Orient Carpets

Orient carpets, also referred to as oriental carpets/rugs, are carpets produced in Eastern (Oriental) Countries. They are generally made of animal-based natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton. Orient carpets are hand woven and their production takes a long time. Most known and valuable orient carpets are Turkish, Persian and Caucasian carpets. Although they have their […]

Acoustic Carpets

Today, one of the biggest factors that affect our lives negatively is to be exposed to loud sound. Soundproof acoustic environments, which become a necessity in today’s world, offer you a peaceful and better quality of life. In areas where sound and noise insulation should be used (rooms, concert halls, recording studios, etc.), the sounds are […]

What Carpet Freshener?

One of the most common problems with carpet use is bad odors. The reason for bad odors is generally insufficient cleaning and long-term use. However, this problem may also be caused by organisms like mold and fungus. To prevent your carpets from smelling bad, in addition to cleaning them regularly with a vacuum cleaner, it […]