What Is the Best Thick Carpet: Shag Carpet Selection and Usage Guide

Providing a feeling of comfort with its soft texture and warmth, the carpet is one of the indispensable items of the house. Its difference from other household items is that it is used for a long time and very often. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to many criteria such as durability, stain-proofing, as well as the appearance and texture of the carpet. Thickness is a feature that brings quality along with the carpet. Thick carpets have many advantages, from the feel it gives to sound and heat insulation. So, what is the best thick carpet type?

The best thick carpet is undoubtedly the shag carpet. Shag carpets, which are one of the most preferred decoration items of recent times with their soft and long pile, are thicker and bloated compared to the other models. Shag carpet is the thickest carpet on the market and the highest quality among thick carpets. If you want to create a warm and comfortable environment and a different decoration in your home, all you have to do is choose one of the thick shag carpet models offered in colorful, different sizes and designs.

Shags have different and original models such as soft silk shag carpets, rectangular or round shag carpets, solid color or patterned, ornamental, knitted shag carpets, area rugs, and ordinary carpets. Different and original models offer opportunities for you to decorate your home as you wish, in a way that makes it feel pleasant and comfortable. Shag carpet, one of the outstanding carpets, is that shag carpet costs are appropriate compared to the usage price and quality.

Furry, comfortable, contemporary, and stylish! A shag carpet can be both a sympathetic and gentle element of your home. Shag carpets are one of the products most preferred by users to create a comfortable and warm living room environment in the children’s room with their soft texture. Being convenient and comfortable, easy to clean, various model alternatives, and wide color scale are among the reasons why consumers choose them.

Thick Shag Carpet Types

Shag carpet is frequently used and loved by housewives. However, it is obvious that it is more difficult to clean than other types of carpets. Especially after the use of wrong cleaning methods on the shag carpet, you are likely to face problems such as yellowing. As shag carpet is a type of carpet, it is also divided into many types itself. Here are the thick shag carpet types:

  • Wool Shag Carpets

Among the shag carpet types, one of the most stylish and most preferred models is wool shag, which has a very soft structure. It has many features such as absorbing excess moisture in the room. It is ideal for many years of use due to its durability.

  • Flokati Shag Carpets

The flokati shag rug, which is usually white in color, is 100% wool. It is also called the most pile carpet. Since its color is mostly white and cream, it gets dirty easily. Although it is quite stylish in terms of appearance and comfort, it is the nightmare of housewives. Plus, it has a fluffy texture, so regular cleaning is a must.

  • Acrylic Shag Carpets

Acrylic shag is a type of carpet that we often encounter in terms of being more economical and durable than other types.

  • Leather Shag Carpets

It is the easiest type of shag carpet to clean. This carpet, which is cleaned temporarily even with a leather cleaner, can be more expensive than others. However, only if you are going to buy a shag carpet for a small part of your home or office, you should choose the leather model.

With the vacuum method, you can clean shag carpets, albeit partially. The head used during the sweeping of these shag carpets, which is recommended to be swept at least 2 times a week, should be chosen correctly. Otherwise, the hairs will be plucked and stretched to spoil the texture of the carpet. In addition, if you turn the carpet upside down and vacuum from the backside 1-2 times a month, you will be able to clean some of the dirt collected at the bottom.

You can wash your shag carpet with shampoo. You should do this in a place where there is a drain, such as a balcony or a terrace so that you do not wet the inside of the house. However, this method is not recommended as it is very laborious and takes a long time. It has a very important effect on the brush and shampoo used in this process, otherwise, it can wear out your carpet.

Thick Shag Carpet Models

Shag carpets, one of the most popular carpets of recent years, are carpets with a different pile length than other carpets. The stylishness and soft feel of these carpets are the main reasons for their widespread use. Shag carpets have longer hairs than other carpets. They present a more aesthetic appearance. They also make the floor feel less when pressed. Therefore, the insulation aspects are also strong.

Different types of yarn are used during the production of these carpets. Carpets using silk yarn are among the shag carpet models. Silk thread is a softer thread than all other threads and is more valuable than most. These carpets are different from the usual carpets and provide an alternative line in decoration.

As with all carpets, the overall decoration is considered when choosing between shag carpet models. In this type of carpet, which offers many options in terms of color and pattern, a model suitable for general decoration can be found. However, the problem here is to choose that model correctly. The fact that the seats are in a whole with the wall color makes the environment look better.

Carpet is essential for a home. It adds both beauty and insulation. As you can see, the carpet is actually not such a simple piece. Floors without carpets appear bare. It is essential to use carpets in homes with children, especially in winter. This is the only way to prevent children from coming into contact with the cold coming from the ground.

Since the pile length of the carpets is higher, it is necessary to be more careful with these carpets during cleaning. If necessary, it is the most logical to get help from our site in this regard. The better the piles of these carpets are protected, the longer their life will be. Chemical bleaches cause deformation in the color of carpets. This should be taken into account when choosing a cleaning material. Instead, a softer cleaning material may be preferred.

Carpets woven from silk are more sensitive than others. It is a very special type of yarn. It is delicate and ready for immediate wear. However, it is very showy. Shag carpet models have different prices. This price range varies according to the size of the carpet. The larger the dimensions of a carpet, the higher the price will be. However, when purchasing carpets, not the price, but the dimensions are taken into consideration. A carpet that is too small or large on the floor does not create a pleasant appearance.

At the same time, the difficulty of use arises. The best thing to do is to buy carpets in the most suitable sizes. Carpets offered for sale with different color options are also produced in different sizes. Thus, it is possible to find carpets in the desired dimensions. Carpets are the most beautiful item in a house. It is important that this is not overlooked during the selection, in order to find the right carpet.

Get To Know the Shag Carpet Models Closely

Let’s talk about the good side first. Tired of mediocrity? Then the shag rug will offer you the extraordinary you are looking for. Shag carpets are very different from known classic carpet models. Shag carpets, which have an air that adds warmth to the person with their long and fleece-like feather appearance, are 3 – 5 cm long, although the feather lengths vary. Generally, thick yarns are used in shag carpets, and because the fabric used in the yarns is extremely soft, it almost caresses your feet.

You can sit comfortably on shag carpets, which provide a cottony touch to your feet, as they are thick. In addition, since shag carpets are very thick compared to normal carpet types, it is one of the carpet models that best preserves indoor heat. On a floor covered with shag carpet, you will definitely not feel the cold coming from below. Of course, this will indirectly affect our economy. Warmer houses mean less fuel consumption.

Shag carpets, which are models to be used in the living room, dining room, and bedroom (briefly in domestic rooms), are sold as one piece, as well as shag carpet models consisting of 2-3 4 pieces. Depending on your room size, you can either buy one-piece shag carpets or choose multi-piece carpet models. After giving this general information, we find it useful to write down a few issues that housewives who use shag complain about the most. Shag carpets are a little difficult to clean due to their structure (because of their long pile).

The dirt that gets between the hairs is a little more difficult to clean than other carpet types. For this reason, shag carpet buyers generally prefer shag carpet models consisting of small pieces. Because you can easily clean shag carpets, which consist of small pieces, from dirt and runway by “shaking” method. However, if shag carpet cleaning is intimidating, you can do a preliminary test by buying a “bedroom” shag carpet for less-used rooms in the house.

Things to Know When Buying a Shag Carpet

Carpets covering the floors of houses are the most visible decoration items. In recent years, shag carpet models stand out from the carpets of many types. Shag carpets, which offer a remarkable appearance, provide a soft feeling when you step on them with their different textures. The cleaning of these carpets, which are admired by many in terms of decoration, is a job that requires attention and care.

A shag carpet is a type of carpet with yarns whose pile height varies between 3 and 6 cm. These carpets, whose yarns are longer than other carpet types, attract attention with their extra soft texture and fluffy appearance. Shag carpet types, which are generally used in modernly furnished houses, add mobility to the decoration with their fleece-like appearance. Since the threads are quite long, it does not stand upright and straight like other carpets.

The yarns of the carpet lie in different directions, creating a messy and fluffy appearance. Shag carpets provide users with a completely different alternative not only with the length of the ropes but also with the thickness. The very thick yarns cut off the flow of cold air, keeping them warm, especially in winter. You can choose these carpets, which provide a soft feeling when your feet touch, to keep the place warm in cold weather.

Shag carpets are an option that appeals to all tastes with different color and pattern alternatives. You can choose the color according to the decoration style, the color of the furniture, and the brightness of the space. You can turn to light and pastel tones to achieve a bright and spacious look in environments that do not receive much light. For a modern and simple look, you can use white, gray, and black shag rugs in harmony with the colors that dominate your decoration. Shag carpets with lively and bright colors add energy to the environment by providing a retro look.

Geometric shapes are generally used as patterns in shag carpets. You can choose these models to add some mobility to the decoration. However, it is useful not to go overboard with the pattern. The densely patterned models of shag carpets, which are already quite flashy due to their long pile structure, can create an exaggerated and eye-catching look. Among the shag carpet models, you can easily find options in different lengths and sizes according to the size of the area you want to lay the carpet.

The shapes of the models can be round, square and rectangular, as in other carpet types, and also contain alternative designs. Shag carpets, which are likened to mail due to their long and soft feathers, are also among the varieties as a remarkable and extraordinary option, designed in the form of sheepskin.

Considerations When Buying Shag Rug

There are certain points to be considered while using shag carpets, which attract everyone with their elegance and softness. These issues are generally related to the cleaning of the carpet. The most common complaint by shag carpet users is; It gets dirty quickly and is difficult to clean. The long and thick threads of shag carpets get dusty very quickly. Even if it is not cleaned regularly, it traps dust and dirt in time.

For this reason, the use of shag carpets is not recommended for homes where human traffic is heavy, dusty quickly and pets are kept. Shag rugs can also be inconvenient to use in children’s rooms. These carpets, which can be shed due to their long pile structure, may cause allergic reactions in children. You should consider these aspects before buying shag rugs for your home because of their nice looks.

As we mentioned before, the biggest disadvantage of shag carpets is that it is difficult to clean. The first thing you should pay attention to in shag carpet cleaning is to vacuum the carpet regularly at short intervals. You should perform the sweeping operation by setting the vacuum to the highest suction power. The long and thick yarns in the carpet cause the dirt and dust to penetrate deeply when not vacuumed regularly. Wiping shag rugs regularly can also be a useful way to keep them looking clean.

Shag carpets are produced from different materials. It is important to use products suitable for the material from which the carpet is produced for the wiping process. You should avoid heavy chemicals that damage the structure and texture of the carpet. If it is suitable for the type of carpet, you can wipe it with soapy water. After adding the soft soap to the water, you can wipe the surface of the carpet after soaking the cloth you will use for wiping in water and wringing it out thoroughly.

You just have to make sure that the cloth is not too wet. Shag carpets can take a long time to dry. If you wipe it with an excessively wet cloth, bad odor and mold may occur on your carpet as it will take time to dry, especially in the home environment.

How to wash shag carpets is another issue that is most frequently asked. When it comes to washing, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of the carpet, such as wiping, and the instructions for use. Some models can be easily washed in the washing machine. Some models can only be washed by hand. If you plan to wash your carpet, you must first dissolve the dust and dirt in its roots.

Otherwise, the dirt may stick to the roots even more with the water, making cleaning impossible. You can use the whisking method for defrosting. You can remove the dust from the roots by whisking hard or by beating the carpet with the help of a hard stick. Then you can carry out the washing process in accordance with the instructions for use.

Thick Shag Carpet Care

How to clean the shag carpet, known as the white pile carpet? How to wash a long pile of shag rugs? Since such carpets consist of long piles or threads, things like dust, hair, fluff, and bread crumbs constantly accumulate between them. Such carpets are not easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Remember that the best method is to constantly shake it off. It is not recommended for those with asthma allergies due to excessive dust retention.

Shag carpets, which are a very successful model from a visual point of view, can be said that the better their use and appearance, the more difficult it is to clean. We would like to talk about a few details about how to clean models that are very difficult to clean due to their long hair. In this way, you will be able to clean shag carpets more easily.

Shake the Carpets: The long pile of white pile shag carpets makes it difficult to clean with a broom. Since the dirt, hair and other unwanted things on the pile cannot be cleaned with the help of a broom, it is useful to shake your long pile of shag carpet abundantly. Shaking your carpet once a week will prevent it from getting too dirty. Also, using a stick during the shaking process will increase the level of cleaning.

Cleaning the Feathers and Hair: In this type of carpet model, things like hair and fluff accumulate between the ropes and cause trouble for women. Shaking, washing and vacuuming are not a solution either. For this, you can collect these hairs with a brush with a large range. For this, have a bucket of water prepared with foamy carpet shampoo ready. By dipping the carpet cleaning brush into these foams, you can use it more slippery and easily.

Don’t Wash Shag Carpets, Have Them Washed: The best cleaning method for shag carpets is washing. But there is a point to be noted here. You need to learn from the company from which you bought the carpet, and under which conditions the product you bought can be washed. Some shag carpets can shrink or turn yellow when washed. For this reason, you can have it washed by professional companies.

If there is no such possibility, you can wash your carpet yourself periodically in accordance with the recommendations of the companies you purchased. First of all, it is useful to clean the carpets with the help of cold water. In the second round, you can use fabric softener. Thanks to the softener, the long hairs of the carpet will be seriously softened and it will create a very pleasant feeling when you step on the carpet with bare feet. Therefore, it is useful to use softeners without exaggerating.

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