Best Thick Shaggy Rug: Should You Buy It?

Shaggy rugs are the names given to colored plush carpets. Shaggy carpets, which are mostly used in homes, are an ideal carpet model to create a colorful and different style in your homes. The most important feature of shaggy carpets is that they are thick. Their thickness makes them quite high quality. You can find a shaggy carpet model you are looking for in the shaggy carpet category, and you can start decorating your home as you dream. But should you really buy these thick shaggy rugs? How will you decide to choose the best thick shaggy rug?

Shaggy carpets have advantages and disadvantages like other products. The most important advantages of shaggy carpets are that they are thick, have a soft texture, and can be found in hundreds of different colors, models, and varieties. The biggest disadvantage of these carpets is that they are very difficult to clean. In this article, I will give you unbiased information about thick shaggy rugs. Then you can decide whether to buy one of them or not and choose among them the best one you like.

Main Features of Thick Shaggy Rugs

Thick shaggy rugs, whose fluffy feathers usually vary between 5 and 3 centimeters in length, are woven with thick and optionally twisted or straight ropes. Regardless of the type or color, we can say that every shaggy rug is soft and gives a comfortable feeling when touched. Shaggy carpets, which resemble the appearance of old-fashioned hides in the first years of their introduction to the market, started to be produced in different models and sizes with the developments in production. Thanks to this type of carpet, which is especially common in homes, a new one has been added to the modern decoration trends.

The threads used in the production of thick shaggy rugs do not cause allergies and do not contain any substances harmful to human health. For this reason, it can be recommended to be used in the children’s room. Shaggy carpets, which have modern and geometric patterns, can be used comfortably in classical decorations when combined with exotic colors. Thanks to shaggy carpets, which can easily adapt to almost all decorative approaches, you can experience the excitement of making a soft touch to your home.

Thick shaggy rug models offer you many different color alternatives along with the length. You can find the ideal shaggy carpet model for your room by choosing the length and color you want. Do not forget to choose among the shaggy carpet models that will be compatible with your sofa set. By sorting by shaggy carpet prices, you can find the most suitable shaggy carpet price for your budget. Make your choice among the best shaggy carpet prices.

Best Thick Shaggy Rug Models

Shaggy rugs attract attention with their thicknesses as well as their long hair and softness. Thick shaggy rugs are often used in houses with modern and trendy designs. Shaggy carpet models, which stand out with their beauty, also add comfort to living spaces. The pile lengths of soft shaggy rugs generally range from 3 to 5 centimeters. This ensures that they are thick and of good quality.

Regardless of flat, twisted, thick, or fine woven fabric, the softness of shaggy carpets gives people peace of mind. There are shaggy carpet models suitable for different rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, and living rooms. Shaggy carpets are generally preferred as they do not cause allergies and do not trigger allergies. Various shaggy rugs can be used for houses with different decorations. Shaggy rugs are in harmony with almost any decoration. You can make a warm and soft touch to your home with different, beautiful, and modern shaggy carpet models!

Thick shaggy rug models, which adapt to every room of the house and every style of home, are quite diverse. In the designs, there are mostly geometric patterns and modern lines. In addition, monochrome, bright and lively models, and pastel tones are also frequently preferred. Shaggy carpet models make it easy to choose, as they offer very different alternatives thanks to their lengths and patterns. You can add elegance, modernity, and sparkle to your home with shaggy carpets produced using polyester and polypropylene materials as well as models using special acrylic buttonholes!

Thick shaggy rugs, which are different from ordinary carpet models, are the choice of those who love original designs with their different looks and the modern air they add to their environment. Among thick shaggy carpet models, there are flat models, models with 3D patterns, models with different geometric shapes, and products in many different shapes. You can also choose various shaggy carpet models as an alternative to classic carpet models.

The high threads of shaggy carpet models make the carpets always look fluffy and soft. This softness is very pleasant and comfortable, especially for those who do not like to use slippers and shoes at home. Shaggy carpets can be used anywhere in the house because of their wide usage areas. Thanks to the pleasant feeling it gives when stepped, it is especially preferred in living rooms, kitchens, and children’s rooms. Especially in winter, the feeling of warmth in places with shaggy carpets comes to the fore.

Vacuuming the shaggy carpet frequently is very important for the cleaning of the carpet. With vacuum cleaner models, you can clean your carpet from dust and germs by vacuuming every day. Dirt accumulated for a long time is difficult to clean. As with any carpet that has not been swept for a long time, cleaning can be difficult on shaggy carpets. Smaller and lighter carpets can also be cleaned by whisking. During the whisking process, the dirt and dust between the feathers are cleaned.

Shaggy carpet models are generally not washable carpets. Deletion is preferred instead. You can use a carpet shampoo and a damp cloth that is right for your carpet. So you can easily clean your carpet. In addition, mild soap is one of the products that will help you clean your carpet. In this way, you can use your shaggy carpets for a long time in a healthy way and make them look bright in your home!

Does It Make Sense to Buy a Thick Shaggy Rug?

Thick shaggy rugs, which have become increasingly popular lately, are preferred because of their appearance and the feeling they give when you touch them. If a quality product is not preferred, the wrong choices of these models, which can give very successful results in decoration, will also disturb. Well, the question that needs to be asked now is, “How much does it make sense to buy a thick shaggy rug?” Now we will try to answer this question.

Thick shaggy rugs, in general terms, can be called a thick hide with long hairs. Although it may sound a bit antipathetic when you say it like that, it’s actually the opposite, it can give a pleasant feeling to people thanks to its soft structure and long hair when touched. The carpet, which is designed in the form of intertwined rings in some models, has a rectangular design in some models.

The most important part of our topic is actually cleaning. Shaggy carpets look very nice in appearance. However, it is economical. This is the choice of many women. But mostly user comments are not read, so he is unaware of what happened to him. You can read shaggy carpet comments on online sales websites and you can write comments. First of all, let’s say that the hairs of these carpet types are very long. For this reason, hair, bread grains or other small objects accumulate at the bottom of these eaves. For this reason, it needs to be shaken frequently. Because even a vacuum cleaner cannot pull these accumulated things.

It cannot collect the pieces that go to the bottom with purse seine-style tools. As for the washing of the carpet, some of these carpets are suitable for machine washing. You can ask when purchasing the product. If the product is 100% cotton, you should also consider the possibility of shrinkage when you throw it in the machine. If the product is not suitable for throwing in the machine and it is a quality carpet, do not risk it. You can also get your carpet cleaned by giving it to carpet cleaning companies. But if the product is a very economical carpet, the lining may exceed its face. Our recommendation for shaggy carpet cleaning is definitely carpet washing.

You can do its short-term maintenance by shaking it at home and cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. But we recommend that you give it to carpet washing companies at certain time intervals. Of course, let’s also note this: If your carpets are of high quality, made of products such as silk or genuine wool, do not give them to any carpet cleaner you come across. Some novice and quite amateur washers can ruin carpets by using the wrong chemical products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thick Shaggy Rugs

The most important advantage of the thick shaggy rug is that it has an appearance other than ordinary carpet models. So, if you are tired of standard products, we can say that shaggy carpets will be a better choice for you. In addition, the most important advantage of shaggy carpets is that they give a nice feeling when you step on them with bare feet, especially in summer. But at this point, you should pay attention to the quality of the fiber used.

The most important detail among the disadvantages of shaggy carpet is that it is difficult to clean. It will not be easy to clean the carpet completely with the help of a broom, due to the length of the hair varying between 3 and 5 centimeters. Therefore, it is useful to be more detailed when cleaning your shaggy carpet. It should also be said that some shaggy carpet models cause allergies, although it has not been clearly proven yet.

Shaggy carpets have many color options. Each color can be preferred for a different area. For example, gray Shaggy carpet models are an ideal color for bathrooms and kitchens. Because it doesn’t show much dirt. Especially in the kitchen, liquid or solid foods and drinks that will be spilled on the carpet do not attract much attention, even if they leave stains.

Thick Shaggy Rugs Are Really the Best: Negative Aspects of Shaggy Rugs

While examining the suitable carpet models for your homes, you will always come across shaggy rugs, which are famous for their thinness. These carpets, whose history is not very old, will be able to attract attention with their different designs. These carpets, which made millions of sales in the period when they were first released, started to fall out of favor. The reason for this is undoubtedly its features. So do you think thick shaggy rugs are really the best?

People who will shop for carpets first look at the appearance of their carpets. Shaggy carpets also present a much more elegant appearance when compared to solid color standard carpet models. For this reason, although people turn to thick shaggy carpets and make their purchases, the negativities they encounter during the usage process cause people to feel cold from this carpet. As this is the case, we decided to present to you all the information you need to know about thick shaggy rugs.

All carpets have a certain pile height. The distance of the extreme point of the yarns used on the carpet from the carpet floor is defined as the pile height. In some carpets, the threads extend towards the ceiling, while in others they end much shorter. Shaggy carpets pile height is between 3 to 6 cm. This puts them among the thickest rugs.

In machine-made carpets, the yarns are positioned regularly towards the ceiling. However, in shaggy carpets, these yarns are irregular. Being too long causes the thread to not stand upright and the threads are randomly bent to one side. The thickness of the threads is always too high. Shaggy carpets always have a structure reminiscent of the hide carpets. The long thread length ensures that people always step on soft ground. Especially for people who prefer to walk around their homes with bare feet, the feeling of these carpets will be at the highest level.

The high threads of shaggy carpets always make the carpet look fluffy. Since the threads are thick and long, the carpet is quite heavy. It can be a little difficult to move. Although its thickness increases the weight, it is very effective in cutting the cold coming from the ground. It does not have a similar design to ordinary apartment carpet models. For this reason, it has become one of the number 1 choices of people who love original designs.

Cleaning is always important when choosing a carpet. People think not to worry about cleaning by buying washable carpets, but these carpets can also have certain cleaning problems. Shaggy carpets are products that are always known for their difficult cleaning. The fact that the threads are long and stay in a separate position causes dirt and microbes to be constantly filled between them. If they are not swept for a long time, they will stick to the floor, and then they will be very difficult to remove.

Vacuum cleaners play an important role in cleaning shaggy carpets. If vacuuming is done frequently, dust and microbes on the carpets are drawn before they reach the bottom. For this to happen, the carpet must be vacuumed every day. If it seems difficult to vacuum every day, you should not buy these carpets. Since shaggy carpets are not among the wipeable carpet models, people consider the option of washing for cleaning the carpet. Although it is not possible to generalize about all shaggy carpets, most of them are machine-washable carpets.

The washing machine ensures that the carpet comes out extremely clean. However, there will be some problems at this stage. First of all, the drying of carpets is a very serious problem. Since its threads are thick and long, it dries much later than other carpet models. Washing the carpet too often is a condition that reduces its lifespan. Especially since it is difficult to dry when washed in the machine, the greatest damage will be done to the carpet if it is brushed by hand. In this case, the structure of the yarns deteriorates and the carpets are seriously worn.

Where Can Thick Shaggy Rugs Be Used?

While determining the usage area of ​​any carpet, its positive and negative aspects are examined. For shaggy carpets, a clear decision can be made by examining these aspects. Comfort is one of the positive aspects of Shaggy carpets. The fact that it gives a good feeling when pressed on is the feature that people like most. For this reason, it is appropriate to use it in areas where people spend a lot of time.

Although shaggy carpets offer comfort, they are difficult to clean. For this reason, when it is preferred in heavily used areas, it is often dirty and difficult to clean. Considering the positive and negative aspects of the carpet, the most suitable area for use will be the bedroom and bathroom. Since people do not consume food in these areas, shaggy carpets can be used instead of antique carpet models. There will be no problems in terms of cleaning.

When buying carpets, after looking at many different features, it’s time for prices. Regardless of the type of carpets, it is not possible to evaluate them without looking at their prices. Shaggy carpets are one of the carpet types that people are curious about in this respect. In carpets, the importance of cost in sales prices is quite high. Producers perform their sales by putting a certain profit share on their costs. For this reason, carpets with high costs will always be expensive.

Shaggy carpets are slightly more expensive when compared to craft carpet models. The high amount of yarn directly increases the costs. Especially if special yarns are used for comfort, the cost can be much higher.

FAQ About Shaggy Rugs

Question: Can I make my shaggy rug as soft as when I first bought it?

Answer: Fluffy, bulky, and spotless… the best way to keep your shaggy rug as good as new is regular maintenance and professional cleaning. Carpet rakes are a great way to maintain a pile that’s as bulky as the day you bought it! Additionally, they are surprisingly effective at loosening pet hair and deeply embedded dirt particles for an easy clean.

Vacuum carefully – We recommend using the nozzle attachment to gently vacuum your shaggy carpet, as it removes surface dust and the loose threads. It is important to avoid the use of Hoover brushes, as they can break the threads that produce excessive shedding, which will significantly reduce the life of your carpet.

Question: Is it possible to make my shaggy rug fluffy again?

Answer: Cleaning products are available to shampoo and condition your shaggy carpet to ensure a long-lasting softness. We recommend that you research any product before use to ensure that some products may not be suitable depending on the fabric.

Question: How do I remove stains from a white pile shaggy rug?

Answer: Accidents and spills are inevitable in the home, the key to preventing permanent damage is to act quickly! The longer the spill remains, the more the stain will penetrate deeper into the fibers. Quick response is the most effective way to remove the stain. Start by padding the affected area with a white paper towel, don’t rub as it will bury the stains even further into the fibers. Apply a light buffer.

Prepare a bowl of warm water and dish soap and apply directly to the stain, using a clean, white cloth to avoid discoloration. Apply baking soda to the area to remove any remaining stains or odor. Let it dry before applying baking soda, apply after it dries. Let the baking soda sit for half an hour, then sweep away any remaining dust. If the stains on your shaggy carpet are treated quickly and treated correctly, all stains can come out of any carpet.

Question: Is it easy to clean a shaggy rug made of wool?

Answer: Since wool is a natural fiber carpet, it can be a more difficult material to clean. But with proper care, wool rugs are super durable which is very good for the long haul.

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