How Carpet Installation?

It is possible to install your carpet yourself, but it is a work that requires some skill. So you need to be a little curious about these things. It is sometimes practical to install the carpet in our houses without additional effort, but in large enterprises such as hotels, plazas, and educational institutions, we should […]

What Carpet Pad?

If you use a carpet pad, the quality of the carpet will increase. Without a carpet pad, carpet becomes deformed within a few months after its first use. Carpet pads are effective in reducing the contact of the carpet with the concrete base and therefore useful since the concrete has a rough surface. If you […]

What Carpet Texture Design?

The texture of the carpet determines the style of the room where it is used. With a cut-out pile Saxony-style carpet or a Berber carpet having a warm look at the first glance, you can create different atmospheres. Carpet textures are directly related to the pile type of the carpet. The machine carpets have three […]

What Carpet to Buy?

A carpet has an enormous impact on the general appearance of the space. At this point, it is useful to consider some points when choosing the right carpet for you. When buying a carpet, it is reasonable to consider some important factors to a certain extent, and it will make it easier for you to […]

Carpet for Stairs

Deciding on the carpet type to be used on the stairs is quite harder than choosing a carpet for other rooms of your house. The primary reason for this is to choose the appropriate carpet material and color that matches your stairs. Therewithal, the carpet should have enough thickness and strength to be laid on […]

What Carpet Colors?

Carpets are among the most important accessories of houses. Especially the color of the carpet to be used in decoration is of great importance. In the carpet selection, the color of the floor and wall, as well as the general color of the furniture is of the utmost importance. In rooms with light colored walls […]