All You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning Shampoos (Bonus: Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Shampoos)

Carpet cleaning shampoo is a special formulated liquid detergent compound used for cleaning carpets and rugs. The idea behind the use of carpet cleaning shampoo is to create a thick foam that attacks and suspends the dirt particles that were rubbed out of the carpet. The dirty foam residues can then be removed from the carpet by rinsing or vacuuming.

If your carpets look dirty, it’s time to make a deep cleaning with a quality carpet cleaning shampoo. It is necessary to clean the carpet deeply with good shampoo in order to wash and remove all the impurities that are mixed with the carpet fibers due to the daily use of the carpet.

If deep cleaning is not done, dust, dirt, and food and beverage spills on the carpet or carpeted floor soil the carpet fibers and can cause bad odors and mold formation beneath the carpet. Ultimately carpet may start to rot. Regular cleaning of the carpet will make your carpet clean and smell pleasant.

Clean your carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner and do not use liquid carpet shampoos to clean it. Did you wash your hair with shampoo and not completely rinse the shampoo? The same is true for your carpet. Carpet shampoo cannot be completely removed by rinsing at home and leaves a sticky residue behind. This residue, which is caused by carpet shampoo, pulls and collects the dirt from under your feet like a large magnet.

Concentrated Carpet Shampoos

There are many reasons for people choosing concentrated carpet shampoos. The concentrated product is advantageous in many ways. While the use of concentrated carpet shampoos provides a lot of benefit to the users especially in economic terms, it is also seen that concentrated carpet shampoos come to the forefront when talking about several factors from packaging costs to usage costs.

Reducing Costs by at Least 20% by Concentrated Carpet Shampoos

Concentrated carpet shampoos provide less detergent consumption in every wash thanks to their concentrate properties and formulations, and they have the advantage of using several times more than non-concentrated carpet shampoos. Not only carpet shampoos, but also all concentrated cleaning products provide less consumption, and the consumer can spend a single cost at a time, rather than spending separate costs on each product thanks to his/her preference of concentrate. Likewise, this is reflected in the packaging costs of non-concentrated products.

Since unconcentrated products will require more packaging in the comparison of concentrated carpet shampoo, packaging costs are reflected in product prices. This can lead to further negativity, as it is more expensive to use a relatively poor quality product. In addition, due to the specific properties of the products, the transportation costs of the concentrated products are also very low. So the quality products will be cheaper in every sense. Concentrated product use is in favor of the consumer in all respects. You can check that all carpet shampoos are offered to the consumers in concentrated form in all EU countries.

Concentrated Products Are Very Important in Providing Customer Satisfaction

If the product costs and material advantages are to be set aside, it can be stated that there are important advantages of concentrated products in terms of providing customer satisfaction. It should be noted that the use of concentrated carpet cleaning shampoos, which in every sense pleases the customer, is gradually expanding.

Information About Carpet Cleaning Shampoos

Carpet cleaning shampoo is a kind of cleaning agent which is used for cleaning carpets and rugs. There are many carpet washing shampoos available on the market. If you are experienced in carpet cleaning, you have also learned that the money paid for a non-foaming carpet cleaning shampoo is wasted. This is the reason why carpet washing shampoos that can create a strong and abundant foam which can remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants on the carpet are preferred by carpet washing factories.

If carpet washing shampoo can produce as much foam as desired, this feature is due to the correct use of sodium lauryl sulfate chemical. In addition, some shampoo manufacturers add some of the ingredients used in hair washing shampoos to the content of the carpet cleaning shampoos.

Development of Carpet Cleaning Shampoos

In the last 20 years, the carpet cleaning sector has come a long way. While carpet washing requires more time and effort, modern carpet cleaning shampoos can clean every type of carpet in the market today. This has resulted in considerable reductions in the quality of the carpet cleaning shampoos.

Carpet washing shampoos first appeared for wall-to-wall carpets in workplaces and public buildings. The carpet cleaning shampoos used by the cleaning staff were applied in the evenings, leaving the employees a clean and spacious working environment the next morning.

As the carpet surfaces became harder, the range of carpet shampoos designed for short and coarse hairs began to be offered for sale. Today, a wide range of carpet washing shampoos are produced for use in homes, workplaces, and carpet cleaning plants.

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Requirements

Carpet cleaning shampoos used in the carpet washing machines ensure that the substances damaging the carpet such as dirt, dust, and debris which penetrate into the carpet fibers are removed completely during the rinsing process.

If the required importance is not given to the deep cleaning process which should involve the use of carpet shampoo, the dirt, dust, and debris accumulated in the fibers of the carpet will cause unpleasant odors and wear over time. Under these conditions, it is highly likely that there will be ruptures and tears in some parts of the carpet.

The washing process, which will be carried out periodically by the specialized carpet cleaning companies by using quality carpet shampoos will ensure that your carpets will retain their original form for a long time.

Use of Carpet Cleaning Shampoos at Home

With the development of the carpet washing sector and the production of home type carpet washing machines, various types of carpet cleaning shampoos have started to take their place in the market shelves.

However, the biggest drawback of using a home carpet shampoo is that the shampoo cannot be completely rinsed off the carpet. Carpet cleaning shampoo cannot be easily cleaned from the carpet in many cases since the use of water should be kept to a minimum while washing the carpet at home. You should keep in mind that the remaining carpet cleaning shampoo and detergent residues will cause both bad odors and carpet pollution. Excessive amounts of water while rinsing the carpet at home cause bigger problems. For example, if you soak the carpet to rinse out the shampoo from the carpet, this time the problem will be drying and as a result, mold can develop.

For these reasons, it is useful to consider using carpet cleaning shampoo at home only when really necessary.

Effect of Shampoo on Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet washing prices are affected by many factors and one of these factors is the use of carpet cleaning shampoo. Carpet washing prices of companies using natural and high-quality carpet cleaning shampoos are higher compared to the carpet washing prices of firms using cheap shampoos at low doses while washing carpets. When you choose one of the carpet cleaning companies who work with the principles of low quality and low carpet washing prices, you agree that your carpet will not be fully cleaned.

Carpet Shampoo Selection

When choosing a carpet shampoo, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you find the best product for your needs. If you have children or pets in your home or are sensitive to chemicals, completely natural shampoo is a smart choice. These include ingredients such as the most beautiful fragrances of nature to remove stains and leave a fresh scent.

I recommend that you choose carpet shampoos that are not only safe for you and your family but also for the environment (non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable). Unlike chemical cleaners, all-natural cleaners rarely leave sticky residues behind, which is very important. A carpet shampoo causes the carpet to become dirty more quickly when a sticky residue is left behind. This is because dirt and other foreign particles adhere to the residue and cause contamination. Quality carpet shampoos leave no residue on your carpets and help you enjoy the maximum level of washing services.

When choosing a carpet shampoo, it is better to have successfully tested products which can be used in automatic carpet cleaning and floor washing machines. For hand woven, wool, Nepal, Chinese, silk, and other sensitive carpets, you will need to pay extra attention to shampoos. It is important that you choose the shampoos that will give the highest level of performance with the color retainer and the superior luster effects in order not to cause wear, fading or discoloration.

Quality of a Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

The question of how quality carpet cleaning shampoo should be is that many carpet washing company is seeking answers. Naturally, carpet cleaning companies start with the carpet washing shampoo, which is the indispensable part of this business. So, how should a quality carpet cleaning shampoo be? I will discuss the shortcomings in this matter as well as the sectoral problems.

Required Qualifications of a Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

A quality carpet cleaning shampoo should be of the quality that the carpet washers seek. These features are as follows.

Carpet shampoo should be concentrated. I hear you ask why it should be in a concentrated form. Concentrated carpet cleaning shampoos always mean less cost. Direct use is always less costly than other carpet shampoo products. The carpet, which is washed by a concentrated carpet cleaning shampoo provides a considerable amount of economy in unit prices per m2. Another one is that the concentrated carpet shampoo is advantageous in terms of transportation costs. Even though the product you receive is free of charge, it will benefit the national economy.

Carpet shampoo should give the carpet vitality and shine. The ingredients in the content of the carpet shampoo should give vitality and shine on carpets. You can ask why. Carpet washing companies will want to show their customers a clear cleaning and continuity after washing.

Carpet shampoo should clean the dirt and stains well. Each carpet shampoo will clean the carpet, but the level at which it removes the dirt and stains should be high enough where the need for a stain remover decreases. Here is another fact. As the surface-active ingredients and complexing raw materials which are bulk in stain removers and carpet cleaning shampoos are different, it is very difficult to clean the carpet with cleaning shampoo without the need for stain remover. Of course, the less need for a stain remover is an indicator of the quality of the carpet shampoo.

Carpet shampoo should have a softening effect. Complex components in carpet cleaning shampoos, which exhibit a softening effect, will prevent the carpets hardening during and after washing. The soft carpet will have a visibly positive effect on the environment.

Carpet shampoo should be antibacterial and antistatic. Carpet cleaning shampoo, as it is understood from the name of the antibacterial should be anti-bacterial. It should ensure that the bacteria growing on the carpet surface is removed from the surface and cleaned away. Carpet shampoo should be antistatic. It should provide the discharge of static energy from the carpet surface. The static energy generated on the carpet surface is important in human life. Receiving static energy with bare feet can cause problems such as stress. Carpets cleaned with high-quality carpet shampoos prevent carpet-based negative factors to a great extent.

Why Use Carpet Shampoo?

The purpose of carpet shampoo is to remove dirt from carpets. For this, the carpet shampoo creates foam. With this foam, all dirt comes to the surface. It is then rinsed with the help of water to get rid of this foam. Thus, the carpet is cleaned. However, people want to avoid the usage of chemical products in this field. Especially in houses with children, considering that the child constantly plays on the carpet, one can see this as a justifiable request. Even if it is rinsed, it is not possible to get rid of chemical products completely. This also causes chemical residues. Children also spend time on these ruins. They even swallow something that falls on the carpet from time to time. Therefore, it is not right to use such products. You need to make a reliable carpet shampoo at home. That’s why people ask the question of how to make the carpet shampoo at home.

How Can You Make a Carpet Shampoo at Home?

The answer to the question of how to make carpet shampoo at home is very easy. You can make your own carpet shampoo with several materials. Moreover, it is extremely safe to do so. Cleaning is also very successful.


  • Spray bottle
  • 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent
  • 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of carbonate
  • A clean towel
  • Clean dishwashing sponge

To prepare the carpet shampoo, first, place the ingredients in the spray bottle. Then mix the ingredients in the bottle. Vinegar has an acidic structure. Therefore, when combined with carbonate, carbon dioxide emerges. In this way, effective cleaning is provided. Rinse the sprayer with a sponge, then rub the excess detergent with clean towels. Continue the application until the stain comes out. It is important to remember that each carpet is different. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the shampoo to a small portion of the carpet before use.

Top 10 Carpet Shampoos

  • Bissell Deep Clean Pro

Bissell Deep Clean Pro is the best carpet shampoo among all. It contains extremely powerful cleaning elements that kill odor-causing bacteria, and it has an easy-fill container which helps to transfer the shampoo into a carpet cleaning machine without spilling. After using Bissell Deep Clean Pro on your carpet, its effects remain longer than you think since it leaves a protective barrier behind. Its scent is not suffocating and it is Epa-approved in terms of safety.

The price is $18.59 on (48 oz)

  • Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer, AH30330

Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer is one of the best carpet shampoos in the market. No matter what stain it is (coffee, food spill, mud, pet stains), this impressive solution can clean it with the help of any water-based carpet cleaning machine or a steam cleaner. It has an eco-friendly biodegradable formula that has nature protection properties. You can use it safely around kids or pets. It also offers quite a long term use since you need to add really a small amount of this shampoo for a cleaning session.

The price is $30.56 on (64 oz)

  • Bubba’s Super Steamer

Bubba’s Super Steamer, which is a shampoo that can be used on rugs, carpet, and upholstery, helps you to clean your furniture as well. It is especially effective in cleaning pet stains and odors caused by pets. Good news for dog and cat owners! Since it has a concentrated formula, it lasts a while. It supports and promotes the life of the carpet. And the best thing about Bubba’s Super Steamer is that if you do not like it, you can easily refund it.

The price is $21.99 on (32 oz)

  • Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo Concentrate – 64 oz

Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo Concentrate offers a fresh scent. It has a concentrated formula that helps to remove the stains in one step. So you do not need to repeat the cleaning. It is also effective in removing old stains. You can use Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo Concentrate as a spot cleaner as well. Since it has urine eliminating enzymes within its formulation, it is very effective against pet or kid urines. And maybe the most important feature of this shampoo is that it does not leave any residues after use.

The price is $18.98 on (64 oz)

  • Hoover Platinum

Hoover Platinum is a shampoo which is approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute. It helps you to remove the worst stains on your carpets such as grass and blood stains. It has a pleasant scent that will make your home smell so good. It also has a professional strength formula. Hoover platinum is good at color reviving as well.

The price is $28.76 on (50 oz)

  • Hoover 2X PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover 32 oz

Hoover 2X PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover is one of the best carpet shampoos since it offers deep cleaning, deodorizing and protection after cleaning. You do not need to mix Hoover 2X PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover with any other substance. It is especially effective in removing oil and grease stains. It also can eliminate the mold as well as the dust mites.

The price is $13.46 on (32 oz)

  • Oreck 40257-01 Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner 16 oz.

Oreck 40257-01 Full Release Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner works great both on carpets as well as automobile upholstery. Meaning it is an effective and versatile product. The oxygen-activated boosters it contains helps to break down the bonds holding dirt and dust together. It is suitable to use in any carpet machine. Its scent is not suffocating. You may need multiple treatments to clean urine stains, though.

The price is $17.60 on (16 oz)

  • Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator

Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator is quite an affordable product. It does not leave any residue behind. It also helps to reduce the effect of allergens and it does not contain phosphates. You can find scented and unscented forms of it in the market. However, it is not so effective in removing old stains.

The price is $14.78 on (32 oz)

  • Simple Green 11201 Clean Building Carpet Concentrate Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle

Simple Green 11201 Clean Building Carpet Concentrate Cleaner was developed by experienced chemists. It is actually a natural alternative for carpet cleaning shampoos. It can be used with a machine or can be applied manually. It helps to soften the carpet fibers. It is hypoallergenic and safe for pets. It creates so much foam that might be a little problem, though.

The price is $29.76 on (1 gallon)

  • Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo has a strong biodegradable cleaning agent which can eliminate pretty much any dirt and stain on your carpets. Additionally, it contains natural microorganisms that prevent odor-causing bacteria from reproducing. You can apply it on furniture or carpets you use in outdoors. Its formulation does not contain bleach. However, it is not ideal for spot cleaning manually.

The price is $15.98 on (64 oz)

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