14 Tips That Helps You on Increasing Your Carpet Lifespan!

Carpet is one of the complementary elements in the home and also essential in combination with your furniture. Without carpet, your home and furniture seem half and a little bit empty. Besides, its effects on the home environment cannot be argued. Both in health condition and decoration, carpet have an irreplaceable place. It helps to supply a healthy air condition, catches dirt, powder, a bad odor so gives you cleaner environment.

You buy a seating set for your living room, let’s think, and after that, you find your dream carpet you think the most compatible with your new seating seat, so you buy it. The first question comes here, did you know one of the things that affect your carpet’s lifespan is fiber that it made of?

One of the most used furniture is probably the carpet at home. You know, you put the carpet on the ground and according to its location at home usage frequency of course change but you press on your carpet, your children can crush fruits on it, your pet may prefer to use your carpet as its toilet and sometimes, your neighbours’ children paint on your carpet with your favourite pen… This list can go on.

Maybe you are not aware of this, but all these common usage and cases cause damage in your carpet and shorten its lifespan. In a home in which lives 2-4 people, lifespan of the carpet about three to five years. After this time, the carpet starts to fade, become old and frayed. If there are any children or animal, this time get even shorten so in this situation you should pay more attention to your carpet.

In the view of carpet, from sunlight to water, wrong used chemicals, products, timing of cleaning a stain can affects your carpet lifespan. Is that all? Of course, not! In the continuation of this text, I will explain to you in more detail 14 important things that affect your carpet’s lifespan.

1. When You Are Buying: Fiber That Carpet Made Of

In my opinion, the fiber that carpet is made has a different importance level. If I want to exemplify, when you buy an orange, it is your choice that if you eat it, made a cake from it or squeeze it but if the orange has not enough quality, you cannot get good performance whatever you do. If we return to the carpet, you have a carpet and do everything to increase its lifespan but if your carpet’s fiber’s quality is low, there are limited things you can do about.

Then, let’s take a quick look at how long which carpet’s time frame is in the normal use

  • Low quality carpet’s lifespan: 2 – 4 years
  • Medium quality carpet’s lifespan: 5 – 8 years
  • High quality carpet’s lifespan: 8 – 15 years
  • Natural fiber carpets (Jute /Seagrass /Sisal /Coir): up to 8 years

Most of the polyester carpets belong to low-medium quality category so when you buy, you should aware of that. If you want to buy more resistant carpet, you should look nylon or triexta, these are more resistant materials, but it is good to be careful and asking your carpet seller for detailed information.

2. Vacuuming When It Is Needed

The other and the most basic thing that effects your carpet lifespan is of course vacuuming. You should know that regularly vacuuming your carpet according to its usage frequency increases your carpet lifespan. How?

First, you need a good vacuum cleaner. If it cannot vacuum enough, your carpet remains still dirty after vacuuming. The carpet catches dirt, powder and your cat’s hair continually. With vacuuming, it is easy you get away most of the these things in your carpet and make it clean because most of the soils in the carpet are dry. If you do not want to vacuum, then the soil and gravel accumulate in your carpet, if there are any, the little food materials can be even rotten, and your carpet becomes old faster. As in humans, cleaning means health also in carpets!

3. The Frequency of Use: Traffic Areas

Vacuuming is a necessity, with low traffic areas like a bathroom or closet needing to be vacuumed every 2-3 days; for the greatest longevity for your carpets, high traffic areas like hallways or living rooms should be vacuumed daily.

Some parts of the home used more compared to the other parts. For example, the living room used more frequently than the bathroom. We can divide the areas of the home in three categories according to their frequency of using: Low, middle and high traffic areas. As you can also understand, for example, the most used areas belong to the high traffic areas.

Let’s think that you press on your carpet with or without shoes or slipper, let your children or pet to roll or play on the carpet at least two or four hours, spill your coffee on the carpet by accidentally and so on, and these happen every day or every other day. It is clear that all these actually cause the shortening in your carpet usage time, is not it? And one more thing, all these happen not every other day but one or two in a week or even in a month. That is the clear difference between why the carpet’s in high traffic areas frazzle and become dirty more than low and medium traffic areas.

To resist this fast frazzle on carpet’s, there is, of course, something to do. As I mentioned before, vacuuming is an important issue. Carpet on high traffic areas needs to vacuum every day but for medium traffic areas, two or three times in a week is enough. When it comes to low traffic areas, of course, you should vacuum it but not frequently as the carpets in the other two categories.

4. Living with Children and Pets

Living and dealing with a pet or children is really hard. They usually do not remain stable and come to you in unexpected situations. During the breakfast, your children throw her meal onto your kitchen carpet or your cat because of a reason no one can understand, getting wet and wipe itself on your carpet…

Of course, every person living in the home has a potential to make carpet stain, but children and pets have a different level because they contract more with carpets compared to other people living in the home. You should be more careful if you are living with pets or children or both of them because their high possibility to stain on carpet and more contract with the carpet, these can cause your carpet lifespan getting to shorten.

5. Different Chemicals for Each Stain

You know, in your home, there is a cabinet, mostly just mother know where this cabinet is, with full of cleaning chemicals for everything and also for the carpet stains of course. There is probably one or two type of stain remover for carpet. But is it okay? Surely, no. Why?

When you go market to buy cheese, you see a lot of type of cheese, yes? If you want to make a burger, then you should buy burger cheese or if you want to put the cheese in your soup or pizza you should buy mozzarella, this list goes on. To taste your meal the most, you should buy a suitable type of cheese according to what you want to cook.

Here, carpet stain removers are just like cheese. Each stain is different and needs different chemicals and so you should use the specific type of stain remover to get the most efficient results on removing the stain. Selecting suitable stain remover for each stain helps you to clean that stain the faster and with the least damage. The time decreases you spend on cleaning a stain, this means, you need to use less chemical or pressure when you try to clean and your carpet less frazzle so you can use your carpet longer!

6. Professional Cleaning Is Required Every Year

Okay, I said vacuuming, removing stains as soon as possible is important, then you are right to say please, what do you expect us more, I am sorry, but these are not enough.

In addition to your regular cleaning, getting professional help is also increase your carpet’s lifespan. When you clean your carpet, you are not clean it deeply but prevent the dirt from reaching carpet’s more inner sides and being permanent. With the machines and techniques for everyday life, you cannot clean your carpet deeply as the professional carpet cleaners. For the long usage duration and healthy environment for household, especially for children and pets, every carpet needs in-depth cleaning once a year.

7. Using Wrong Products or Methods

After you see that once a year the carpet should be cleaned professionally, there is one more issue. Before you consult with a company, you should look for a company with IICRC Certified Technicians. If the company have an IICRC certified employees, that means that the company guarantees that they use the right products and techniques while they clean your carpet, they are experts in this field! In many carpets, it can be seen that because of using wrong methods and chemicals, they damage permanently. 

It not only about the companies but also you. As I said before, every carpet type and every stain are different and all needs to different chemicals or techniques, if you use wrong technique or product, it is highly possible this cause permanent damage on your carpet. Sometimes, you cannot remove the spot from your carpet, or you can remove the spot, but the bad odor remains, in these situations, what you should do is looking for a professional and certified carpet cleaner.

As more you exposed your carpet wet and chemicals, especially when it is useless, you damage on your carpet; on its fiber, color, especially wet is one of the most harmful things for the carpets. And all these causes shorten your carpet lifespan, of course.

8. Cleaning the Stain Immediately

You are very busy with preparing dinner for your guests but suddenly the sauce spread on the carpet. What do you should do? Do you just ignore and say, okay I will clean it when the dinner cooked or immediately cleaning the spot? Some of the people prefer cleaning the stain after some time but this is what you should not do. When the time passes and the remaining time of stain gets longer, this stain becomes more permanent on your carpet and this cause more damage to it.

To use your carpet for longer, you should clean the stain just after it happens. Sometimes, the wet towel is enough in immediately cleaning to prevent the spot permanent for drinks or foods without oil like yoghurt. But you should be careful after you wipe your carpet with a wet towel, it should dry in a short time. If the wet towel is not enough, then you should look for the suitable treatment, chemical or product for the stain. Do not forget, more time passes, more damage.

9. Do Not Expose Your Carpet Direct Sunlight

In sunny days, we open the windows, doors and curtains to let sunlight enter our homes. We all know that sunlight is very essential for humans, entering sunlight at home is good for our health but did you know sunlight can damage your carpet? Over time, direct exposure to sunlight which enters through windows or doors can cause fading in your carpet colors because of the UV radiation in sunlight.

To reduce your carpet’s direct exposure to sunlight and increase its lifespan, it can be helpful to use curtains, awnings or other things that prevent entrance of UV radiation.

10. Do Not Wear Same Shoes Both in Home and Outside

Whole day, you go to a lot of places; you go to your office, change your position constantly in your office, you go to lunch, sometimes go to toilet to fresh makeup or something else, before arriving home, you remember suddenly you should go to market and you take your children from school then arrive at the home… Stop here and do not enter to home. Your shoes catch all dirt from the outside and when you enter the home, all dirt of outside also enter the home. It does not have to be in this way, maybe you have a garden and so do not care if the shoes in the garden you wear, sometimes even in the balcony, the same or not with you wear it home.

This requires a little bit more attention, especially in children and pets. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with but try to teach your children she should not wear the same shoes in outside and home, and maybe making a hut for your pet in the garden is the best solution for it.

 In addition to wearing outside shoes at home’s high degree of unhealthy, your carpet becomes dirty too fast and this causes the frazzle on your carpet so the lifespan of it shorten seriously. 

11. Change Location of the Carpet Regularly

If it is possible, two of the means to increase the carpet lifespan are change its location and rearranging the furniture time to time especially for carpet located in high traffic areas. In addition to dirt, foot traffic is also an important thing that causes the carpet to become older faster. By change carpet location, you also change the foot traffic on the carpet, and you can use your carpet for a longer time.

The other way is rearranging furniture. The furniture on the carpet causes too much pressure that can cause permanent damage. You also know that actually, just remember, when you are cleaning and want to clean under the sofas, you change their location for a short time. After changing its location, you can see all carpet fibers normal except the carpet fibers that was under the sofas. They are not normal, they are flat, and you cannot return them normal easily. If the pressure of sofas, or other furniture, increases and the carpet are exposed it too long, it can cause permanent damage on your carpet, that means, you cannot make the carpet fibers under that pressure normal again. This also shortens your carpet lifespan.

To prevent it, you should rearrange your furniture regularly. Then, the whole pressure is not focused on the small area and your carpet does not take the permanent damage.

12. The Color Effect: Light Colored Carpets

It is understandable that dark colors may feel you depressed. So, you may want to buy light-colored carpet, these colors make you feel more positive and fresher probably, but it can be not good for your carpet. The light-colored carpets show more all powder, spot, dust and so on so your carpet looks dirtier than it is. Even the little spot on the carpet attract your attention easily and too much. Then, you feel the carpet is too dirty and you should clean it.

Some people even say that they need vacuuming their light-colored carpet, which is not in high traffic areas, two times every day, morning and evening. Removing stains also hard in light-colored carpet, after cleaning if there is a little trace remaining, it can be easily seen so maybe you need to effort more to remove the stain on your carpet and too much cleaning and vacuuming are, as you can guess, shorten your carpet’s life.

When you buy a carpet preferring dark-colored carpets is an advantage for you and your carpet. More dark-colors in carpet means, the carpet looks less dirty. But you should be aware of the stains and the how frequently the carpet is using, of course, it does not mean you do not need cleaning the carpet, just it does not show every dust on it.

13. The Big Enemy: Wet!

Sometimes, people can say that they can wash their carpet with water in their garden like cars,  you should not wash your carpet actually, or they use too much chemical when they try to clean spot, so they have to use much water to purify chemicals from the carpet. The methods and chemicals carpet cleaners used are different, more technical and detailed, also you cannot clean make your carpet as clean as carpet cleaners, I mentioned it before.

But there is another problem, wet. If you make your carpet wet and do not dry it enough, this wet cause mold amongst fibers, it is harmful to your carpet and effects your carpet lifespan negatively. You should not wash your carpet, if it gets wet, ventilate it until it becomes dry, but you be sure if it is really dry. You do not also put it under the sunlight too long during drying, it can also cause damage on your carpet.

14. Shampoo Solution for Washing the Carpet

Your carpet and your car are different things, accept it. You cannot wash both of them in the same way. If you want to wash your carpet, there are shampoo solutions for carpets, of course, there are various type of shampoo and you should choose the most suitable one for your carpet, you should use them according to their user guide. After you apply shampoo and wipe it, you should dry your carpet as soon as possible, I said that water can be also harmful.

For washing your carpet, you should not use non-carpet or inappropriate chemicals or methods, these can cause permanent damage to your carpet. Just follow the guides and you will be okay. Washing with shampoo when it is necessary, or maybe we should use wiping, helps you to use your carpet for a longer time.

To Sum Up…

The little details we do not think or mind can cause really big problems in our carpets. But when we aware of, actually we can see that even pay attention to simple things we can use our carpets more effectively, supply a healthier environment at our homes and extend their lifespan. By considering these fourteen things that affect your carpet lifespan, your children can play on her favorite carpet for a longer time!

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