The 5 Best Carpet Brands On The Market

The decoration has hidden heroes. They give their place their soul and color. Carpets are one of them. It is important that you know which room in your home, which carpet and how to use it, and how to make your choices. You can add personality and soul to your living environment by choosing a carpet according to the rooms. You can complete your decoration by choosing appropriate carpets in sizes and colors suitable for your living environment. For this aim, you may want to see the best carpets on the market and see them in your living places. 

If you purchase your carpet from one of the best carpet brands, there is no need to think about those features that make a carpet quality which are pile type, weaving density, and pile height. Because you will already know that you are getting the best ones. The only thing you need to consider is your decoration. 

There are many carpet options in the market, however, some of them are better than other ones and more preferable than other ones. There are some brands in the industry which are accepted as the best ones. These known brands are famous for their innovative take on both carpeting and flooring. Likewise, it is important to keep your places healthy and clean, it is important for some carpet brands. These the most known brands are;

  • Shaw Flooring
  • Mohawk Industries
  • Dupont
  • Stainmaster
  • Atlas Carpet Mills

The choice of carpet is important for all rooms in the house to determine the integrity of the decoration. Built-in the style that adorns your dreams, even the houses are drawn by the most ingenious interior designers need final touches. Besides the wall, paint, and lighting features of your house, the most remarkable parts are furniture. The final touch that can reflect all the beauty of a house furnished with furniture that suits your style will be the selection of curtains and carpets with proper features. 

When choosing a new home or renovating your home, the most important issue to be taken into consideration in the selection of carpets in appropriate sizes and colors. With this selection, you can give your home a stylish look by completing your decoration.

The important thing is how long we want to use the carpet and the performance criteria we expect from the carpet during this period. When you buy a quality carpet from one of the most known brands, no matter how high the price you pay, you can get the money you spend for many years. Therefore, especially in areas subject to heavy traffic, you can get the best carpet you can get in the long term will help you to profit.

One of the most important factors determining the price of the carpet is measured by the weight of the pile per square meter. The density of the pile directly affects the durability and performance of the carpet. The heavy carpet is more durable and more expensive. Production and design features are other factors that affect the price of the carpet. If you purchase your carpet from one of the best carpet stores, there is no need to worry about those. Because you will know that your carpet will last longer than you expect. 

The quality of the pile is the most important element that determines the price of the carpet. Because the pile is the basic material of the carpet. The type of pile used and the construction of the carpet are the most important features that determine the quality of a carpet. Today, most of the machine-made carpets are produced with a synthetic pile. There are 4 basic types of synthetic piles. These are polyamide (nylon), polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. These four types of synthetic piles can be blended with each other as well as blended with wool and can appear as alternative fiber types. When you shop from one of those brands, the sales consultant will explain everything to you and you will see the difference with your eyes directly. 

Shaw Flooring

It is one of the best carpet brands due to the quality of carpets, customer services, price, and plenty of options. A strong partnership is their priority in the industry. Shaw Flooring was ranked in most of the publications related to carpeting and flooring. For example, Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly, and Floor Focus. 

Thanks to their engineers and designers, they are very innovative in the carpet industry. They create amazingly resistant and beautiful products. Their carpets are highly waterproof thanks to their carpet backings. Their carpets are tested before they are available for sale. These carpets are covered by special protection. Apart from these features, its sustainability level is the best in the carpet industry. They have to release a report about the sustainability of the carpet they produced. Thus, you can be sure about sustainability and recycling 100%. 

Mohawk Industries

It is one of the best leaders in carpet manufacturers. Thanks to the Continuum technology they use in their products, they have become one of the bests. They produce softer and higher-performance carpets with the help of this technology. These carpets are softer and look richer compared to other carpets you can find on the market. Apart from appearance, the durability of those carpets is excellent. 

Durability is the priority of Mohawk Industries. The thing that this durability is especially important for families with little children or pets. These families are looking for a carpet with features of easy cleaning and protection. These features also give the carpet longer life and stain protection.

Mohawk Home Aqua Blue Aurora Radiance Abstract Floral Area Rug (5’x8′)

It is a beautiful carpet especially for your living rooms where you welcome your guests. The colors and design are very attractive. Compare to its quality, the price is highly affordable. You will be very satisfied with this quality carpet.

Mohawk Home Aurora Solar System Area Rug, 7′ 6″x10′

It is a very entertaining and informative carpet for your children’s room. With its colors and design, your child will enjoy playing on it.


It is one of the best carpet brands due to the quality of carpets, customer services, price, and plenty of options. It has ranked as one of the best carpet manufacturers. Thanks to scientific knowledge and engineering experiences, they have produced even more quality products. Environmental sustainability is their priority. They are very concerned with this issue and do their innovations based on this. 

With the help of their creative designers and talented engineers, they produce soft, long-lasting, and beautiful carpets. These carpets you purchase from this brand will be comfortable, environmentally friendly, and highly stain resistant. Thanks to its weight uniformity, those carpets will keep their shapes and textures for a long time without the need for installation.

Advanced Carpet Protector – Concentrate – 1 Gallon TA

Apart from flooring options such as carpets and rugs, DuPont offers carpet protection. This product is one of the bests you can find. This is exactly everyone’s need if you want to keep your carpet first-day glance.


It is a brand that provides any kind of flooring option. There are 4 main products they sell mostly which are TruSoft, Pet Protect, Active Family, and Essentials. It may important to know the differences between them and choose the most proper one according to your need. At the basic level, all four are amazing and excellent products. 

TruSoft: It is the softest and the most comfortable one. Its design is specifically engineered. It gives a luxurious feel. Its durability on a high level and it is highly stain-resistant. 

Pet Protect: If you have four-legged friends in your living places, it is exactly what you are looking for. Solution-dyed nylon fiber is used in the production of these carpets. So, there is no need to worry about unwanted stains and odor. It is easy to clean these carpets. It is easy to remove pet hair with a vacuum cleaner. 

Active Family: As the name implied, these ones are famous for their durability level. If your places are with high-traffic, these are perfect options for you. They are made of high-quality materials in order to provide high quality. Apart from this, there is a huge selection. You can choose the style and color you want to. 

Essentials: These are the ones that Stainmaster offers on budget. If your budget is limited but you want a carpet in high-quality, essentials are perfect options to give a chance for you. They are especially good for guest rooms and light feet traffic areas. 

Atlas Carpet Mills

It is an award-winning brand in terms of designs among these best carpet brands. There are many styles, patterns, texture, color, and size you can choose from according to your taste or your need. They provide everything for all different budgets. They can customize everything easily according to the customer’s request. If you want to add a special touch to your living place, it is the brand you need to purchase a carpet from. 

How Is It Understood That The Carpet Is of Good Quality?

In today’s world, thanks to the latest technology, even though it is not as difficult as you imagine, it is easier than how it is used to be. There are many ways to understand good quality carpets. Nevertheless, if you purchase from one of the best brands, as we have mentioned above, you do not need to search or worry about the quality. It will be already tested by professionals. So, if you are on a budget, you need to buy one of them.

The denser the carpet, the longer it will look new. A good way to check carpet density is to fold the back of the carpet and look, then see how the ropes are made tight where the carpet is folded. If you see a lot of back braces, this carpet may not be of the quality to buy. You can compare how the ropes are wrapped together to control by folding the two pieces of carpet.

Sometimes it can be confusing with carpet density, pile height, and surface weight. Just because a carpet has a high pile length or a high surface weight does not mean that the carpet in question is of sufficient density or will wear out in a long time.

A high pile length gives the carpet a luxurious look. However, the higher the pile height, the greater the tendency to get matting in the carpet, especially in places with high foot traffic. If you want a deep pile carpet, you need to choose one with extra density.

Surface weight is a measure of the total amount of pile on the face of the carpet. The higher the pile height and the higher the density, the higher the surface weight. However, the surface weight does not determine the quality by itself, as the weight can only be increased with the pile height. Although two carpets have the same surface weight, they can be extremely different in quality and performance.

Whether a carpet is of good quality or not becomes clear with the certificate of conformity of the carpet seller, which documents the tests passed by the carpet. In recent years, acrylic carpets are the only carpets in the world that have all the desired features. The acrylic carpet, which has all the features sought in a carpet, stands out with its dirt and stain-proof feature.

There are certain features that make carpets quality. When you find a carpet with all these features, you can be convinced that it is of good quality. This situation can vary from person to person and from need to need. It can be said that carpets, which have the criteria to be specified soon, are the best option in terms of performance, durability, and lifetime. In the best carpet brands, you can get what you want in high quality. 

How to Choose a Quality Carpet from Best Carpet Brands

Placing the carpets in your living places describes the area where you live. If you have an open space concept, using different carpets distinguishes between dining and living rooms. Choose a large carpet to stay under the furniture to keep your room from appearing small or messy.

Color or soothe your room with your quality preferences. Does your room look unattractive because the right color is not chosen? Then, it is easy. You can enhance the room’s appeal by using a colorful carpet. Do the wallpapers seem a bit complicated? Then you can calm this complexity by choosing a plain and one-color carpet. Whatever the case, if it is necessary, a carpet can color or calm the room. 

Choose the right ingredients. You need to think carefully about where to place your new carpet. Will the room be a very busy space, or will it be a quiet place to be used on special occasions? The answer to this question will also give you an answer to your choice of material for your carpet. It is a good idea to avoid fruit-stained carpets for commonly used spaces. Because of the fact that these colors will not last long. On the contrary, synthetic carpets that are not too thick are easy to clean and perfect for commonly used spaces.

Hanging the carpet on the wall as a table will be another option to add creativity and design to your living places. If you have a really valuable carpet in your house that you can’t put down, you can use it as a painting by hanging it on the wall. There are many great offers from the best carpet brands. For example, a handmade Persian carpet or hand-woven silk carpet may be very suitable for this aim. There will be a very different way to decorate your walls, especially if a photo is embroidered on the carpet or an antique carpet. 

You can also place your carpets on top of each other. Placing carpets on top of each other is becoming a trend from time to time. It is a very contemporary aesthetic understanding. Nevertheless, there are rules for doing this right. For example, a colorful and decorative carpet must be placed on the monochrome and calm carpet. Another example would be an animal-like carpet to be placed on a beige or plain carpet. It will give this place a safari-style atmosphere. 

Purchasing different shapes and sizes from those best carpet brands is already a very good idea. More than that, a carpet does not always have to be rectangular. Instead, you need to let the furniture in your room determine the carpet. For example, if you have a round dining table, a large round carpet to be placed underneath can give your room a very good aesthetic. Or an oval-shaped rug may work if your seating space is circular. Do not forget to play with your options. With these quality carpets, one way or another, your spaces will look beautiful. 

You need to be a little more careful when buying carpets for homes with children and especially for children’s rooms. Because the carpet plays an important role in keeping the house and therefore your child healthy and hygienic. Especially if you have a young baby who crawls on the carpet, plays games, and spends a part of his/her time with the carpet, it is recommended that you prefer to purchase from the most known carpet brands even though it is a slightly more expensive carpet model compared to other options. Eventually, you will be sure about the quality of the carpet. 

A special method applied to carpets during their production creates low surface tension in the carpet pile. In this way, a kind that prevents dirt and dust from sticking to the carpet and penetrating occurs. So it is much easier to provide hygiene and cleaning in those carpets which are produced with high technology. Because dust and dirt that can be dangerous to your child’s health can be easily destroyed by the daily cleaning and is never permanent. In addition, liquids spilled on the carpet in carpets do not go deep and can be easily cleaned again. 

If you have children and pets, you will probably prefer to avoid light-colored carpets. With these living conditions, it is absolutely difficult to clean your carpet. However, if you still insist on or have to use light-colored carpets, then you may prefer a more sophisticated patterned carpet or barber-curved carpets. In those quality brands, there are always trained teams in order to help you with your needs and choices.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Carpet from Best Carpet Brands

In order to decorate your living environment more elegantly, you should determine the color, size, and style when choosing the most suitable carpet for your living places. You should choose the appropriate color transitions for each room without forgetting that your main way out is to complete your home decoration. The choice of the carpet, furniture, and wall color may seem like harmony at first glance but may suffocate the room if it is not chosen carefully. For this reason, you can choose to use different shades of the same color or harmonious colors. 

The dimensions of the carpet are just as important as the color. One of the most common mistakes is that carpets used in the wrong rooms are large enough to get under the furniture. In order to avoid this mistake, you can go shopping after measuring your places twice. Choosing a carpet other than the style your furniture reflects can spoil the whole atmosphere of decoration. You can also adopt a different style for each room because each room has a separate purpose and atmosphere. 

If you want to use multiple carpets in a room, you need to make sure they are not the same size. Because of the fact that carpets of the same size show the space smaller than it is. Leaving a bare floor on the sides of the carpet makes the room look larger. In this way, the room will be refreshed.

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