A Guide to Selecting A New Carpet

If you are going to move to a new home or you are thinking of going for a change in your home, you should consider buying a new carpet. There are many features to consider when buying a new carpet. I will try to answer the questions that come to your mind. In this way, you will be able to choose the most suitable carpet for you.

When choosing a carpet, I recommend you to pay attention to the following items:

· You should select the carpet according to the room you will use.

· You should choose carpets that are not difficult to clean.

· You should prefer carpets that are resistant to long term use and produced with the latest technology.

· It is extremely important whether the place where you buy your carpet is a quality company.

· You should choose the carpet that is suitable for the colors of the room where you will use the carpet.

· The higher the cost of the carpet, the longer the life of the carpet. Because the most important feature of the cost of the carpet is the quality of the yarn used.

· The fact that carpets are patterned is often a factor that will help you. Thus, the carpet shows less dirt.

· You should use antibacterial carpets in children and baby rooms.

· You should use lighter colors to make your room look more spacious.

· For kitchen carpets, you should prefer models that keep less dirt.

· In the rooms where more people enter, such as the living room, non-marking, long-lasting and more classical models can be preferred.

· Electrified carpets collect dust, hair, and dirt on top of them. When buying a carpet, it will be in your best interest to check this feature.

· If you want to bring the floor of your room to the forefront, you should prefer neutral-colored carpets (eg pink carpet) and gray carpet to bring your furniture to the foreground.

· Choose colors such as orange, red and yellow to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your room. Cool colors like blue and gray tones will help make your room look bigger than it is.

· You must pay attention to the different sizes of carpet that you select if you use two different rugs in one room. This will make the room look more spacious than it is.

· You can choose more hairy models when choosing for bedroom carpet. Such models will help to add a distinct sympathy to the room. However, you should not use hairy models for the children’s room.

· You should definitely look at the new carpet models that came out that year.

· When choosing your carpets, you should choose the model that best suits the seasonal conditions.

The model of the carpet may vary depending on which area you need. For example, you can choose rug carpets for the entrance. However, when choosing carpets for the living room and kitchen, you should be more careful about their features. Although these choices are up to your taste in general, you may be confused by the abundance of carpet models on the market. In this part of our article, let’s try to find answers to some questions that may occur in carpet selection.

Shaggy carpet, which is one of the leading models of modern carpets, is a popular carpet type in recent years. If you want a more modern look in your home, this is definitely your choice. Let’s continue our article by reminding that there is a special method for cleaning this carpet model.

The other common type is a carpet that made a name for itself in recent years, the machine-washable carpet types. Although it is generally preferred as an entrance and kitchen rug, it is very practical. You can use it in rooms that you think will be very dirty. It provides great convenience both in terms of time and money as it is washable in the washing machine.

Another advice to you is to use a carpet cover. You can use these covers everywhere ranging from the living room carpets to the bedroom carpets. This will increase the life of your carpets. It is possible to say that it is extremely easy to maintain and clean, as the covers are machine washable.

Considerations When Buying A New Carpet

One of the key elements in choosing carpets and rugs is economic opportunities. There are many options and price ranges according to the wishes of the consumer and the budget allocated for this subject. The important thing is how long you want to use the carpet.

Since carpet, which is one of the most popular flooring materials of today, is a product with a wide range of properties, there are a number of issues that consumers should pay attention to during the selection stage. Knowing these issues and using them during selection will help you make more accurate choices.

Usage Areas

There are a number of key questions you should ask before buying a suitable carpet for yourself. The most important one is the room in which the carpet will be used. Is this room a family-shared a room? Is there direct access to the room from outside, or is the carpet located in a remote location away from the entrances? Will the carpet be exposed to direct sunlight?

In areas with heavy traffic such as halls, corridors, and staircases, it is important to obtain the highest quality carpet at the rate sufficient by economic power. When exchanging carpets, performance classification guidelines of various brands should be examined. This classification system helps the consumer to determine which carpets provide the best performance in which region. The majority of these guidelines score out of 5. In this sense, 4 and 5 represent the best carpet in the category.


Considering the width of the area it occupies, the carpet forms the basis of the decoration elements within the living spaces. You can create your own style by choosing natural or vivid colors blended with fabrics and other surfaces.

Of course, your choice of color on the carpet is a very personal choice. Available in almost any color, pattern, and size, offering different options for different places, choosing the carpet to capture the most appropriate atmosphere you want to get for yourself now has become much easier nowadays. For example, the use of beige color, which has maintained its popularity for years, will make the room much larger and more spacious than it is. However, when buying carpets, it is especially recommended to make a selection considering the color of the furniture and curtains in the room. Choosing a carpet in the same tones will provide color uniformity in the room and a visually satisfactory result will be obtained. In recent years, environmental colors such as blue, dark green, pink and earthy colors have been in increasing demand.

Warm tones can be used in rooms without sunlight, creating a warm atmosphere. Green and blue tones also have a soothing effect. Light colors make the room wider, while dark tones provide an intimate atmosphere. In recent years, thanks to the developing technology in stain removal, cleaning of light-colored carpets have become much simpler than before. This has led to an increase in the sales of light carpets, which are not particularly preferred due to the possibility of staining previously, and more decoration options. In the entrance areas that are exposed to heavy traffic, dark tones can be selected and the carpet can be protected from stains and dirt.


One of the key elements in choosing carpets and rugs is economic opportunities. There are many options and price ranges according to the wishes of the consumer and the budget allocated for this subject. The important thing is how long you want to use the carpet. When you buy a quality carpet, you can bang for the buck for many years no matter how high the price you pay.

Therefore, especially in areas subject to heavy traffic, you should buy the best carpet you can get which in the long term will help you to profit. The price of the carpet is mostly affected by the quality of the yarn used. Production and design features are also issues that affect the price of the carpet.

Textures and Patterns

Carpets produced today offer much more than traditional loop pile. To add diversity and charm to a room, you can make sure that the carpet you choose has a textured pattern. With developing technology, several layers of stitches can now be produced. In addition, small pieces of stone, such as diamonds, or accessories such as small spots can be applied to the carpet using relief.

The textures, patterns, and colors of the carpet can have an integral effect or contrast with the furniture in the room. Textured styles also adapt to today’s active and everyday lifestyles. Textured carpets are produced with many kinds of construction techniques. The most important feature of these techniques is the ability to conceal staining on the carpet over time.


Yarn is the basic material of the carpet. The production type of the carpet and type of yarn used in it is one of the most important features that determine the quality of the carpet. The majority of carpets are produced with 97% synthetic yarn. Apart from synthetic yarns, there are 5 basic yarn types. These are;

Nylon: Nylon, the most popular yarn type today, is a material that is resistant to wear, flexible, resistant to the weight and movement of the furniture, and can also provide eye-catching colors. It is suitable for all kinds of usage areas, more or less dense due to its structure that can hide stains and dirt.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene, which is very strong against abrasion and permanent stains, also known as olefin, is known for its easy cleaning. Polypropylene, which is resistant to static electricity, can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its moisture and mold resistance. Polypropylene yarn is used in synthetic grass used in outdoor sports floors and in playrooms in homes.

Polyester: This type of yarn has excellent color clarity and can be easily cleaned and is also highly resistant to water-based stains.

Acrylic: Despite its low cost, acrylic is a material that gives the appearance and feel of wool. This yarn, which is generally used for making velvet, is sometimes used in bathrooms.

Wool: With its rich structure and excellent performance, wool is a material that is both soft and has a variety of colors. It is more expensive than synthetic yarns.

Blends: Wool/nylon blends are more successful in appearance, but also have the comfort of wool and the long life of nylon. Acrylic/polypropylene or nylon/polypropylene mixtures are also of great interest.

How to Choose the Right Carpet?

You should not rush to choose carpets. First, you should buy all the furniture in your home, choose your curtains, decide your wall color and leave your choice of carpet to the end. After placing your home, you should measure each room correctly. So you can choose the most suitable carpet for your home. One of the most frequently asked questions during carpet selection is how should the carpet size be? If you don’t want your house to look crowded, you can choose a small carpet. If you prefer light colors such as light gray, beige, white for your furniture, you can choose patterned and dark colors on the carpet. If your room is small and you are looking for a way to make the room look spacious, you should remember that you can get help with light colors when choosing a carpet color.

Carpet selection varies from room to room. If you are going to buy carpets for a crowded area, used by many people like the living room, you should choose a carpet that is resistant to dirt, abrasion, sunlight. When choosing the carpet according to the furniture you can choose the colors of the carpet in the shades of your furniture or pillowcases. The first feature that should be sought for children’s and baby’s rooms is that the carpet must be antibacterial and soft. If your child is allergic, you should not choose any type of yarn that can cause allergies. You can also use antibacterial carpets for your own bedroom. For kitchen carpets, you should choose the stain-resistant ones. Dark-colored, non-slip carpets can be preferred for the kitchen.

Quality carpet is the carpet that fully meets your needs and will make you happy while using it. However, the factors determining the quality of the carpet are hidden in technical details such as yarn type, weaving density, and pile height. The yarn type used in the weaving of the carpet is one of the most important factors determining quality. You can use the carpets produced with yarn type suitable for the area you will use for a longer time.

Another important factor is the yarn density. The thicker a carpet is woven, the more durable it is. A carpet that is frequently woven will be heavier than the others, but it is more difficult to slip on the floor. However, if you are going to buy a carpet with a thinner weaving, you should pay attention to that it has a non-slip base feature. The pile height of the carpet is another factor determining its quality. The feel of your carpet varies according to the pile height, but the main thing here is not the height of the pile, but the selection of the most appropriate height according to the area of use. Carpets with high weaving frequency (thicker carpets), soft texture, and bright colors should be your first choice.

Tips for Choosing Carpets for Your Home

When buying new carpets for your home, doesn’t it make your job easier to know whether the carpet is hand-woven or machine-made? To see the difference between hand-woven carpets and machine-made carpets, just look at the back of the carpet. Machine-made carpets are not produced with knitting. The wool fibers are put into the carpet by machine and then the back of the carpet is reinforced with latex. This gives a hard texture and diagonal stripes to the back of the carpet. It is possible to see the pattern of a hand-woven carpet in the form of small knot rows on the back of the carpet. Creating this design by knotting one knot at a time makes the carpet more intricate and therefore it takes a longer time to make this type of carpet than the machine-made carpet. The result is a higher quality and tighter fabric to be achieved on the carpet. However, there are many kinds of hand-woven carpets according to quality.

To understand that a carpet is a quality hand-woven, one should look at the quality of wool. The length, elasticity, and brightness of the wool fiber are very important. The thickness of a carpet does not matter in determining the quality of the carpet. The pattern of a carpet that is less pronounced when viewed from the back means that carpet is not a tightly woven one. Good nodes indicate higher quality. The higher the number of knots per square centimeter, the more effort has been spent to make the carpet. A well-woven carpet has more than 180 hand-knots per cm2. A skilled weaver can make 800 knots per hour.

Carpets create an inviting atmosphere in your living space with warmth and softness. You can use wall-to-wall or piece carpet in your living spaces. When you use piece carpet, you have the chance to show your parquet or stone on the floor. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the piece carpet?

Advantages: More designs and colors available. When you are bored, you can remove your carpet or replace it with another carpet. It is much easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpets. You can also take your rug with you while you are moving.

Disadvantages: Piece carpets may cause slips. In order not to cause any danger, you should use anti-slip underneath. There is a possibility of stumbling on the corners as well. This can also cause minor accidents.

  • How is the quality of a carpet understood?

The factors determining the quality of the carpet are hidden in technical details such as yarn type, weaving density, and pile height. The yarn type used in the weaving of the carpet is one of the most important factors determining quality. You can use the carpets produced with yarn type suitable for the area you will use for a longer time. Another important factor is the weaving (yarn) frequency. The more frequent a carpet is woven, the more durable it is. The pile height of the carpet is another factor determining its quality. Carpets with high weaving frequency, soft texture, and bright colors should be your first choice.

  • Do not neglect routine maintenance

You can easily extend the life of your carpet with proper care. How often you clean your carpet depends on foot traffic and the amount of dust transported from the outside. Experts say that 80% of the dirt accumulated on the carpet is dry and the remaining 20% ​​is made up of oil and soil. You can easily remove dry dirt with a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. In the meantime, you can make your carpets less dirty by placing mats on all the entrances. Every 6 months or once a year you need to have a deep cleaning of your carpet. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned. You can give your carpet to a carpet cleaning company or clean it yourself with a steam vacuum cleaner. You can also clean the carpet using shampoo or liquid soap. Keep in mind that light products are a much better solution for cleaning than heavy chemicals. If you are going to clean your carpet with a chemical substance be careful about the amount you will use.

Homemade solution for stains:

Half a liter of apple cider vinegar

Half a liter of water

1 teaspoon of ammonia powder dissolved in half a glass of water

1/4 teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent

You can mix all these materials and use them to clean stains on your carpets.

  • Carpet selection according to rooms

Carpets have the first priority in bringing personality and soul to the place we live. The main thing that will guide you when choosing a carpet should be the colors of the furniture, curtain, wall paint and accessories used. It is necessary to start with the determination of the place and floor where the carpet will be used. First of all, you need to determine how big a carpet you need and in which room in your house you will use it. Carpet selection is really challenging to make. Today, the emergence of many features such as different design, size, and weaving techniques increases the product range in the carpet but makes it difficult for us to make a choice.

  • Choice of color and pattern on the carpet

When choosing the color of the carpet, make sure that it matches the floor. If you want to bring the floor to the fore, you should use neutral and patternless colors, and I recommend using gray tones to highlight the furniture. Because of the spots in the carpet showrooms, the colors of the carpets may look different on your floor and at home. Be sure to request a preliminary trial at home. The pattern of the carpet plays an important role in concealing dirt. Irregular and multicolored patterns reduce the visibility of dirt and stains, while larger patterns show more dirt. Carpets should be resistant to many negative factors such as abrasion, stain holding, and color fading, especially in places where traffic is intense. You should choose carpets that are more resistant to dust, dirt, crushing and color fading in such places.

  • What kind of carpet in which room?

The living room should be supported with a striking and sophisticated carpet of the highest quality, as much as the economic power is sufficient since it is the place where the guests spend more time. You can make a difference in your living room by not using large carpets under your couches, armchairs or dining tables and choosing smaller rugs. You are free to choose the carpet for the living room. Choose the color and pattern you want, be free. Furry carpets in the bedroom add more sympathy to the room. Use your preference for the furry carpets in the bedrooms.

The choice of long-haired carpets for baby and children’s rooms is wrong. Non-slip, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic carpet choices should be made in baby and children’s rooms. It is also important that the upper part of the selected carpet has a soft structure in case of falling situations. Stay away from the choice of light carpet because the traffic is intense in the entrances and prefer dark colors. If you have a long corridor, it is enough to use two hall rugs of 3 square meters.

Keep in mind when decorating:

  • If you use more than one carpet in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Carpets of the same size show the space smaller than it is.
  • Try colors like orange, red and yellow to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your room. Cool colors like blue and gray tones help make the room feel bigger than it is.
  • If the room has patterned furnished seats or ornate wallpaper, choose a simpler carpet. If your walls are in neutral tones and your sofa upholstery is solid, try a denser pattern to get more attention in the room.
  • Leaving a bare floor at the edges of the carpet makes space look larger. In this way, the room will be refreshed. Always use anti-slip carpets.
  • When choosing the color of the carpet, test how the colors stand in your room both day and night.
  • To add excitement and difference to the room, choose rugs that give relief. This type of carpet creates a 3D effect on the floor.
  • Using carpets of different designs and colors in spaces furnished in minimalist style will make the space more attractive and create a different focal point thanks to the contrasting colors.

How to Tell If a Carpet Is a Good Quality?

No matter where you go or whatever you try to buy, vendors will tell you that the product is of good quality. This is also the case when buying carpets. So, what makes the carpet quality? How can you tell if a carpet is of good quality?

There are certain criteria that make carpets quality. When you find a carpet that has all these criteria together, you can convince that it is of good quality. I can say that the carpets that meet the criteria I will specify in the following paragraphs are the best options in terms of performance, durability, and life. Let’s check what are these criteria.

  • Surface Weight

The surface weights of carpets are one of the first features most people look at when choosing carpets. Often, though not always, it may make sense to choose the carpet from this feature. The surface weight of the carpet can make us understand that the material used is robust and therefore the carpet is long-lasting.

  • Density of Carpet

The density of the carpet refers to how often the loops are knitted. The higher the number of loops, the more qualified the carpet. Although these frequency ratios vary according to the material of the carpet, you should prefer more tightly woven carpet models.

  • Yarn Type

Whatever yarn or material used is the biggest factor in the quality of the carpet. Different yarns have different characteristics. The most commonly used yarn types are nylon, polyester, olefin, and Triext in synthetic carpets. On the other hand, silk, wool, and sisal yarns are used in handmade carpets. These materials generally determine the characteristics and quality of the carpet.

  • Warranty Certificate

The warranty certificate is one of the factors you should pay attention to when buying a carpet or trying to understand its quality. Or you should learn the conditions of return. Please note that no one guarantees a poor quality product. This is a simple method but always effective.

  • Style of carpet

The style of the carpet can affect its performance. So when you buy a kitchen rug, it may not be healthy to think for the living room. Because carpets are generally designed for specific areas. For example, hall rugs are designed in such a way that many people will pass over them. The attention you make when making your choice here can help you get the most out of your carpet.

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