About Savaş Ateş

I am an internet entrepreneur born in 1982. I studied computer software in high school and university. Besides software, I became interested in carpet and rug subjects. First of all, I made historical researches about weaving carpets and rugs and gained information about them. Then, as we have a good history as a country in carpet weaving, I started to make researches in Istanbul – Grand Bazaar area where tourists show great interest. I started studying carpets and meeting people there. In this way, my knowledge of the subject increased considerably.

In addition, I started researching modern carpets. As I understand that carpets are very important in our lives in terms of design and health, I started to share what I know and what I learned with this blog. I talk to various people who are experts in this business periodically and try to pass on their knowledge to you.

In this sense, I would like to thank my wife Selen for her support, who has visual and design taste. In addition, our 2-year-old son Alp has taught me a lot during his growing up with his research on carpet and house arrangement. My friends who feed animals at home are a separate source of information for me.

I think that issues like Carpets are very important for getting to know different countries and cultures. It is very fun to learn new things about handicraft and industry together and makes me feel good. With wishes for you to benefit from this blog…

If you have a way to Istanbul and want to have a coffee and talk about carpet weaving, you can contact me at the contact section.

Other Projects

Good Hair Transplant – goodhairtransplant.com
Good Autism School  – goodautismschool.com

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