How Carpet Fitting

Carpets, which are an important part of home decoration, add vividness and elegance to living spaces with different color, pattern and size options. That is why you should know what to be considered in order to find the right size and to make the appropriate fitting when selecting a carpet. In this sense, the basis […]

Can Carpet be Recycled?

Once you’ve removed your old carpet, you’re left with a mountain of useless flooring that resembles an enormous anthill. It appears to be an extensive load to discard. Each year, around 5 billion pounds (2.2 billion kilograms) of used carpet goes directly to the landfills of US. While the carpet waste is only a small […]

How Carpet Cleaning

Carpets which have an important place in home life and decoration are indispensable. But they can get dirty easily. Moreover, when cleaning carpets, you may encounter many different stain and dirt types. So how do you clean carpets in the best and most healthy way? In carpet cleaning, priority should be to sweep the carpets […]

How to Get Blood out of Carpet

Removing blood stains out of a carpet can sometimes become challenging. The reason for this is blood being a protein-derived substance. Therefore, ordinary cleaning materials are not effective in getting rid of blood stains. Improper cleaning interventions may cause stains to become more difficult to remove. Thus, care must be taken to use the right […]

Where Do Carpet Moths Come From?

If carpet moths have never invaded your house, consider yourself lucky, because carpet moth infestation can be a costly problem as it can cause serious and often irreparable damage to your carpets. In order to understand where they come from and avoid an infestation, there is beneficial information about them that you can find below.  […]