Automatic Carpet Washing Machines: What Is It? How Does It Work? What Features Should It Have?

The carpets become clean in a short time thanks to the carpet washing machines that make cleaning practical. The carpet washing machine works in the same logic as standard vacuum cleaners, that is, it uses the principle of removing carpets from dirt by vacuuming. Unlike vacuum cleaners, carpet washing machines also have a water tank. Thanks to the water and detergents put into this container, the device is brushing and cleaning the carpets at the same time.

Automatic carpet washing machines are highly functional assistants. It can be purchased by individuals and institutions. It will cause a decrease in the number of employees and the workforce as well as saving time. You will be able to do a lot of work in a short time with these machines. It has more ease of operation than manual systems. With a few adjustments to be made before starting the system, washing can be done full-time without being dependent on any individual. Compared to manpower, it is cleaned more thoroughly and faster.

Carpet washing machines are divided into two groups which are home type machines and industrial type machines. As industrial washing machines are designed for professional use, they become machines with both very high power and very high water capacity and detergent capacity. On the other hand, home-type carpet washing machines, compared to professional models, consume less power and can be moved easily because they have lower capacity.

It is impossible to imagine a house without a carpet or a rug. They form the core of any home flooring. Carpets and rugs not only help keep the house clean but also form the foundations of furniture and play an important role in home decor. Due to all the walking that passes over a carpet, it is natural that it must get dirty and then cleaned. Whenever we walk, we wipe our feet on the carpets in different doors like bathroom doors, balcony doors, or main entrance. For this reason, it is very important to clean the carpets regularly to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the house.

Carpets can be washed, it varies according to the material it is made from. Most rugs are made of cotton or synthetic fibers. Such carpets can be easily washed in washing machines and dried to keep them clean and hygienic. However, it is not easy to wash in the washing machine if the carpets have a rubber sole that allows them to grasp the floor and prevent them from slipping. In such cases, a different procedure may be followed.

Shake your carpet vigorously to remove dust particles. It is recommended to do this outside the house to prevent dust from sticking to other objects. If there are wet objects sticking, such as wet mud, rinse your carpet under running water. Put the carpet in the washing machine with several towels to balance the load. Set the machine at a high setting so that sufficient washing area is provided for comfortable carpet washing. Adjust the settings precisely so that the carpet does not get damaged. Dry the carpet thoroughly before using it again.

On the other hand, carpets cannot be easily washed. Some carpets can be washed in washing machines. For this reason, it becomes imperative to hire professional dry cleaning services that wash carpets and make them look new again. However, there are some carpet cleaning techniques that will help you keep your carpet clean longer at home, as these services can be expensive and cannot be used very often.

Regular carpet cleaning prevents contamination from grinding into the fibers. This condition is the main cause of spots and eliminates common triggers for allergy sufferers. Machine-washable carpets require more care than typical laundries such as towels or sheets. Start by sweeping your carpet thoroughly to remove excess dirt and adjust your machine to the finest setting. Add half the detergent you usually put in the same size. Even if the carpet is a single item, use the highest water setting, with plenty of room for the carpet to circulate. Place it evenly inside the drum.

What Is an Automatic Carpet Washing Machine? How Is It Different From Other Washing Machines?

Automatic carpet washing machines are the machines used by companies that want to wash the carpet more professionally, more hygienically and economically in a shorter time, to make the carpet cleaning professional, to reduce the dependency on the personnel, and to increase the service quality.

Although the number of brushes varies for each brand and model, you should analyze the area you are in before purchasing a machine. The size of the shop where the automatic carpet washing machine will be installed is also important. For example, when you put the 12 brushed automatic carpet washing machine in a 50 m² shop, it will take up a lot of space and you will not have the chance to place the carpet wringing machine and carpet hangers at the same time.

In addition, you should keep in mind that if you buy an automatic carpet washing machine where you can calculate the areas that you need to move comfortably in the area to be covered, packing and stacking the carpets to be shipped, the area to be covered by the detergent and water tanks, the area you will use as an office, a minimum 120 m² shop should be kept.

There are a few important things to consider when you decide to buy a machine commercially or personally. The automatic carpet washing machine works in both types in terms of benefits. If a commercial carpet cleaning is done, we can say that this machine is exactly for this job. It requires more serial and less labor force than manual machine systems. When the carpet washing machine is automatic, it saves time and labor for companies doing serial work. As the business acceleration accelerates, customer satisfaction increases, and accordingly, more business gain occurs.

What Should You Pay Attention While Buying A Carpet Washing Machine?

There are some important points to be considered before buying a carpet washing machine. These are the vacuuming power of the device, the width of the water chamber, and the amount of energy expended. The more the vacuuming power increases, the more energy the machine consumes. However, reliable brands design their machines so that they can obtain high efficiency with less energy with their electricity-saving technologies. Another feature that should be sought in carpet washing machines is the dirty water discharge compartment. Thanks to this compartment, clean water, and dirty water are prevented from mixing, so you will have cleaner carpets and rugs.

Carpet washing should be designed in such a way that it does not rust. The body material should be guaranteed and not rust at the same time. In order to achieve a good wash, it must have a number of brushes suitable for the washing capacity. It should be located on the carpet washing machine of the control panel. The rinsing system of the machine should be at a sufficient level. The machine should also have the ability to wash the carpet under the carpet. The machine should have the feature of automatically giving detergent and water. For this reason, production is carried out by considering these situations in the machines.

The machine must have a stainless steel structure. Spare parts of the carpet washing machine should be easy to find. This makes it easier to replace parts when a problem occurs. The machine must have a program for each type, not only a single program. The number and function of the machine should be suitable for the area to be used and at the same time, it should be sufficient. It is also important that the functions of the machine after receipt are at the highest level. The machines you can find on the market are produced to provide you with the best service.

What to Consider When Buying an Automatic Carpet Washing Machine?

  • Material and thickness of the body material (must be at least 3 mm thick, guaranteed stainless)
  • The number of brushes should be preferred according to your potential washing capacity. (For example, there is no need for 10-12 brush machines in 5000-6000 populated areas)
  • The control panel must be on the machine. (It is difficult to intervene when the panel is next, right or left side of the machine)
  • It is very important that the rinsing system is sufficient. (Must have rinse brush and rinse tuber)
  • It should have an under-carpet washing feature. (The bottom of the carpets gets dirty, it is better if it is brushed even if it is thin)
  • It should have automatic detergent delivery and quenching features.
  • The digital control panel should be available. (This screen is like new model cars. It is easier to understand where the problem is in case of any setback.)
  • The conveyor belt should be one piece. (In this way, the water and detergent given to the carpet in the split bands flow between them.)
  • It should be compact and should not take up much space. (The fact that the machine is too big does not mean it’s very good, it just takes up a lot of space)
  • There should be a wastewater pool. (During washing, water and detergent should not be poured on the floor and wet the shop interior)
  • You should make sure that there is a brush press adjustment system. (You should definitely make sure that there is no piston and pneumatic system.)
  • It is important that the body is not a profile. (If the profile is not sufficiently cared for in the material, it can occur when it tears from the joints combined with the source, and if it does not give enough support, it may occur.)
  • What is the company where you will buy the machine? How many years is the company? How many machines have they produced so far? Are their references strong? They exist now, but will they still be able to help if any parts are needed after 5 years? A workshop on the shore or a huge factory? You should be able to answer such questions adequately and sufficiently.

What Are the Features That Should Be Definitely in Automatic Carpet Washing Machines?

Easy to find spare parts for carpet spinning machines in the carpet washing machine is its most important feature. In case of a problem, it must have a digital control panel to understand what the problem is. The conveyor belt should be one piece so that water and detergent should not flow through. The machine should not be unnecessarily large and should not take up much space. Because the size change function of the machine is important. There should be a water drainage pool to collect wastewater. In this way, there is no wetting situation. Therefore, this situation is very important for the sake of the store.

How to Use Automatic Carpet Washing Machine?

  • The machine must be grounded. Make sure that the electrical connections are well and properly connected and that the voltage values ​​are at a normal level.
  • If the voltage is too high or too low, the machine will go into a safe mode. If you ignore extraordinary voltage changes in the long term, some electrical parts may be damaged. This can cause an imbalance in the mechanical parts of the machine. If this voltage-related situation is experienced too often, please use a voltage stabilizer, which is a voltage regulator.
  • Check both water and air connections. Do not operate the machine if no water or air is coming into the machine.
  • Make sure that there are no hard or sharp objects around the conveyor belt and brushes. If so, please turn off the machine, clean the conveyor belt and brushes. Then run it again.

  • Please use plastic boots or work boots and gloves. Remember to keep the protective cover on the back of the machine closed while the machine is running.
  • Do not operate the machine directly when the weather is very cold. If you have a pump, drain the water in it. When restarting the machine, wait for the ice inside the pump and around the conveyor belt to melt.
  • You should not place fringed carpets with normal carpets. Fringed carpets should be washed in “fringed” mode, normal carpets should be washed in “flat” mode.
  • When washing carpets one after the other, at least 20 cm should be left between each carpet.
  • Make sure the carpets are in the middle and placed flat.
  • You can wash small carpets of the same type and thickness side by side. Make sure both are properly placed.
  • Do not put carpets of different types, thickness, or length together.
  • Do not change programs while there is carpet in the machine.
  • Do not wash problematic and damaged carpets.
  • After selecting the program suitable for the carpet, place the carpet on the conveyor belt and press the “start” button.
  • If the conveyor belt slides slightly to the left or right, pull the rollers under the machine in the corresponding direction.
  • Change the brush print depending on the thickness of the carpet. Try not to force the carpet pressure regulator too much.
  • Turn the disc brush rotation direction knob once a week to extend the life of the brushes.
  • Do not touch the working parts on the machine.
  • If the machine is experiencing an unusual situation, press the “stop” or “emergency stop” button for three seconds. The machine will be reset.
  • Wash the shaggy carpets in “shaggy” mode and at 2 – 3 bar pressure.
  • If you have a problem that you cannot solve with the machine, please feel free to contact your company.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Automatic Carpet Washing Machines

  • If you are not going to work with the machine for a while, you can reduce the frequency of normal maintenance.
  • Do not damage brushes, rollers, or sensors during maintenance.
  • Do not step on the conveyor belt during maintenance.
  • Over time, the nozzles may lose their true angle. This may be due to dirt accumulating around or inside the nozzles.
  • Do not forget to check and clean your machine regularly. If you frequently clean your machine, it would make sense to install a water filter and air filter.
  • Check the air pressure oil level frequently.

Carpet washing machines are constantly exposed to water and chemicals. For this reason, the main body of carpet washing machines should be cleaned from chemicals, carpet shampoos, and other substances after the carpet washing operations are completed.

If the dust, carpet feathers, and other dust coming from the carpet on the machine are not cleaned, these substances integrate with chemicals and even damage stainless steel. All stainless steel parts of the machine should be cleaned very well after the carpet washing is finished. It is necessary to clean the main body, rinse with clean water, and wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

However, the most accurate cleaning method is to use a stainless maintenance spray. Stainless steel is never affected by chemicals and water if the main body is kept clean at all times; always looks clean and new as the first day. If it is not maintained, dust and carpet residue combined with chemicals will discolor the stainless steel body.

Carpet cleaning machines must be cleaned at least once a week. If this maintenance is done regularly, you will prevent calcification in the main body of your machine or prevent chemical exposure. In this way, the life of your machine is extended for decades.

Keeping bearings and pneumatic systems clean as well as the main body is extremely critical. There are special points for lubrication in many parts of the machines. Considering the continuous operation of the machine, it is necessary to apply a certain amount of greasing once every 3 months. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a grease pump in the carpet washing areas.

When the temperature drops below 0 in the winter months, some equipment on the machine is at risk of catching ice. All these existing equipment should not remain water during the time the machine is turned off and the water should be drained completely. If water is left in it, just as the water hour in the house cracks due to ice when it comes, the same situation is encountered. Therefore, this equipment should be protected as recommended.

Conveyor belt cleaning is also one of the most important processes to be done. There are small pores on the conveyor belt. Carpet feathers and carpet residues fill these pores over time. If these substances are not cleaned, leaving a bad appearance on the surface also causes a stench. Therefore, it will be the right thing to do to wash the tape with plenty of pressurized water after the washing process is finished.

In addition, the accumulation of hair, fluff, and lint on the underside of the main roller that rotates the tape will damage this tape. If this has not interfered, the tape starts to slip. This is one of the most critical points that are neglected and skipped. Not only the top of the tape but also the bottom must be cleaned.

All carpet washing machines must be grounded and checked continuously. No machine should be operated without grounding.

Companies teach regular maintenance of carpet cleaning machines together with professional installation teams to all carpet washing stores for free. In periodic maintenance, they give all users the details that will extend the life of the machine.

Carpet Washing Machine Prices

Carpet washing machine prices vary according to the brand and the features of the machine. There are many affordable models as well as many more functional options that are offered for sale as extremely expensive. Do not forget to take advantage of the campaigns, discounts, and opportunities by checking the price information of many different companies and compare the models available in the market before shopping.

Automatic carpet washing machine prices vary constantly. Prices are constantly updated according to the market and equipment. In addition, another factor affecting the price is the seller where you will have the machine. The product you will buy from a quality company may also vary in price depending on the models in it. Carpet washing machines are priced in terms of price, brand, model, and functionality. The reason for the constant current change is the selected product and location. Price is shaped depending on your preference.

The prices of automatic carpet washing machines vary widely. Although the number of brushes on the machine is a factor, this is not the only reason. The type of material used, its thickness and stainless condition, control panel, brush pressure adjustment system, rinsing system, squeegee system, motor powers, and brands used, reducer power, and brands are the main factors that determine the prices.

Automatic carpet washing machine current prices should be learned from the place where it was decided to buy, which is qualified as reliable and quality. As a result of your research on the internet, it is, of course, important to choose the most suitable price, but it is also important that the company offers you a certain quality. It will be better to get a quote for the current automatic carpet washing machine price by contacting the company officials. It is the company that sells in another part as important as the product you will buy. Contacting the company provides an accurate and satisfying purchase.

Carpet Cleaning Machines You Can Find on Amazon

The automatic carpet cleaning machines are huge tools. They take lots of places in your stores and they are most proper for industrial and professional cleaning. It is not possible to use it at home. You cannot find those industrial machines on Amazon. So, there are some alternative handy cleaning machines that you can find on Amazon. These can be easily used by homeowners without any efforts.

Minibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction Self Charging Remote Control Perfect for Pet Hairs Thin Carpet Hard Wood Floor Tile with Mopping Black

Nowadays, it is a very popular machine. It will be your best friend in the house after your purchase. It provides optimal mopping and cleaning. It works very quietly. You will even forget the machine working. If you are looking for something cleans the house properly, in detail and quickly, this is a perfect product for you. It works on any kind of flooring option perfectly. Thanks to its technology, it doesn’t crush anything in your house by drawing the map in its brain and you won’t end up with broken items. With its affordable price, it will be a good investment.


Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000, Turquoise

It is one of the most recommended and preferred carpet cleaners that you can find on Amazon. It is a very handy and useful machine. It is easy to maintain, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. With this machine, you will get a result like done by Professionals. It takes all the dirt and smells easy. Even though it has some downsides, it is worth the money you are going to spend on. Thanks for cleaning your carpet with this machine, you don’t need to clean your carpet in deeply for a long time. It does its job very well. Overall, with its reasonable price, you will be very satisfied and pleased with your purchase.


BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986, Sparkle Silver with Grapevine Purple Accents

It is one of the most useful and convenient carpet cleaners that you can find on Amazon. It has 2 in 1 feature. It removes the dirt and washes the carpet at the same time. After cleaning your carpet with this machine, you don’t need more professional cleaning. It will be enough deep cleaning for a long time. It is a very light weighted machine to use. It is easy to use, easy to maneuver, easy to maintain, and easy to store. Even though you don’t understand how to use it, there are videos available on YouTube to show how it works. You can use it on any surface. Moreover, the company donates up to 10 dollars to pet foundations under your name, when you purchase a machine from them. Overall, you will be very satisfied with your purchase.


Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH50150, Red

It is a highly recommended carpet cleaning machine. There are some accessories that come with your purchase in order to make your cleaning easier. You can reach any place easily with those additional tools. You can clean both surfaces and deep down the carpets. With the detergent comes with your purchase, you don’t need to spend extra money on fancy detergents. It will be more than enough to make good cleaning and to give an amazing smell. It works way better than expensive alternatives. Overall, you will be very happy with your purchase.


LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Floor Steamers for Hardwood and Tile, Lightweight Steam Mops for Laminate Floor, Carpet Steamer, Wood Floor Mop Steam Cleaners, 7618ANW

It has an amazingly useful design. You will have very pleasant experiences with this machine. It cleans the surface and protects the floor finishing. With the help of this machine, it is easy to remove the most stubborn dirt. It is an environment-friendly product. It is suitable to use on any kind of surface. Thanks to its light-weighted feature, it is easy to use and easy to store. Overall, it is worth the money you are going to spend on. You will be very surprised and amazed when you see how effectively it works.


Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop, 3 in 1 Spinner, Scrubber and Waxer Quiet and Powerful Cleaner, Spin Scrubber and Buffer, Polisher for Hard Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Marble And Laminate Floor

There are different settings and functions you can choose according to your need. It gives you an opportunity to use in all circumstances on any surfaces. It provides powerful cleaning. It cleans very quietly. You won’t even understand whether it works or not. You are not going to bother your neighbors on Sundays with this cleaning machine. It is easy to use and easy to store when you don’t use it. It has an affordable and reasonable price. Overall, you will be very pleased with your purchase.


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