Bathroom Carpets: Do They Still Work?

Do you want to know if you should place a carpet inside your bathroom? Well, here’s one for you!

Carpets have always been a symbol of luxury and sophistication inside homes. Despite the fact that carpet technology is now cheaper than before, people still associate that humble rug with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Many people still debate about the pros and cons of placing carpets in the bathroom. The truth is that it will never go away, even as families and real estate brokers talk about the importance of having a “fresh home,” which a carpet in the bathroom certainly does not provide.

There are always pros and cons to placing carpets in bathrooms, and its certainly doable in this age!

Do Carpets Still Work Today?

It is an undeniable fact that hard flooring such as ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, or vinyl is far better suited to humid environments – they last for a long time and they are ridiculously easy to clean afterwards. After all, the reason why carpets in the bathroom aren’t popular anymore is that they attract mold and mildew.

At the same time though, carpets keep the place warm and cozy. In addition, carpets prevent people from slipping inside the bathroom, which is more common than one might think.

As a result, despite the fact that carpets in the bathroom aren’t common nowadays, some people still want to install them inside – despite the risks and expenses involved in doing so.

Why Is It That Carpets in the Bathroom Are Undesirable Today?

Let’s be honest, a bathroom is a place where water is used a lot. With lots of people using it, the carpet will get super wet at one point or another. At best, the carpet will feel heavy and soggy, which is not exactly the best feeling in the world to start with.

If you ask whether you should worry about molds and mildew, the answer is, unfortunately, yes: They can cause fungal infections (that are annoying at the least and can lead to all sorts of medical complications at its worst), as well as become vectors for disease and even increase existing medical illnesses: Cladosporium or Trichoderma are both notorious for causing asthma and triggering allergies.

This can definitely happen if you are not careful in maintaining the carpet or when you don’t take out the rug once a leak hits it. As a result, people always quickly fix bathroom spills or leaks as soon as they can.

Finally, real estate brokers hate nothing more than seeing a home full of paint flakes, discolored wood, pests and molds. Not only they will have a hard time selling these homes (or putting them out on lease), their tenants would have to spend more remodeling the home and face the risk of getting sick by exposure to molds and mildew.

In other words, carpets in the bathroom are undesirable because they make people sick and reduce the home’s monetary value.

What Are the Other Problems That Carpets in the Bathroom Can Cause?

Mostly, they are all of the practical types. At least, you can easily solve them, right?

First: Leaks are a death sentence for your carpet.

If you ever have a leak in your bathroom, then you can say goodbye to your carpet. It is extremely difficult to remove and dry it as well.

Worse, if your carpet does not dry up within 3 days, then you might just as well throw it – by then, molds and mildew would have invaded your precious rug and turned it into a sea of green and black.

If you wanted to really save it though, you’ll need a week to do so. You will be able to clean the carpet only by putting it under the sun for a long period of time and using lots of disinfectant, so think carefully if you want to actually do it.

Second: Stains are a fact of life. They are also nasty.

Carpet stains are extremely complicated. This is because you need to buy different materials in order to be able to fix them and bring back your carpet to

To start with, you got candle drippings? You’ll need to heat them with a paper towel and an iron. This will melt the remnants of the candle and make them easier to remove.

Are you a fan of coffee and tea – and spilled it inside the bathroom somehow? You might need to pour water or even some vinegar on it.This will prevent the stain from sticking and turning into a permanent fixture of your bathroom carpet.

Makeup? You’ll need acetone and some careful scraping and cleaning. This also happens quite often. Everyone knows that acetone removes the chemicals used in makeup quite easily, so this would make a handy solution for these problems.

If it was a gravy-based substance, cover the spill with talcum powder, cornstarch, or baking soda, and leave for 10 to 20 minutes to absorb the oil. It will be easy to remove the stain afterward. If you’re the one who loves inviting friends and having parties at home, put this tip in your mind.

As for juices, use rubbing alcohol and white vinegar solution (3/4 cup of alcohol and 1/4 cup of white vinegar, to be exact) in order to clean them away and keep the carpet from becoming dirty. The exact same thing can also be said for wine.

Of course, let’s not forget the stains left by our beloved cats and dogs. They are extremely hard to remove; spraying perfume won’t cut it. You’ll need to bring the carpet outside and clean it with water, then leave it to dry for a day.

To put it simply: It’s super messy, whichever way you put it.

As a result, carpets in the bathroom are at a disadvantage when it comes to cleanup, due to the fact that stains and leaks are extremely hard to remove once they take a foothold on it.

Now, Let’s Say I Really Want to Install a Rug Inside My Bathroom. What Should I Do First?

There are certain steps that you can do in order to ensure that you and your rug will be healthy once it is installed inside the bathroom.

Use man-made materials such as nylon, polyester, and PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) if you want to install a rug in the bathroom. It is important to note that not all carpet adhesives are created alike, and an indoor-only type can have your carpet pulling up and away after a few times of contact with water. Unless you’re using self-adhesives, make sure to put down an specialized carpet glue that can stand up to moisture. These are typically resistant to water and will therefore give your rug a longer lease of life.

In addition, keep the pile (i.e. height) low so that it dries easily and attracts less moisture. The lower the pile, the less likely your carpet is to spend days outside your home drying out from an accidental spill. At the same time, try to look for an optimal pile shape. Loop pile carpets will fare better in a high-traffic bathroom than cut or plush carpets because they can take a beating and still retain their shape, meaning they’ll look fresh and new for much longer periods of time.

Furthermore, one can use a sub-layer that does not let water in – so that the carpet won’t be soaked in moisture. One can also use modular carpeting tiles. These are self-adhesive squares of carpeting that can be lifted out when they need to dry off—or easily replaced if they succumb to staining (which will happen in one way or another). Overall, these features make them a perfect choice in the bathroom.

In fact, there are even carpet tiles that are more environmentally friendly than the carpet itself, which is a plus if you were aiming for a green-compliant home!

Finally, keep the carpet clean and dry in the first place! This rule is as old as the time when carpets were considered to be articles that are only worthy for the use of royalty.

How Will I Maintain It?

You can get a bathroom fan in order to keep moisture from the air from settling onto the carpet. If possible, get the strongest one. You’ll be thankful for that later; it will also help in terms of the ventilation inside the bathroom.

Then, you can dry-vacuum the carpet weekly to eliminate dust and light debris from the fibers. Yes, make it a habit to do so: This will reduce the chance of yucky substances getting under the carpet and will allow your carpet to have some quality of life.

Next, use a wet paper towel to take care of stains before they settle into the carpet. Your rug will certainly appreciate the tender, lovely care.

Also, identify and repair bathroom leaks when you first see them. Do this immediately if you don’t want to put your carpet into the waste bin. It’s less expensive to spend money in repairing a broken pipe than to remodel and restructure your bathroom all over again.

Finally, use a hot water extractor to clean the carpet every once in a while (in real-time terms, twice or thrice a year). This will remove stains and also allow the rug to have a good cleanup session!

On a side note, you can place hard mats over the carpet by the tub, sink, and toilet in order to help prevent any chance of moisture and mold growth. You’ll need every single chance you can get.

How Much Do Carpets Cost?

On one hand, one can find carpets worth 5 to 10 dollars on the Internet. On the other hand, one can have a rug worth thousands of dollars from a reputable shop – the cost of installing a carpet inside the bathroom is all entirely up to you. After all, your home, your responsibility.

It is highly suggested to buy carpets that are durable and can withstand moisture. These will not come cheap, but I can assure you that it is the best way to go when it comes to placing a carpet inside the bathroom. It’s better to buy a $50 carpet that lasts for at least three years than buy a $5 carpet and change it every three months.

Just remember, always keep it within your means – there are many ways to beautify your bathroom without breaking the bank!

Anything Else in Your Mind?

Will people criticize me if I use a carpet in the bathroom? While it is true that people who use carpets inside the bathroom are in the minority, your visitors will still appreciate and enjoy it as long as the rug is kept clean and well-maintained! Who knows, you might even get some cookie points for it.

I personally use small carpets in the bathroom in order to make people comfortable when they use it. I bought the ones that can easily dry under the sun; it’s a great plus to have the sun as your natural dryer every single day! While it is a bit tiring to clean them from time to time, my guests are always happy when they see that they are able to rest their feet when they enter the bathroom.

Overall, just be aware that there will be such a time when you’ll need to replace your carpet. No matter how durable it is, a high-traffic area like a bathroom will always cause great amounts of tear and wear on it.

Should I buy a carpet for my bathroom? Before buying a carpet for your bathroom, ask yourself if it’s worth the cost and the risk of installing one inside your home. If you are confident that you can keep it clean and dry, then why not buy one?

Since I am able to keep my carpets relatively clean and dry, they last for at least five years before I feel the need to replace them

After all, the bathroom carpet will most certainly help you have a more comfortable time if done properly!

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