparison to other drying methods out there. Let’s be real, you need to carry a carpet blower from one place to another, it’s not easy to set it up and it’s also not that portable, especially the relatively big and powerful ones. As such, you might want to find a place to store and perform proper maintenance on them.

This is why in order to find the best carpet dryer for your home, you would need to research carefully and see which one best fits your home, office (or business) needs.

In addition, they’re quite noisy, so you might have to deal with the noise for a period of time, especially if they are left open overnight.

Nowadays though, leaps in carpet cleaning technology have allowed for the creation of carpet dryers that are more mobile and easier to set up, in addition to ones that consume less electricity and produce less noise levels. Some of them weigh less than 20 pounds and are compact enough to fit into tight spaces such as attics, closets, and crawl spaces, among others.

If you think about it, the inconvenience caused by carpet dryers is a great steal if you think about the possible alternative.

You don’t want to lose your beloved carpet prematurely, right?

After all, the fact of the matter is that cleaning your carpet is a must if you want to make it last longer. In addition, the inevitable leak or spill happens more often than one might think of it, so it’s always best to have a reliable option for drying them as quickly as possible.

How Much Does a Carpet Dryer Cost?

Once again, a carpet dryer’s price depends on its size, power, and quality. Prices range from 40 dollars to thousands of bucks. Again, it’s up to you to find the best fit for your home or establishment; after all, as the old adage says, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

As for its maintenance, a quality carpet dryer should last for a couple of years before it shows any signs of strain. With a plethora of companies out there who specialize in carpet dryers, it should be easy to find someone who can repair these carpet maintenance devices.

Worst comes to worst, you can buy a new one; after all, it has already served your cause for quite some time!

Anything Else In Your Mind?

Why Should I Buy a Carpet Dryer?

If you don’t live in a place where the sun is abundant, like I do, then it would be hard for you to dry your carpets, especially in cold or rainy days.

In addition, buying a carpet dryer is a no-brainer in cleaning up one’s carpet. At one point or another, wet carpets can cause a lot of problems.

Left untreated, they can cause fungal infections (that are annoying at the least and can lead to all sorts of medical complications at its worst), as well as become vectors for disease and even exacerbate existing medical diseases. Even if these things were not to happen, improper drying may cause your carpet’s lifespan to quickly go away.

As a result, buy a carpet dryer if you need it and if you can afford it. Your house, your real estate agent and your rug will thank you for that decision later on.

Besides, if you are among those people who entertain guests every once in a while, your guests and visitors would thank you for your utmost efforts to keep the house clean.

What Is the Best Carpet Dryer for My Home?

The best carpet dryer for your home should be compact, powerful and durable. Furthermore, it should be easy to set up and carry from one place to another.

It is useful to have a carpet dryer that is eco-friendly, consumes less electricity and a precise fan that can be tilted or aimed towards a certain portion of the carpet for maximum coverage and efficiency.

At the same time, a dryer with variable speed and power settings are also useful, as you can determine the amount of time you need to dry your carpet by playing with the settings on the device.

A carpet fan that it is incredibly strong, pushing high volumes of air in a very focused stream, and does it pretty quietly, would do the trick too; after all, who ants our babies, officemates, housemates, neighbors and families to be disturbed while you try to restore your carpet back to life, right?

Finally, a carpet dryer that can be used even if it is minimal or no fresh air is a big plus. You would want your carpet dryer to be useful in confined places!

These characteristics sum up the things that people look for in a carpet dryer. If you can get one that is cheap, durable and has most of the characteristics stated above, then go for it!

Will Carpet Dryers Add Much to My Electricity Bill?

The fact of the matter is that while they do consume a good amount of electricity, the comfort that they bring far outweighs the potential costs that you will incur on your electric bill.

Trust me, when you have a chance to be able to keep your beloved carpet alive, you would do everything in order to keep it in good condition.

As a result, find the carpet dryer that is most suitable for your needs. With its proper use and a combination of time-proven maintenance methods, you would be able to keep your carpet intact and good-looking for a couple more years!

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