Carpet Blowers: The Takedown (Complete Product Guide)

We all know how much we love our carpets. However, they inevitably get a lot of moisture, get stains, or get dirty at one point, thus necessitating cleanup. Then comes the next problem: How do we dry them?

This is where carpet dryers come in. For this piece, one will see the advantages, disadvantages, costs and the most common brands that are available on the market today.

What is a carpet blower?

A multi-purpose centrifugal air blower, otherwise referred to as a snail fan, may be used to cool, ventilate and dry – walls, furniture and more typically, floors and carpets.

They aren’t specifically built to be used for carpets per se, but they can be used for different purposes. However, they are all suitable for use when it comes to drying your carpets.

These portable utility type fans are suitable for a variety of places, including homes, garages, basements, workshops, warehouses, offices and even those tight and hard to reach places.

Carpet blowers are ideal for thorough and heavy cleaning, as well as paint drying and water damage restoration drying applications.

What Are the Advantages of Using One?

Whether you’re providing a cleaning service or just someone who wants to do a do-it-yourself job and need something to minimize the amount of time it takes to freshen up your own floors, these devices are suited to both commercial, home, and professional use.

Getting a carpet blower for your own usage means you’ll get to walk on your floors immediately after cleaning them, rather than waiting from them to air-dry, as this will take a good amount of time to do so.

We do all know that it is inconvenient for many of us to wait for such a long period of time, especially when you live in a climate where there is no opportunity for a natural drying process and one that has tons of humidity.

As a welcome addition to cleaning your floors, carpet blowers also offer health benefits. Removing moisture from your floors can help prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms and germs, as they thrive in wet and humid conditions. You don’t want germs to gain a foothold inside your home – this will cause a lot of health problems, ranging from simple allergies to even worse respiratory diseases.

Drying off your floors quickly can also get rid of mold and mildew before it has a chance to contaminate your carpets and rugs – yes, while they are more problematic inside bathrooms, they are just as bad when it comes to normal carpets.

Multiply this with the fact that they are also used inside your bedroom, living room, kitchen and all high-traffic areas – and you’ll realize why getting a carpet dryer is a must for your home, once you can afford it.

If your floors end up coated in leftover detergent, shampoo and/or cleaner residue when you clean them, using a carpet blower can prevent this from happening. Once you’re done treating your carpets with the proper solution, simply run your carpet dryer over the top of them to erase every single trace from your beloved rugs.

On another note, real estate brokers really detest seeing homes full of mildew, pests, and molds. Not only they will have a hard time selling these homes (or putting them out for rent), their prospective tenants would have to spend more remodeling the home and face the risk of getting sick by exposure to molds and mildew. As a result, it would be in your best interest to have your carpet dried properly whenever humanly possible.

These are the main advantages of buying a carpet dryer for your home or office. Once you find the best one for your needs, its durability will last for a long period of time -and your carpets will live longer and happier too!

What Are the Disadvantages of Using One?

The possible disadvantages of a carpet dryer aren’t that numerous; after all, they are durable pieces of equipment that get their origins from the industrial sector and as such, they have been thoroughly tested in many different scenarios before being rolled out for commercial and home use. However, it would still be useful to be enlightened on them; after all, you are going to spend a good amount of money for it, right?

One of its would be its relative weight and bulkiness in comparison to other drying methods out there. Let’s be real, you need to carry a carpet blower from one place to another, it’s not easy to set it up and it’s also not that portable, especially the relatively big and powerful ones.

As such, you might want to find a place to store and perform proper maintenance on them. 20 to 30 pounds may not be heavy for one-time use, but it is not exactly as portable as you would like it.

This is why in order to find the best carpet dryer for your home, you would need to research carefully and see which one best fits your home, office (or business) needs.

There are many brands out there. You’ll need to see the best one for your money, time and power.

In addition, most of them quite noisy (unless you spend money in order to be able to have a low-noise or zero-noise variant), so you might have to deal with the noise for a period of time, especially if they are left open overnight.

Nowadays though, leaps in carpet cleaning technology have allowed for the creation of carpet dryers that are more mobile and easier to set up, in addition to ones that consume less electricity and produce fewer noise levels. Some of them weigh less than 20 pounds and are compact enough to fit into tight spaces such as attics, closets, and crawl spaces, among others.

If you think about it, the inconvenience caused by carpet dryers is a great steal if you think about the possible alternative.

You don’t want to lose your beloved carpet prematurely, right?

After all, the fact of the matter is that cleaning your carpet is a must if you want to make it last longer. In addition, the inevitable leak or spill happens more often than one might think of it, so it’s always best to have a reliable option for drying them as quickly as possible.

How Much Does a Carpet Dryer Cost?

Once again, a carpet dryer’s price depends on its size, power, and quality. Prices range from 40 dollars to thousands of bucks. Again, it’s up to you to find the best fit for your home or establishment; after all, as the old adage says, “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” and obviously, you should not hold back when it comes to making your home into a better place!

The median price for these things is between 100-200 dollars, with many of them carrying a big bang for your buck.

As for its maintenance, a quality carpet dryer should last for a couple of years before it shows any signs of strain. With a plethora of companies out there who specialize in carpet dryers, it should be easy to find someone who can repair these carpet maintenance devices for a low cost.

Worst comes to worst, you can buy a new one; after all, it has already served your cause for quite some time!

The key to making the most out of it is to buy one product out there that you are most comfortable with, use it, be familiar with it and stick with it as long as you can.

What Are The Best Products On The Market Right Now?

There are many products that you can find on Amazon nowadays. As mentioned earlier, their prices range from 50 dollars to even 1000 dollars or more.

Here is a list of the best-rated carpet dryers on Amazon right now. Take note that these dryers are also usable for other purposes; after all, we are talking about industrial-power fans here.

All the items here have been rated at 4.5 or better by their customers, which just goes on to show that they are trusted devices and that there is a positive perception of their relative quality.

Without further ado, here is the list of the ten top carpet dryers on sale!

A. VEVOR Utility Blower Fan 12 Inch Portable Ventilator High-Velocity Utility Blower

Coming in at 160 dollars, the diameter of the fan is at 12 inches, similar to the size of standard electric fans out there. As such, you will not find it that bulky.

With a speed of 3300 revolutions/min and an airflow rate of 65m³/ min, this fan will definitely meet your needs.

This industrial ventilator blower fan is made of 100% copper winding motor and it is classified as a “Portable High-Velocity Floor Fan with high-velocity, high-volume output”. In addition, it has a five-meter duct hose that will allow the machine to reach those corners.

The fan does not create a lot of noise during its operation.

For its cost, having a new-generation fan such as this would be useful for one’s home, especially when you have children who may need to sleep when this thing is kept overnight.

Trust me, you’ll be thankful that this thing exists.

B. XPOWER P-21AR 11″ Diameter Industrial High-Velocity Axial Air Mover/Carpet Dryer/Floor Fan/Utility Blower

Priced at 100 dollars, it releases an air flow rate of 120 square feet per minute, which should be more than enough for most carpet needs. The fan can be used for quick drying, water damage restoration, ventilation, and climate control.

In addition, it carries a lightweight and durable housing design that can withstand impact. As such, it is stackable up to 6 units high for easy storage and transportation (most of the units on this list can be only stacked 4 or 5 times).

It draws only 0.6 Amps from the power source and its airflow capacity can dry carpets, floors, walls and large areas quickly and efficiently.

Finally, its built-in power outlets allow for safe use by introducing a daisy chain with dual thermal protection, as well as a 4-speed variable speed control switch that allows you to be able to set the pace of the carpet drying process (as well as the amount of electricity that you use per session).

The device is ETL/CETL safety certified & comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

C. Goplus Air Mover 3-Speed Floor Blower 1 HP 4000+ CFM Fan Carper Dryer with Convenient Handles and Wheels Commercial Dehumidifier

This comes at a price tag of 160 dollars.

Equipped with an efficient motor, this device delivers the utmost in professionalism and heavy-duty performance in commercial and industrial environments. It can be used efficiently in janitorial services, carpet cleaning, and water damage restoration.

For different needs, the position of the airflow can be adjusted at 0, 45 and 90-degree angles. The wind speed of the air mover also can be adjusted with 3 levels, making it the perfect choice for all air moving needs.

In addition, it also comes with a long handle and 2 large wheels, which will be much convenient for you to move. You could easily move it to the place where you need to use. Compared with other heavy machines, it really saves your time and energy.

Take note of the word “heavy” and “heavy-duty” – it will be bulky.

Furthermore, with a 31-inch long electric wire, it allows you to easily work even if the power supply far away from the workplace. And the maximum sound level is only 75db, which makes your work environment much quieter.

To understand what 75 decibels mean, one can compare it to various activities. This is near to the sound level of a passenger car running at 65 miles per hour or 114 kilometers per hour at a distance of 25 ft/8 meters (77 dB); the equivalent of a high-traffic expressway at 50 ft/16 meters from the pavement edge at 10 a.m. (76 dB); standard living room music (76 dB); radio or TV-audio normal volume, vacuum cleaner (70-75 dB) and flushing of a toilet (75 dB).

75 decibels is the arbitrary point of comparison for a maximum acceptable noise level. Any higher and the sound starts to be harmful to humans (at 80 decibels, the ears get irritated after listening to that sound level for 8 hours).

As such, having a heavy machine being able to make a relatively quiet job is a big win.

Finally, its construction, which is made of heavy duty material, the base of the floor blower is durable and steady. And there is a mesh enclosure on the dryer vents, which can efficiently prevent sundries from entering the machine. It makes the fan blower work longer, which means that the overall shelf life of the machine would be longer too!

D. Goplus Inline Duct Fan Quite Inline Duct Booster Hydroponics Exhaust Cooling Fan Blower Ventilation Strong 118CFM (4 Inches, with Variable Speed Controller)

Another cheap steal at 100 dollars.

Also a similar product from the same company, it has a durable plastic fan housing and blades for extremely low noise.

In addition, it can quickly and efficiently move vast amounts of air, and there is a temperature/speed controller for adjusting the fan speed to the desired level.

Yes, you can blow hot air from this thing. It is convenient to use, especially in cold regions. Just be careful not to have anything flammable nearby.

As a bonus, it has the ability to remove a large number of air pollutants and bacteria from the surrounding environment.

After all, we already mentioned the part that molds, mildew, and germs play in destroying your carpet and your home as well.

Finally, it is easy to assemble, with an extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up. As such, it is perfect for any scenario, whether it is for commercial or residential use.

E. B-Air VP-50 1/2 HP 2950 CFM Air Mover for Janitorial Water Damage Restoration Stackable Carpet Dryer Floor Blower Fan

This is quite weird, at 156 dollars. It seems that the suppliers wanted the buyers to dish out an exact amount and load it onto their credit cards for payment.

Jokes aside, this one delivers quite a punch for its size and cost.

It has a 1/2 horsepower motor while drawing a minimal 4.5 amps from the power source. In addition, it can also provide 3 different airflow angles horizontally, at 0, 45, and 90 degrees, respectively, thus allowing for freedom of maneuver around the target drying area.

The motor is completely enclosed to prevent moisture from entering and damaging the motor’s internal componentry, thus ensuring that it will last long. We all know the dangers of moisture, let alone flooding; as such, this feature gives the ability for this carpet dryer to be used in areas that have been leaked recently.

It is also easy to carry, lightweight, and can securely stack 4 units high.

Lastly, it has built-in sturdy handles to mount the unit for stowing. In other terms, it is easy to store this thing.

F. CFM Pro Air Mover Carpet Floor Dryer 3 Speed 1/3 HP Blower Fan with 2 GFCI Outlets – Stackable – Grey – Industrial Water Flood Damage Restoration

Another oddball at 137 dollars.

This one vows to do a maximum performance at a low cost, in comparison to most of the items on this list.

For heavy-duty air circulation needs, this professional-grade, industrial-strength fan from CFM PRO will get the job done quickly. This fan features a precision-engineered impeller for maximum efficiency, with a best-in-class CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) output from its powerful 1/3 horsepower motor. Not as strong as the other ones on the list, but this one does the job just as well.

Constructed from super-durable, polyethylene composite, this tough and sturdy fan is built to withstand extreme environments and frequent transportation between job sites. Considering that you are just going to use it inside your home or office, you won’t need this feature that much.

It is made with four non-marring, anti-skid, feet for stability and safety during operation, and a rugged handle for easy carrying. This is the main way that will allow your blower to be operated in a safe way.

Three-speed settings allow the user to adjust and set the blower fan’s output intensity as needed; this is a common standard among many of the products on this list. It also includes protective grill covers over the air outlet and inlets to keep debris and foreign objects out of the fan for continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Highly versatile and multi-purpose, direct airflow as needed with 3 positioning options that allow for horizontal, diagonal, or upwards blowing functionality.

Weighing in at just over 30 pounds, this compact but powerful fan is ultra-convenient and is stackable for ultra-drying power.

G. Max Storm 1/2 HP Durable Lightweight Air Mover Carpet Dryer Blower Floor Fan for Pro Janitorial Cleaner

Another good product that comes at 130 dollars. This one caters to the professional industry, but you may want also to use it for your home.

The Max Storm is a high-velocity utility air mover with 2-speed settings to make sure the floor dries quickly so no one slips or wet paws leaving tracks. While this is not as precise as the other devices with more speed settings on this list, you don’t have to worry as much; after all, your end goal is to see your carpets dry up as fast as possible!

When running a professional janitorial or carpet cleaning business, users will need multiple fans that can be left behind at a job and picked up easily, so this one fits the bill.

On the other hand, you’ll only need one of these for your home anyway, so just chill and relax as your hard-spent dollars do the carpet drying job for you!

It has 3 operating angles allow you to blow air across the ground at 0, 45 and 90-degree angles. It also comes in three standout colors, which are blue, orange, and purple, to make sure people (specifically passersby and children) proceed with caution.

The device is perfect for home, garage, or a shop.

The 25-ft power cable easily winds around the cord wrap located on the top of the carpet air blower for convenient handling.

Finally, it has 1-year parts and labor and 5-year housing warranty.

It is designed with our heavy duty rotomold that is impact resistant.

H. CFM Pro Air Mover Carpet Floor Dryer 3 Speed 1 HP Blower Fan – Stackable – Orange – Industrial Water Flood Damage Restoration

This is the most expensive one so far on this list at 170 dollars.

For all heavy-duty air circulation needs, this professional-grade, industrial-strength fan from CFM PRO will get the job done quickly. Fan features a precision-engineered impeller for maximum efficiency, with a best-in-class CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) output from its incredibly powerful 1 horsepower motor, which is one of the strongest out there.

Strong is indeed an understatement – imagine 747 watts worth of power drying up your carpet in a very short period of time.

Constructed from super-durable, polyethylene composite, this tough and sturdy fan is built to withstand extreme environments and frequent transportation between job sites.

It is also made with four non-marring, anti-skid, feet for stability and safety during operation, and a rugged handle for easy carrying. This feature is found in nearly all of the products on this list; after all, safety and ease of movement are among the top concerns for devices like this.

Three-speed settings allow the end user to adjust and set the blower fan’s output intensity as needed. It also includes protective grill covers over the air outlet and inlets to keep debris and foreign objects out of the fan for continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Highly versatile and multi-purpose, the end user can direct airflow as needed with 3 positioning options that allow for horizontal, diagonal, or upwards blowing functionality.

Finally, the device comes in at just over 30 pounds, this compact but powerful fan is ultra-convenient and is stackable for ultra-drying power.

I. OdorStop Heavy Duty Air Mover

This has a tag of 176 dollars.

This one has a little bit less power at 3/4 hp and a 1500 rpm thermally protected motor. While it can carry a powerful 2800 CFM airflow rating, this is a little bit expensive for the power that it gives.

However, it is a tad bit safer by using an extra long 30-foot safety yellow power cord/tough roto-molded poly housing outlet. As such, it allows for daisy-chaining up to 5 units.

Its 115 volts, low 6.8 amps/carpet clamp setting allows for faster drying on the field.

Finally, it is a multi-certified device. Solid for the stuff that it offers.

J. B-Air VP-25 1/4HP Blower Floor Fan, High-Velocity Heavy Duty Industrial Air Mover, Utility Electric Carpet Dryer

This one comes cheap at 100 USD.

You can use these fans as floor or carpet dryer, or just circulate air from downstairs to upstairs. The compact portable fan will keep your room cool, especially in those summer heatwaves when you need to change it all. Comes with 3-speed settings to control the amount of air that is needed.

Pairing heavy duty air movers with dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, the user will be able to find the most efficient way to combat water damage by removing mold, mildew, etc.

The VP-25 is a high power fan that comes in at just 11 lbs, with an enclosed 1/4 HP, this little blower will blow cool air all the way to the 2nd floor using just 2.1 amps on high settings.

Thus, it is great for cooling one’s shop, outdoor in the patio, or garage.

Finally, the air mover comes with Daisy Chain capabilities to connect up to 5 air movers, or even just use it to charge your phone while keeping cool, occupying just one outlet on the grid.

The device comes with a 2-year general and 5-year housing warranty.

These are the top 10 carpet blowers on the market at the moment!

Related Questions

How Much Will A Carpet Dryer Add To My Bills?

The fact of the matter is that the standard models do consume a good amount of electricity, the comfort that they bring far outweighs the potential costs that you will get when you use the carpet dryer inside your home.

As mentioned above, there are already eco-friendly models out there which only use a tiny amount of electricity for the power that they provide towards drying your carpet.

Trust me, when you have a chance to be able to keep your beloved carpet alive, you would do everything in order to keep it in good condition. You will never, ever want a stain or anything to ruin your carpet.

When Should I Stop Using A Carpet Dryer?

Carpet driers make great tools for many purposes. They can circulate air around a room, ventilate stuffy spaces, dry floors, and most importantly, dry carpets as fast as they can to prevent damage, mildew, stains, and mold, and even keep out unwanted debris. While all of these are great reasons to use one, there are also times when an air mover should not be used.

When the water has totally accumulated inside a room, one of the first things you should do, provided there is no humidity in the air outside, is open as many windows as possible. If you are in a basement, try to remove as much water as you can before starting up your carpet dryer.

There’s a reason why many of the carpet dryers out there aren’t exactly made to be waterproof.

As such, after you remove the sources of humidity inside the room where your carpet has been located, it is time for you to run your commercial air blower.

This will force the moisture up off the floor or carpet, helping it to quickly evaporate and thus allow you to regain control of your carpet once again.

Then again, there are now models that can work in such environments and allow the same amount of performance to be done, thus saving you from the need of having to “dehumidify” your room before doing a carpet drying operation.

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