Best High Pile Carpet: All You Need to Know About Shag Carpets

When choosing a carpet, the quality, pattern, and color are the first features to be looked at, but the pile height is also a decisive feature in the purchasing phase due to its effects such as comfort and ease of use. Pile height means the height of the carpet from the ground. Pile is the threads you see on the surface of your carpet, and pile height refers to the height of these threads. Today, high pile carpets are often preferred. So, what do you think is the best high pile carpet?

The best high pile carpet is without doubt the shag carpet. Shag carpets are high and thick pile-looking carpets according to their general appearance. Their pile heights are quite high compared to other carpet types. Generally, models between 6 cm and 3 cm long pile heights are produced. The ropes are thick and optionally twisted, straight types. In the yarn used, care is taken to ensure that the yarn is soft and provides a comfortable touch to the carpet. Shag carpets look like an animal hide at first glance and can be made in any size upon request.

The yarns used in high pile shag carpets do not cause allergies and do not contain any harmful substances for human and environmental health. Particular attention is paid to health in production. Shag carpets are a completely different type of carpet from the usual classic carpet style. Its patterns consist of modern and geometric patterns. Production is made in two groups in terms of color. The first group is the carpet group consisting of bright vivid colors, the second group is the carpets consisting of dark, pastel colors.

What Are High Pile Shag Carpets?

In recent years, houses have started to become more stylish with models that are different from standard carpets. Carpets produced in different colors and models entered the market. Among them, the most prominent models include the high pile shag carpet, but it is among the most difficult carpets to clean. Shag carpet is among the most preferred models of recent years due to its decorative appearance. However, the demand for cleaning caused many housewives to hesitate about whether to buy this carpet.

We ask ourselves the question of how healthy is the use of such carpets, especially in homes with small children. It is very difficult to clean the carpet surfaces, but cleaning the dust and dirt that has settled to the bottom is very difficult in shag carpets. For this reason, people who will buy shag carpets should consider these factors. As a result of not providing regular or adequate cleaning, it becomes a harmful and dangerous choice for human health.

Since the dirt hidden in the carpet causes the production of bacteria over time and bacteria are harmful to human health, it will invite diseases over time. Carpets play an important role in making homes look stylish. For this reason, fashion designers who are devoted to home decoration also dwell on carpets. While it is possible to find carpets in many patterns and colors; There are also carpet types according to the thickness and length of the piles. One of them is a type of carpet with very long hair, which we call shag carpet.

At first glance, shag rugs, which resemble fleece, show a very stylish appearance. However, although they are stylish, shag carpets, which cause trouble for the users with their cleaning, are carpets woven from carpet hairs between 3 and 6 cm in length and have the feature of trapping the dirt inside the house very quickly. For this reason, women often prefer the whisking method in shag carpet cleaning or they prefer to get service from professional carpet cleaning companies.

Although shag carpet has negative features, it is among the indispensable decorations of our homes with its stylish appearance. This carpet model, which does not pose any problems if its cleaning is done regularly and in accordance with the rules, will change the air of your home. If you are having trouble cleaning your carpet at home, you can take care of this need at affordable prices with professional carpet cleaning companies.

High Pile Shag Carpet Features

Furry, comfortable, modern, and stylish! High pile shag carpet can be both a sympathetic and elegant element of your home. Shag carpet, which is one of the most preferred decoration items of recent times with its soft and long hairs, is thicker and fluffier than classical models. If you want to create a warm and comfortable environment in your home and want a different decoration, all you have to do is decide on one of the shag carpet styles offered in colorful, different sizes and designs.

Shag carpets have different and original models such as soft silk shag carpets, rectangular or round shag carpets, solid color or patterned, decorative, knitted shag carpets, area rugs, and classic carpets. Different and original models offer opportunities for you to decorate your home as you wish, in a way that makes it feel beautiful and comfortable. For a simple decoration, you can choose models with solid colors, rectangular models for corridors and rooms, and round shag ones for the bathroom.

Shag carpets consist only of polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester fabrics, or blended fabrics such as 70% polyester and 30% polypropylene. There are many color options available in online stores such as a solid color shag rug, white shag rug, gray shag rug, black shag rug, cream shag rug, red shag rug, pink shag rug, and brown shag rug. At the same time, it is possible to find products with varying sizes from 70110 cm to 200290 cm. If shag carpets are to be used especially in children’s rooms and bathrooms, non-slip models can be preferred.

One of the outstanding shag carpet user comments is that shag carpet prices are affordable compared to their usage value and quality. Shag carpets are one of the most preferred products by users to create a comfortable and warm living room environment in the children’s room with their soft texture. Being comfortable and easy to clean, various model options and wide color scales are among the reasons why consumers prefer it.

There are elements that need to be considered during shag carpet cleaning. Products should be washed separately from another laundry, only carpet washing shampoo should be used, the water temperature should be 30°C at most, and the carpet should be wiped with water and dried.

High Pile Shag Carpet Styles

Shag carpet is the first choice that comes to mind for individuals who want to add mobility to their living spaces with long and thick pile carpet alternatives. Shag carpet, which has an average of 3 cm to 5 cm long pile height, has a straight or twisted appearance depending on the type of thick weaving threads. The softness degree of the yarn preferred in its production creates the comfort of the contact applied to the carpet.

Although it resembles a hide in appearance, it is produced in all sizes. Since it is a type of long pile carpet, the most important issue in its production is human health. Shag carpet models, which do not show allergic properties in parallel with the quality of the yarns used, are produced without containing substances harmful to humans and nature.

Shag carpet models, which provide a completely different look from the classical carpet style, usually consist of modern and geometric patterns. There are two groups in terms of production methods. It is seen those carpet models consist of bright and vivid colors in the first group, and color alternatives in which dark and pastel tones prevail in the second group. You can sit on it safely even on cold days of winter.

Shag carpets, which can maintain the difference between floor temperature and room temperature, meet your needs in the best conditions. Shag carpet alternatives, which complement the modern home concept, have extremely impressive varieties to capture the warm atmosphere. Among the carpets, which change the atmosphere of the house and bring a different understanding, the varieties woven using special glossy acrylic and loop yarns give a flawless appearance.

It is generally produced using polyester and polypropylene material with an increased twist. Shag carpets provide antistatic properties, so they can be used without lint. Carpets that can be cleaned by choosing a carpet shampoo with suitable properties or with the help of mild soap to be squeezed into a damp cloth have the opportunity to be used in the long term.

Among the shag carpet alternatives, there are flat-form products, as well as varieties with a 3-dimensional appearance by applying special weaving techniques. Shag carpet models, in which geometric shapes and lines are intensely emphasized, have a flawless appearance with their hand-woven appearance. Shag carpet, which is the strongest alternative to classical carpet alternatives, makes your living space warm with a glittering, fluffy, and cotton-like appearance.

Although the prices of shag carpets, which are woven by hand with long yarns, differ according to yarn and dye quality, they are generally accessible under conditions suitable for every budget. Varieties that provide a very soft and fluffy appearance compared to classical carpet alternatives in terms of use have taken their place among the products that are frequently in demand, especially in bedrooms.

The shag carpet, which stands out as a naive option in completing the look of your furniture and providing the atmosphere you dream of, strengthens the atmosphere of your living space with a warm touch. If you want to clean your shag carpets with your personal means, you should make sure that the washing water is not above 30°C. You can clean shag carpets, which have the same dye resistance as wool carpets, with carpet shampoos produced for wool carpets.

Hard movements should be avoided in order not to break off and damage the hairs, and if a brush is to be chosen, care should be taken to insure that it is soft. It is of great importance that the content of the detergents you will use to remove stains should be compatible with the characteristics of your carpet. While drying shag carpet models, you should not leave them in direct sunlight. Since your carpet will be adversely affected by the sun, it should be left to dry in a lighted area away from the sun. Shag carpet should be cleaned from washing water and rinsed very well.

Shaking your shag carpet with classical methods, cleaning it from dust and dirt, and brushing it with a soft brush will help increase its life. You can clean your shag carpet with the help of a wet cloth, and then rinse it with mild soap or liquid soapy water. It would also be the right decision to have shag carpets that are not suitable for washing in the washing machine cleaned by a quality washing company.

How to Clean High Pile Shag Carpets

Shag (shaggy) carpet, which creates comfortable and warm air in homes, is the most difficult type of carpet to clean. Moreover, cleaning without disturbing the structure of the carpet also requires care. We all like to see fluffy and fluffy carpets inside the house. The use of shag carpets is very common, especially in homes with children. However, if it is not cleaned well, since it collects dust, dirt, and hair too much due to its long hair; can be dangerous for our health.

Shag carpets are different from the carpet types we normally use. The carpets that we know with their mail-like appearance, produced with long yarns by the handweaving method, are called shag carpets. The word shag means ‘long and fluffy hair’ in English. Shag carpet has taken its name from this word due to its structure. It can be produced in any size and shape according to preference.

The pile length of shag carpets mostly varies between 3 and 6 centimeters. Shag carpets’ piles are thick compared to other carpets. There is also a twisted form of straight feathers. The fact that the carpet can have a very soft surface when touching is related to the quality of the fiber used. The use of shag carpets can be evaluated in terms of comfortable appearance under furniture, as well as sitting on poles in homes.

Shag carpets can be troublesome and difficult to clean due to their hair. Considering that carpets are the most polluted items in our living spaces, it is very important to clean the shag at regular intervals. In general, the collected dirt enters the roots of the hairs and settles. If attention is not paid, it is also difficult to spot this dirt there; Even if it is noticed, it is very difficult to reach the bottom of the carpet.

Each carpet type has its own cleaning rules and methods. First of all, you should determine the type of carpet you use in your home. Do not worry that shag carpet cleaning is difficult. You can clean your carpet yourself without taking it to professional carpet cleaners. Shag carpet cleaning methods are described below:

  • Soak in the Sun

First of all, you can move your carpet out of the house; Take it out to the balcony, terrace, or garden. Cool on a railing or counter. Hit your carpet with the stick of a broom or cleaning brush. The harder you hit, the better, in order to deeply remove the dirt, crumbs, and dust that has settled between the piles of the carpet. After cleaning enough, leave the carpet under the sun for a few hours.

For this, it is useful to choose the hours of the day that receive the most sun. Sunlight will help destroy bacteria on the carpet. The method of cleaning by drying in the sun has been used since ancient times.

  • Shaking

One of the most common methods of cleaning a shaggy carpet is to whisk the carpet. The carpet is cleaned again with a medium soft brush after it has been whisked vigorously and cleaned off the dirt on it. The important thing here is to do the whisking process hard and to remove the dirt that settles between the hairs. The brush will come in handy for picking up the remaining details. If you have a purse seiner in your house, you can also use a purse seiner instead of a brush.

  • Mop Usage

Another method that is not used much in shaggy carpet cleaning but is quite effective is to use a mop. You can collect dust and dirt on the carpet with a clean, lightly used, and not very damp mop. As you move the mop over the carpet, you will see how much dirt it collects. You can even have a mop in your home that you use only for this job.

If the piles of your carpet are sensitive, do this without pressing too much and without using any detergent. However, if it will not harm the structure of the carpet, you can also wipe it with soft soap (with the help of a cloth) after collecting the dirt with a mop. Don’t forget to rinse your carpet afterward.

  • Vacuum cleaner

We recommend that you do the general cleaning of your shaggy carpet on a weekly basis. If you have pets or children at home, it is better to do it daily. The vacuum cleaner is literally a lifesaver in this regard. Bring your vacuum cleaner to its highest level and clean it by reaching the bottom of your carpet with the round head of the vacuum cleaner. If you vacuum your shaggy carpet regularly, the dirt will not have a chance to settle permanently and it will be easier to clean.

  • Baking soda

If you want to purify your shaggy carpet from bacteria and have a more hygienic cleaning, you can use baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. Take care to spread it evenly everywhere. It will be more effective if you sprinkle it overnight if possible. You can then clean your shaggy carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

General Rules for Shag Carpet Cleaning

  • Never put your shag rug – especially the smaller ones – in the washing machine for better cleaning. The washing machine wears out the structure and hairs of the shaggy carpet, spoiling its appearance. Not only is it not cleaned very well, but it can also deform.
  • When you clean the carpet by rubbing it with soap, you should take care that it does not stay damp or wet for a long time. Otherwise, the piles of shaggy carpets will be adversely affected.
  • When cleaning your shaggy carpet, a hard brush should not be used to prevent the hairs from fraying and plucking. If a car wash brush is preferred instead of a carpet brush, it will give better results.
  • When your carpet is stained, if you use detergents with chemical content, you may leave irreversible damage. When it comes to stains, you should choose the products you will use carefully. Even if you need to use chemical-containing detergents, do not forget to test them on your carpet and rinse it thoroughly at the end of the process.

In addition to the general cleaning of the shaggy carpet; What should you do if there is a sudden stain due to minor accidents at home? First of all, you should not leave the stain to be ‘cleaned later’. Immediate treatment of the stain is important. In addition, the method of each stain is different. Let’s talk about some examples.

  • Coffee: If you spill coffee on your shaggy carpet, you can wipe it up by mixing a small amount of ammonia with white spirit and water. While wiping, you should buffer with soft movements.
  • Mildew: Buffer the fluff of your moldy shaggy carpet with ammonia water.
  • Sugary Foods: Wipe your carpet with a cloth moistened with warm water. If there is still a stain, use thinner.
  • Pee or Poop: This is one of the types of accidents that can happen in homes with children. The first thing is to remove the excess dirt from the carpet with the help of a paper towel. Wipe the stained area by dripping vinegar into some water. Then rinse it off after wiping it with carpet detergent.
  • Sludge: First remove the excess. And wait for it to dry. Then remove all remaining mud residues with a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe with carpet detergent.
  • Alcohol: After wiping thoroughly with detergent, go over the stain again with white spirit.
  • Gum: First, scrape off the excess gum with a sharp tool. Then with ice, you can remove the remnants of the gum.

For shaggy carpets, whisking, shaking, and vacuuming daily will be very useful in terms of general cleaning. However, with the use of the carpet for many years, the dust accumulated on the bottom can become more difficult to clean. At this stage, you can provide a deeper cleaning with the help of a brush, as we mentioned above. However, all of these methods may lose their effectiveness in the process.

If you are in such a situation, you should deliver your carpet to the cleaning companies that do this job professionally. They will clean your shaggy carpet in a short time and deliver it back to you. Do not forget that the cleaning of shaggy carpet is much more difficult than other carpets. You should think about the health of your family and take all the hygienic measures for cleaning your carpet that you have used for many years.

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